November 22nd, 2015

[info]totes_wicked in [info]oh_marvelousnet

[Video message for Tony Stark] ((Cuteness for the sake of cuteness))

[Video Message comes in]

[Focuses on Joe at his high tech play station/ walker and patting his chubby hands on the various lights that glow different color and make robotic noises]

Joe! [Wicked's voice]Where's Kitty? [Joe bounces and grins his two teeth showing. Wicked presses a button an a holographic image of Kitty making a face. Joe mesmerized tries to make the same face. and says "keh-keh" or maybe it's "geh-geh" either way it's a noise he makes when ever Wicked points to Kitty and says Kitty.]

Alright where is Nick? [She presses the button again and an rotating Angry Nick Fury head appears occasionally sticking out his tongue] [Joe gets excited and sticks his own tongue out and Wicked laughs]

And Wanda? [Wanda Appears waving and Joe attempts to touch her hand]

Where's Papa? [ Video of Pietro trying desperately to get the person taking the video to shut it off and let him sleep] [Joe says "ba-ba"]

Okay okay but here's like the best thing okay? Like the best thing he does with this thing.

Joe!Do Uncle Tony! [She presses a button an a holograph of Tony pops up smirking and winking] [Joe, with Jedi like concentration scrunches his face, grins and blinks!]

[Wicked laughs]It's funny cause he doesn't have the ability to wink! He's already trying to get game,what am I suppose to do with a little charmer here? He does this at me now when he wants more apple sauce too!

Anyway I thought it was cute and you should know. See you later!

November 2015



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