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16th March 2008

Posting access is open

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Migration of entries from LJ is complete though some posts have errors for obvious reasons. Dead links/non-existing usernames and such cannot be avoided, sadly.

Posting is no longer moderated and very much encouraged.
Best wishes from your mod~

18th January 2008

Demian Syndrome Scanlation Project

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Original poster: rusalkaz

Demian Syndrome Scanlation Project

We all want our beloved DS to be scanlated faster, right? Meet the team then!

Oh wait, do we have a name yet, [info]versine? XD

[info]versine is coordinator and cleaner for this project, our generous scanner is [info]lufjad, translators are [info]inga_b and [info]ah_chan, [info]rusalkaz is your friendly bitchy editor.
Let's all get along~

Here's a sample page for those wanting to help:

Do your magic: level and clean it, remove all text from speech bubbles, resize to 1200 pixel height then save as .png with settings: PNG 8, 100% dither, 17 colors, grayscale, no transparency.

As [info]ailtaylor helpfully reminded me: what to do with SFX? You are to leave large ones alone and try to clean small ones as cleanly as possible.

Post your proud creation in comments here~ :D
As [info]versine said in previous post, we will gladly accept any help you can offer. What we desperately, desperately need right now is more cleaners!

P.S: to [info]versine - are we going to use magazine or tankoubon scans? Because there are differences... The very scan I offered for test cleaning here looks different in tankoubon.

13th January 2008

Links updated

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Original poster: rusalkaz

Demian Syndrome raws, Queen and Lover's Diary scans

Updated Post here

P.S: I forgot to add that in accordance with poll results this community is marked as "Adult Concepts" (inaccessible for users under 14 y.o.)

11th January 2008

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Original poster: parallelpatriot

55 Icons
(15) Various Mamiya Oki artwork
(15) Kuroshitsuji(Black Butler)
(25) Blade of the Immortal


Right this way~;)

7th January 2008

demian syndrome traslation

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Original poster: nikhos


I´m writing just to try to put in words my bothers about the traslation of Demian Syndrome manga in a popular site.
I know it is some kind of unfair to complain in this journal, but  i believe if i express my discomform in the other page, the manga could be in risk to down, due to little pacient of the traslater group.
Demian syndrome is a veryyyy slow proyect, really i don´t know they do it. I understand there are other priorities, however it almost a year they don´t translate even one chapter moreeeeeeeeeeee!!!.
In the forum they said, they don´t like continue because of the constant asking for more and more translating.
I didn´t ask i paciently waited for one new chapter , soo Christsmas passed, New year celebration passed, and actually my hopes are broken.
I propose we can do an alternative translation. I know a few photoshop program but  i would like to help to continue the manga.  Unlucky, i´m not a japanese speaker. If anyone are interesed i would love this proposition would be to put in debate.

22nd December 2007

Just a quick request :)

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Original poster: quietus_x

So, every once in a while when I remember about it, I spend a couple hours trying to find some stuff on the internet about this one novel that sounds incredibly interesting but also completely impossible to read, as no one else seems to care and it's in Japanese.

But! I will try here, for more info. =)

Ao no Kiseki (which apparently translates to Locus of Blue?) is a science fiction yaoi novel written by Kinoh Chiaki that was illustrated by Mamiya Oki. Basically all the information I have about this novel is here:

I fell in love with the drawings of the main characters, which a friend had showed me, then looked up the origins and decided that the story sounded really nifty too. Unfortunately, all the info I have about it is very... vague.

Does anyone have definitive answers to the following:

Has the novel been translated, either officially or from a fan group? (I'm assuming no. Novels are much harder to translate than manga, just based on the massive difference in text amounts.)

There's a radio drama of it that has been released. Has this been translated or transcribed?

People keep referring to Locus of Blue/Ao no Kiseki as a manga, and crediting it to Mamiya Oki. Is there a manga version of this that I somehow haven't heard of, or something?

It's not completely unpopular on english-speaking sites, and does get mention, which gives me the impression that someone, somewhere, has managed to read the story. How, and how can I do the same?

Sorry for just kinda barging in on your community to ask you questions like this, heh, but I've been trying to find out about this off and on for... (holy fuck) almost four years now, I guess, and anything you guys might know about it would be greatly appreciated. =)

Thanks in advance. (Also, it looks really cool and if it is somehow available in an English version, is definitely worth checking out.)

5th November 2007

Doujinshis & Writing Bad for sale!

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Original poster: kidatakahama

Selling a little bit of my Mamiya Oki-stuff^^ just take a look!

Pictures & Links )

28th October 2007


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Original poster: megerich

I think, this would be intresting for you: 

.:: Yaoi-Con is excited to announce our 2007 event! ::.

