Saturday, September 20th, 2014

Standing there alone, the ship is waiting. All systems are go.

Characters: Everybody going to space and (if you want to give any dropped characters a sad send off) anyone not going to space.
Content: SADNESS. Nick Fury. Violence. Probably sex, lbr.
Summary: The world's ending. Save some people, go to secret government meetings, loot Saks Fifth Ave., have your last latte, have your last Earth-bound hook up, find your starship mates. You do you.
Notes: In a few days I'll put up a post of Magneto sending all the ships out and that can be used as a collective 'crash landing wherever/getting control of the ship to fly to new places/etc' kind of thing. We can discuss in chat where we want all our little groups to end up.

Are you sure? )
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Thursday, May 1st, 2014

A room full of friends, a mouth full of cake Every present is for you and it feels pretty great

Characters:Wicked,Pietro,friends, Daisy!
Setting:Lensherr's apartment Friday night
Content:Birthday fun,birthday porn is allowed (if no one get's laid this party fails)possibly violence if they get attacked (if no one goes to the hospital this party fails)
Summary:It's Wicked's birthday something bad may happen, come at your own risk. We have beer and Never Have I Ever.

You're the man of the hour, the V.I.P. You get the first slice of the P-I-E, But first blow out the candles and make a wish Put a smile on, 'cause it's your birthday, bitch! )
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Monday, February 10th, 2014

In the jungle, the mighty jungle-

Characters: Stature and Hawkeye II
Setting: Zoo in Brooklyn, late night
Content: Violence
Summary: Go home, Man-Ape, you're drunk!

The lion sleeps tonight. )
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Saturday, January 18th, 2014


characters: Kate Bishop
setting:. Some NY bar with a basement, eveningish.
content: Implied violence.
summary: Kate shuts down some criminal activity. Like a BAWS.

Not today, it wasn't. )
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Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

This god thrived on blood and fear.

Characters: Everybody!
Setting: Everywhere!
Content: Everything!
Summary: This god requires sacrifice and you're it
Notes: Long notes )

Their home would be the reaping ground. )
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Friday, June 28th, 2013

I can't be told-

Characters: Kate and Cassie then, later, Cassie and the H4H
Setting: Their apartment and then maybe they'll go out and hit people, later the H4H headquarters
Content: Violence?
Summary: Cassie wants to talk to Kate and hit people and then she has like a job interview or whatever

ah, ah, it can't be done. )
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Saturday, March 16th, 2013

We can pretend

Characters: Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Steve Rogers OTA (tag yourselves in please)
Setting: The roof Tony's Penthouse (Upper East Side)
Content: Belated Birthdays
Summary: Tony and the Stark Family were in China for Tony's 40th, and Pepper and Steve have planned a party for him now that they are back on American soil.

Just this once, that's you're only 39 )
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Saturday, October 20th, 2012

character: Kate, OTA
setting: New York, here and there, evening.
content: Nothing questionable.
summary: Kate goes Halloween shopping with her sister. Embarrassment ensues.

No way in hell. )
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Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

This is the best thing that could've happened-

Characters: Cassie and Tony, then Cassie and Steve and hell, maybe I'll get in a thread with Peter in here later, too
Setting: Places around New York City
Content: Nothing questionable
Summary: It's Cap's birthday! So Cassie is going to see him.

Any longer and I wouldn't have made it. )
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Saturday, June 16th, 2012


Characters: Li Hua, Noriko, Mary?, open to the general Raft community
Setting: The Raft, early-ish
Content: Stuff.
Summary: Noriko has a foot in both worlds here and might have to choose sides.

backs curved, faces ticking, fingers twitching )
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Sunday, May 20th, 2012


Characters: Tony, Wicked, Kate and Loki
Setting: The map says Illinois, but it mostly looks like a field.
Content: Explosions! Zombies! Loki!
Summary: The zombie apocalypse isn't really the end of the world. It keeps turning, and this asshole keeps showing up.

the animals were nowhere to be seen )
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Saturday, May 19th, 2012


Characters: Tony, Kate and Wicked, open to the peanut gallery
Setting: Avengers Tower, then the open road
Content: I'll keep you posted.
Summary: The last of the packing is done, time to tie up the loose ends and head out on the worst family vacation ever.

a whole hungry urban centre )
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Monday, April 30th, 2012

characters: Kate, Spider-Man, Tony
setting: Zombieland, New York
content: Mostly zombie free.
summary: Just hanging out, really. Figuring out her next move if no one finds her.

You're gonna pay for that. )
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Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Characters: Tony and Kate
Setting: Stark Tower
Content: Lordy. Probably language.
Summary: Cassie's gone missing and left behind a widening pit of despair.

they were all horrid and boring )
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Sunday, December 25th, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Characters: Open to everyone. You're creative, you'll think of something. Come in!
Setting: Avengers Tower, Christmas Day!
Content: I guess that depends on who drops by.
Summary: Family and friends and hardly remembered acquaintances are all invited to share the holiday and exchange some gifts at the home of the Avengers. Please report your allergies to Pepper.

this celebration might go on well into the new year )
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Monday, October 31st, 2011

character: Kate Bishop, OTA
setting: Dreamland
content: Violence, creepy shenanigans?
summary: Kate's stuck in Silent Hill STFU you don't know my life some weird ass universe.

Six. )
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Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Characters: Kate, Cassie and Daisy
Setting: Out and about, NYC
Content: Daisy's mouth
Summary: The (actual) girls hang out, go to an art show, get into trouble, try not to kill anyone.

that was dangerous territory )
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Sunday, August 14th, 2011

characters: Kate, Cassie, Billy
setting: Kate's apartment.
content: Nothing crazy.
summary: The Young Avengers trio have a meeting to talk and stuff.

Calling this meeting might have been a couple weeks past due, but it was happening now and that's all that mattered. )
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Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Outlook not so good?

Characters: Clint, Kate, OTA nosey Avengers
Setting: Avengers Tower
Content: Probably a lot of arguing
Summary: Kate arrives at the Avengers tower for some advice and some proper gear.

Ask again later.. )
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Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

characters: Kate Bishop and Clint Barton
setting: New York City.
content: A lot of purple?
summary: The Hawkeyes meet.

Figures. )
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