Monday, January 7th, 2013

Why does this keep happening?

Characters: Phil Coulson, Teddy Altman
Setting: NYC 7-11
Content: Violence
Summary: A robbery is foiled by an unlikely team-up?

Do I attract these things? )
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Another day, another timeline

Characters: Teddy (Capt Marvel aka Hulkling) & Magneto ([info]master_magnus)
Setting: A few days ago, upon Teddy's arrival.
Content: TBD
Summary: Teddy unwittingly reaches his destination. And by reaches I mean unceremoniously crash lands on Genosha.

He had been hopping around the timestream for at least twelve weeks, by his estimation... )
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Time, it changes everything

Characters: Teddy (Capt Marvel aka Hulkling) Narrative
Setting: Months ago, in another world/different timeline. Intro post.
Content: R for mild graphic description of the aftermath of violence. Character death.
Summary: Billy is mysteriously gone. Teddy has a very, very bad feeling about this.
Note: Reposting my in-character sample from the app, but this is the backstory that sets this Teddy's storyline in motion, so I figured it might help make sense of where he's coming from :D

The day Billy disappeared, Teddy had been entertaining a sick, sinking feeling since morning. )
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