Sunday, November 1st, 2015

I put a spell on you

This party was out of control and it wasn't even midnight yet. As the girl dressed in some sexy variation of a farm animal put it "Like actually literally everyone on campus" was there at the Beta Alpha Delta Halloween party. What could Val say she knew how to cater to the masses? The grounds were turned into some haunted rave carnival. A hedge garden awaited guests in the middle filled with spooky surprises. There was a seemingly endless supply of booze. Three kegs, two bars and a water slide that slid into a pool jello shots. She had hired all the food trucks in the area to cater the entire thing. Below the terrace where the DJ spun was a dance floor filled with drunk college students grinding against one another under a lasers and black light. There were fire dancers, jugglers, a Farris wheel. If someone needed a costume that was even provided for them by Val’s very own tailor.
As her and her squad walked out onto the terrace in their coordinated costumes Val looked across the Bacchanalia type party she had planned with her sisters and smiled. If everyone went home would someone tonight the party would go down as the most legendary Halloween party in Marv U history.

((It's Halloween, your characters are in college and at the biggest most ridiculous party on campus. No one is checking ID! Everyone is horny and drunk! What is your costume, are you drunk, are you dancing? are you hitting on all the fly honnies? Are you about to break up very publicly? Are you that crying girl in the corner?! Wicked has drugs do you want drugs? Make out with some new people it's college and it's Halloween none of us will remember eachother in the morning!))
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Monday, January 19th, 2015

You oughta be in pictures

You're wonderful to see )
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