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u r stuck 2gever [09 Dec 2015|08:38pm]

the mutual captivity dependency meme
from here

this is misleadingly wordy )

I put a spell on you [01 Nov 2015|04:08am]

This party was out of control and it wasn't even midnight yet. As the girl dressed in some sexy variation of a farm animal put it "Like actually literally everyone on campus" was there at the Beta Alpha Delta Halloween party. What could Val say she knew how to cater to the masses? The grounds were turned into some haunted rave carnival. A hedge garden awaited guests in the middle filled with spooky surprises. There was a seemingly endless supply of booze. Three kegs, two bars and a water slide that slid into a pool jello shots. She had hired all the food trucks in the area to cater the entire thing. Below the terrace where the DJ spun was a dance floor filled with drunk college students grinding against one another under a lasers and black light. There were fire dancers, jugglers, a Farris wheel. If someone needed a costume that was even provided for them by Val’s very own tailor.
As her and her squad walked out onto the terrace in their coordinated costumes Val looked across the Bacchanalia type party she had planned with her sisters and smiled. If everyone went home would someone tonight the party would go down as the most legendary Halloween party in Marv U history.

((It's Halloween, your characters are in college and at the biggest most ridiculous party on campus. No one is checking ID! Everyone is horny and drunk! What is your costume, are you drunk, are you dancing? are you hitting on all the fly honnies? Are you about to break up very publicly? Are you that crying girl in the corner?! Wicked has drugs do you want drugs? Make out with some new people it's college and it's Halloween none of us will remember eachother in the morning!))

A very specific request [31 Aug 2015|02:30pm]

Characters:Phil! Only Phil! Just Phils!
Summary:Strictly Ballroom dancing

Shall we Dance? )


are you studying enough?

our mascot is definitely a gorilla )

"Victorious warriors win first and then go to war-" [04 Jul 2015|01:05am]

Characters: Anybody, everybody
Setting: Los Angeles Shatterdome
Content: Nothing questionable yet
Summary: A storm's rolling through and bringing a terrible surprise to the Shatterdome.

While defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win. )

Oh Marvelous Hiiiigh [03 May 2015|02:15am]

As students go about their totally boring day, zoning out in lectures, taking tests, gossiping in the halls- something happened. In the teacher's lounge, Principal Fury glanced up at the feedback crackle of the loud speakers, his brow wrinkling in consternation. There weren't any announcements scheduled, no drills, no emergency or else there'd be alarms. He waited, frozen, until music (if you could call it that) sounded from the speakers. The first chords of a guitar riff and then, a man singing (again, if you could even call it that), "♪Never made it as a wise man...I couldn't cut it as a poor man stealing. Tired of living like a blind man. I'm sick of sight without a sense of feeling♪." Fury grit his teeth. Nickelback. There was only one possible culprit. "♪And this is how you remind me. This is how you remind me♪." Slamming open the door and storming down the hall, he muttered to himself, "Motherfucker."

Gossip Meme [11 Apr 2015|04:55pm]

Got this from here.

-Comment with your character
-Other characters comment (anonymously or not) with rumors or gossip about your characters.
-Your character and other characters can react, have conversations, etc.
The gossip can be true, total lies, hilariously weird (think the most out-there tabloids), whatever you want!

[29 Mar 2015|05:11pm]

*high pitch squeek from the speakers*
Am I on oh okay!

*guitar strum*

Hello and Bonjour Marvel High!
This is Anna Clement with your morning announcements!

I gotta say guys this is an exciting week!

It's College Day on campus, Colleges from all over the country have come to interview perspective students. Junior and senior attendance is mandatory while freshman and sophomores are encouraged to attend as well. It is never too soon to think about your future.

For those with scheduled interviews they will be held int he guidance counselors office at your designated time. Please remember to have a copy of an academic resume and this announcer would also recommend a smile! The staff and faculty would like to to wish you luck!

Student council would like to remind you all that there are still some Prom tickets available. The Theme for this year is A Starry Night and I'd like to take a moment to remind everyone that my band We're Not Going To Be Labeled will be headlining!

They would also like to remind you voting ends Friday for Prom King and Queen.

The French club will be discussing movie ideas for this months French cinema. Ms. Maximoff would like to remind us that we can't keep playing Amelia and Paris, je t'aime so come with new ideas. This announcer would like to remind Ms. Maximoff that there is literally nothing better than Amelia!

The-what?! Dudes seriously we can't keep-FINE! A correction to an earlier announcement my band Label So Bourgeoisie is actually headlining prom. My band name is Label So Bourgeoisie *sigh* instead of whatever I said before!

Those were the morning announcements!
I'm Anna Clement wishing you a Marvelous Day Manthings!

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