Yaoi-Con 2007 will take place at the
Marriott San Mateo-San Francisco Airport hotel in the South San Francisco Bay area the weekend of October 26-28, 2007.

We're also pleased to report that we have not only one, but TWO Guests of Honor:

Mamiya Oki (manga artist)
Tsubasa Kawahara (novelist)

For more information:

22nd October 2007


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Original poster: shidaime

Finally I got the courage to come out and introduce myself. I Subscribed to this community quite time ago, and finally I have something to share.
Fantasy Tale - Mamiya Oki Fanlisting
Normay i'm known as Saya, but also as Shidaime.
Nice to meet you all!


17th October 2007

Demian Maiden scanlation is out!

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Original poster: rusalkaz

Released by Storm in Heaven today~ :D

Grab it here: Storm in Heaven

11th October 2007

Demian Syndrome - Request

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Original poster: xhokahokax

Is my first time posting here and for request XD

I'm requesting Demian Syndrome Manga...I hope it's ok^^
I need volume 03 and so on...
Language: Japanese and/or Chinese

And please without credits because I will use the scans for translate...I mean for "my" scanlation group translate - BangAQUA

So please can someone help me/us???
Thanks a lot

*Attention I need to know the original scanner for I make the credits...but if you don't know it's ok...LOL*
*And can you upload in megaupload?...thanks a lot*  

*Sorry for the trouble because I needed to edit...<_<*

2nd September 2007

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Original poster: parallelpatriot

50 Icons
(10) Demian Syndrome
(10) Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
(10) Miscellaneous Minekura works(Bus Gamer, Honey Comb, Wild Adapter)
(20) Saiyuki


Follow the fake cut ~

1st September 2007

Demian Syndrome v03 Summary

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Original poster: ah_chan

Okay, I was sitting on this, and then finished it off in rather a hurry.  Summary of Volume 3, with a bit of translating here and there.  (2000+ words o_O) Pardon if it is incoherent at parts - I veered from trying to make it understandable even if you weren't sitting there with the manga propped open, to going eeeeh, it's no good without the pictures anyway.

( Over here! )

28th August 2007

[request] Demian Syndrome Characters

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Original poster: versine

Dumb question, but I'm not fluent in japanese, sooooo.

...Could anyone give me a list of the characters' names in their original kanji format? By characters I mainly mean Takayama and Azuma, but any of the others would be nice too (esp. for future references). Thank you! ♥

15th August 2007


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Original poster: versine

Seriously guys, where is the animation inherent in all of you? It kinda depresses me that the comm for my *favourite* artist is all kinds of dead. ;~;

But anyways, onto more serious business a la:

Hope you have an awesome day where you are possibly drawing more ds, even if you may not actually see this. ;D
(I'll always remember this date, since it's two days after mine)

And to have some form of vivacity, HERE BE AN ATTEMPT AT DISCUSSION TIEM: Who is going to the Yaoicon this year to meet the the brains behind Ja-dou? Also, what manga of Mamiya Oki do you think will be licensed this year? I'm having mixed feelings, SO. VOICE YOUR OPINION, GUYS.

p.s. sorry about your f-page, I couldn't resist ~♥

9th July 2007

artbook Queen

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Original poster: megerich

There is part of Mamiya Oki`s artbook Queen - This project in process.

28th June 2007

Here again!!..^_~

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Original poster: by_yume

Takes me a lot of time made this Icons!...XD
Mmm.. I think some of them.. are re-posting!!..xD
I don't remenber!!..xD....

And Some extra
-01 "Friends Only" banner
-03 banners.. (I made these for you, so you can personalize them ^^)

I wish you like it it's no need.. just send me Kisses XD

Here )

20th May 2007


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Original poster: megerich

Can you tell me, what Dada & Kazuya Series,  Rai & Mei Series, Platonic Dance and Tokyo Nightout books about? What about their plot? Sorry, my english sucks...

12th May 2007

Demian Syndrome Fanlisting

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Original poster: meikoxlove

Hello, I'm new here (but not new to Oki Mamiya's works)! ^^ Yoroshiku!
I'm here to pimp the TFL-approved Fanlisting for Demian Syndrome.

9th March 2007

Icon Post!!..^^

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Original poster: by_yume


I found this comunity yersterday!!...and I was so Happy..x3
than I made some Icons for you!!..^^(well.. I try!.. xD)
Yay.....I have a lot of problems wiht the icon generator!!'s ok now!!... (or not!!..>.<.. well sorry for the problems!.. -_-...)

Naap!!.. Just comment if you take a Icon!!.. Credit is no needed!!..^^

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