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Darren Brenner's boy toy revealed! [August 4, 2009 | 1:18am]


Well not really but it looks like Fuse Breaker, Darren Brenner, got tired of pursuing Lesli Cameron to be his beard and stepped out with a friend of a more colorful persuasion. After being spotted with Toronto fashion diva, Quinn Zephry a few weeks back, whispers of the bassist's sexuality began making their way around the rumor mill.

Now the new guy is said to be Craig Manning's former roommate Marco Del Rossi

Inside the Lesli/Nick Reunion... sorta [August 4, 2009 | 12:42am]

Nick Collins and Lesli Cameron reunited briefly on the set of her music video for "Beautiful Ending". Collins directed his ex-girlfriend in a Labyrinth themed video which featured the singer trying to find her way through a maze to meet up with Fuse Breaker, Darren Brenner who portrayed her love interest in the video. Awkward Much? Our insider has all the gossip:

-Early in the day things were quiet between the two. "They seemed very professional but not overly friendly with eachother"

-things started to warm up as they got filming. "Lesli tripped over the bottom of a very flowy white gown which they both laughed at. He teased her throughout the day about it"

-by the end of day one things were hot hot hot. "Lesli's performance shots feature her in a very sexy black outfit which Nick seemed to really like. He couldnt take his eyes of her, even after he himself called cut"

-Day two brought in Darren Brenner to play the love interest. "Darren is friends with both Lesli and Nick. Darren and Lesli seemed kinda flirty at times which Nick didnt seem to fond of. He got very short with Lesli, snapping at her a bit"

-In fact Nick even cut out the kissing scene. "The former director's storyboards had a kiss between Lesli and Darren, but Nick cut it out at the last minute deeming it unnecessary.  I think it was just too awkward for him to shoot that."

- The day two tension got to Lesli "she was overheard talking to Darren about how she felt stupid cause she really believed this would be a good thing and 'After New York' thought they had a good chance of being friends"

-When asked by Darren if she wanted to be with Nick she responded with "I never wanted to be without him". "Her and Darren are definately JUST FRIENDS, they chatted like best girl friends would"

-By the time the video wrapped Nick seemed to calm down from being butthurt "He pulled Lesli aside and they spoke very intimately for quite a while. She thanked him for everything and they hugged for an extended time. Some say they saw a kiss, who knows?"

"Are they back together? No. Will they get back together? Well if he feels the same way she does then definately. It seems like he does, but he just needs to step up before someone else [Darren] steps in. Right now its a case of two people who think they should be a part but all they want is to be together"

Maybe it is happening after all! They were spotted outside a Toronto recording studio on Monday looking happy:

It's Over for It Girls [August 3, 2009 | 11:58pm]


MTV's It Girls will officially end when the camera's stop rolling later this month. This is no shock following the falling out of the shows stars, Kayla Gordon and Juli Murphy. Just last week Murphy announced her departure from the show and Gordon has since made it clear that she will not continue the show without her.

"Producers are pushing for Kayla and Michael's wedding to be the series finale, but they aren't going for it" says a production insider "Not only will it draw the obvious parallel to The Hills finale, but Kayla wants Juli to have a proper farewell as well"

However plan to see the wedding anyway. MTV has greenlit the Newlyweds 2 with Kayla and Michael and you can expect to see the wedding as the series premiere.

Will Juli be at the wedding? Not looking so good.

"The girls are still not speaking and Kayla has since reached out to [former It Girl] Manny Santos to get under Juli's skin" says a friend "Juli would have been her made of honor, but now Kayla is considering Manny."

When will the wedding be?

"soon." is the only word we got.

Move over Nick and Lesli [August 3, 2009 | 11:51pm]


The newly engaged Craig Manning and Mia Jones made it into People Canada's Hot 100 list  at Hottest Couple and the timing couldn't be better.

"On set they were very affectionate" says photographer James Almee

Craig would refer to Mia as "Mrs. Manning" and they discussed their future together including children.

"It is not surprising at all that they got engaged the next day" says People editor, Janet Malves. "They are very much in love and we are excited to be able to share in their joy in this issue"

Chelsea's Body [August 3, 2009 | 11:42pm]

Less than a month after giving birth to their first child, Justin Timberlake's wife, Chelsea, is looking as hot as ever.

