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[POSTED ON November 24, 2013 @ 8:30 pm]
Are there any specific males that would be wanted here? I have an idea for a character but I wanted to check and see if anyone needs anything in particular before setting him up!

[POSTED ON November 18, 2013 @ 8:03 pm]

Hello everyone! I am looking to bring Isla in (PB: Megan Fox) and I would like some lines to add into my bio before I get the application in. She is a California girl, moving to Boston a few years back for a boyfriend (who later wound up back in California) She is a hair stylist and always had big dreams to be a celebrity. She can be loud and loves to party. She is super outgoing and sarcastic. She gets along better with guys and tends to be the one pulling practical jokes - Seriously, if there is plastic wrap on your toilet seat look no further. On another hand she can be slightly intimidating and has a habit of being a tad narcissistic. She can be pretty guarded with her emotions so she finds it hard to get too close to people, but when she does she is loyal and the friend that will be out at 3am to help someone out.

I am really open to any lines, don't need any family since her family remained in California. Maybe a roommate? Exes, friends, frenemies, basically she is an open book and I am more than willing to alter her bio to make lines fit.

[POSTED ON November 2, 2013 @ 10:04 pm]

hey-o, ~oldharbor. i've come back from the dead after dropping off the face of rp earth randomly way back last year and thought about how i missed you all so much that i had to come back and give this gal one last shot for old times sake.

welcome emele del rossi, the much younger sister of luka del rossi, which she'll remind you she's the better of the two sisters as often as she can. at 23 her life is a big cluster fuck of hell. there's no direction or reason for anything that she does which can be seen in most aspects of her life. most of her feelings over this is internalized because it's her thing to not look weak in front of other people, so she'll put on a front and everyone mostly thinks she's as happy as they come. her hiatus is due large in part to meeting a guy and randomly running off with him. after a few months he left her high and dry in the middle of nowhere and em only now found her way back to boston. usually she's the one who takes and splits so you can only imagine how damaged her ego is going to be right now.

well i'm checked out of my brain for the night and i apologize for such a random post. if anyone new or old wants to work lines, i'd be eternally grateful. either way, she'll find you at one point or another and tell you exactly like she's thinking it.

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