Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

character:Wicked, OTA
setting: Somewhere black and white
content: Electroshock therapy
summary: Wicked, an all-American girl with All American dreams. Or so it may seem. Wicked has a dangerous flaw. She's a mutant!

A hey, a hey hey! )
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Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

My reach is global,My tower secure

character: Contessa OTA
setting: Versailles
content: Violence, a lot of angry French peasants who don't like cake!
summary: Contessa is now a queen, this is the perfect dream. Or IS it?

My cause is noble, My power is pure )
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Monday, October 31st, 2011

character: Kate Bishop, OTA
setting: Dreamland
content: Violence, creepy shenanigans?
summary: Kate's stuck in Silent Hill STFU you don't know my life some weird ass universe.

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When love is your refuge

Characters: Happy and zombies and other city dwellers and omg someone could attack as a superpowered zombie, what
Setting: Around New York City
Content: Violence and the undead
Summary: In his nightmare, Happy is on a mission to find his wife and son in a post-zombifying-plague New York City.
Notes: Yeah, I know we’ve done zombies before but I’ve been watching The Walking Dead and I was compelled. Who doesn’t love killing zombies?
Edit: You know what. I want all of you here, even just making cameos. Everyone having surviving a zombie apocalypse instead of just going in rescuing a city. So after someone joins, feel free to jump in later as a new survivor or as a zombie yourself or something awesome.

from the death that surrounds us all. )
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How do you do

Characters: Phil Coulson, Closed (Have 4 people now)
Setting: Coulson's head/undisclosed
Content: Violence, death, Mind fuckery
Summary: Coulson's just there to observe

Those things you do )

[Ooc: This post will involve a psychology test, in which the four people in the thread are eliminated (killed) one by one, until only one remains. Coulson will be observing, and will serve as the narrative to lead the experiment, and carry out the eliminations. Please know if you volunteer for this thread your character has a 3/4 chance of dying.]
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Nothing to Fear

Characters: Phobos, (Open)
Setting: Dream/Alex's head/Where the Eastern Gods live
Content: Violent
Summary: What does the God of Fear fear?

But Fear Itself )
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A day long remembered..

Characters: Spidey, Green Goblin, ota
Setting: New York City/Brooklyn bridge
Content: Pumpkin bombs?
Summary: A ghostly version of the battle at Brooklyn bridge.

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Characters: Tony, open to all dreamers~
Setting: Tony's fantastic head, dream dimension?
Content: I'm going to go with a blanket trauma warning.
Summary: Tony's nightmares are a familiar place.

The air is loud with death )
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