Speaking of her body. It looks like some Toronto film makers are looking to bank off the pop idol's wife. Jennifer's Body, student film Chelsea did 2 years ago has gotten a distribution deal with 20th Century Fox

Craig Manning and Mia Jones are Engaged, bitches! [July 30, 2009 | 8:58pm]


Sorry ladies, Craig Manning is off the market! Manning proposed to his girlfriend, gymnast Mia Jones, on Sunday night.

Though neither have made a statement about the engagement, Jones' twitter seems to be full of happy bride to be bliss


  1. Going to dinner with my mom and Bella to discuss exciting girly things
  2. Ahhhhhhh! :D
Meanwhile, she was spotted out at The Noodle House in Toronto showing off the ring to a girlfriend.

"She was very excited as was her friend." says an eye witness "and the ring is amazing!"

No word yet on wedding plans, but insiders say expect a wedding by the end of the year.

Nick and Lesli: Back on!... maybe [July 30, 2009 | 8:57pm]

Nick and Lesli: Back on!... maybe

Nick Collins and Lesli Cameron were spotted all over New York City, looking mighty cozy last week and now rumor has it she has asked him to direct her music video for her new single "Beautiful Ending".

"There is definately something between them. They still love eachother very much, just after the shooting things got really hard for them." says a friend

Not surprising considering the official tracklisting for her new album Love & War:
1. Come Alive
2. Open Heavens
3. Beautiful Ending
4. Stay With Me
5. Our World's Collide
6. Love Is Marching
7. Running Out of Time
8. Time For You To Go
9. Prelude
10. Sing Me A Love Song
12. Hello Sunshine

Several songs seem to be about the Crystal Clear frontman, who coincidentally will be releasing an album titled This is War. Whats with the war theme?

"They are fighting with the idea of getting back together. They both say the break up was for the best, but they seem miserable apart"

Juli Murphy QUITS It Girls! [July 30, 2009 | 8:26pm]


Juli Murphy has official quit the MTV Reality series It Girls after a falling out with costar, Kayla Gordon earlier this month.

A spokesperson for the network confirmed the rumors today with the following statement:
"Miss Murphy has decided not to extend her contract with the show. It Girls was always a show about trying to make it and we are proud to have helped her launch her career and look forward to what the future brings for her"

Murphy, who is to appear on The CW Midseason drama, The Lake, also will be playing the lead in CTV's mystery teen drama Private which just got picked up by US network, The N.

No work on Gordon's plans with the show, but rumor has it she maybe getting her own Newlyweds show with her fiance, Michael.

MTV Announces New Reality Show [March 14, 2008 | 4:49pm]


MTV is now in production of it's latest reality venture, "It Girls". The show will follow three up and coming starlets on their rise to becoming Hollywood It Girls.

The show will star Julianne Murphy, sister of singer Lesli Cameron, Kayla Gordon, best known for dating Aaron Carter, and Manuella 'Manny' Santos, a Canadian actress looking for her big break in LA. The show will follow the drama and trials of their life in the entertainment industry.

The show will be documentary style much like the MTV cash cow 'The Hills', however unlike 'The Hills', episodes will air the week after they are tape to give the show a more realistic feel rather than the scripted, edited feel of 'The Hills'

'It Girls' will premier prior to 'The Hills' on Monday March 24th at 9:30pm.

The REAL White Oprah! [March 10, 2008 | 12:28am]


Pop star Justin Timberlake is bringing the American version of a hit Peruvian comedy to TV network Nbc.

The singer-turned-actor will reportedly serve as an executive producer on My Problem With Women, which will follow the adventures of thirty-something bachelor Jose, who consults a therapist to help him figure out why his romances fail.

The sitcom, which has received a script commitment from Nbc, is based on the hit Peruvian series Mi Problema Con Las Mujeres, which began in July and has already been sold to 20 countries.

The 27-year-old is said to have joined the project after being approached by Reveille, the production company behind the U.s. adaptations of foreign scripted shows including The Office and Ugly Betty.


What CANT He do?

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