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March 26th, 2008

pen @ 04:19 am: Community Closure
Due to recent events within the community and in my life, I have made the decision that this community needs to be shut down for the immediate future.

If you're looking for other venues of discussion, please vist [info]randomquestions.


March 25th, 2008

pen @ 06:04 pm: Moderator Needed
I need an additional moderator to handle the daytime period (from around 9am-6pm EST especially.) I would like someone with some experience in this type of forum, and works well with others. :-)

If you're interested, please email ( Please write something introductory about you (previous usernames on other journal sites.) and explain what you're hoping to do as a mod of the community.


perhin @ 02:26 pm: Teas
I'm interested in drinking teas. I have a box of a citrus mix and I'm interested in trying different types.

What's your favorite tea? What does it do to you(makes you sleepy, calms you, etc..)? How does it taste? Is it affordable?


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March 24th, 2008

pen @ 08:47 pm: Dancing With The Stars....
Does anyone else watch this?

Does anyone else think Pricilla Presley looks like Frankenstein POST OP?

What are your feelings on plastic surgery?  For a deeper discussion, would you choose to to have your appearance surgically altered?  Why or Why not?

March 22nd, 2008

thorburne @ 09:52 am: Anyone trying Script Frenzy, this year? I know a lot of people are interested, but have never written anything scripty before.

For those who don't know what it is, it's a month long project a lot like NaNoWriMo where writers get together and a write 20,000 words/100 pages of script. It's to help fund and support The Young Writer's program, which is set up to bring more Writing into schools and help kids find a healthy outlet.

The biggest thing that helped my friends and I through nano was supporting each other and pushing each other to the end. It helped most of us finish the project. My writing community [info]prompts is helping do that, for those interested. But I was just wondering who else out there in IJ land was going to attempt?

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slyfoot @ 02:36 am: Asylum Search
First post!

I am wondering if the Asylum Search is working for any of you?

If not, can anyone recommend a friend-adding community?

I'm interested in making new friends, particularly bookworms!

March 21st, 2008

pen @ 08:48 pm: NAME YR POISON
It's friday.  I'm about to start cooking and drinking.

What should I drink?  I have a blender.  Any good recipes?!?

How old should pizza be when you throw it out?  I have week old pizza in the fridge, and it's dinner.

Whioch makes me think.  Recipes are awesome Dawson.  What's the best, yet easiest lasagna recipe you know?

aristoboule @ 04:34 pm: Dialectized!
The Dialectizer,, is almost as good as the now defunct T'inator, which was so much fun.

And if Elmer Fudd made announcements on LJ, they'd read like this )

So, what have you dialectized? I wanna seeeeeeeeeee!

lauramcewan @ 12:15 pm: COOKIES! Now with PUPPIES! And BUBBLES!
Certified weapons of mass distraction:

Distract! Distract! :D

What distracts you?

flurgh @ 02:00 pm: In Honor Of LJ Boycott, I Fell Down A Mountain..
.. and then I had to climb all the way back up to get to my freaking car. D:

I was at Turner Falls Park in Davis, Oklahoma which is nestled in the Arbuckle Mountains. You can check out the wiki article about the Arbuckles to get some information on them. They're incredibly old, and are estimated to at one time have been over 20,000 feet high. Now most of you wouldn't call them mountains anymore, but more of glorified hills. Still, they are the roots of a mountain system so we call them mountains. Besides everything else around here is so damn flat, so give us a break.

Turner Falls is the 77 foot falls that the park is named after. It's located along Honey Creek. The water is always icy cold, and the minerals in the water make your skin feel so lovely. We had some amazing rain for two days straight, so I knew that once the park was able to reopen, the falls would look amazing. I also wanted to go climb around in the caves. If you look at the picture of Turner Falls in the wiki article, on the right side of the falls, in the rock you can see a black spot. That's a cave entrance. I was trying to get to that from the top of the mountain going down around the side, like I did about 12 years ago. It's very steep and rocky. Some 60-ish year old lady in sandals was ahead of me, and she made it all the way down. I, in my hiking boots, found a wonderful patch of slick mud and rocks to slip on. My foot got stuck under a rock as I went down. That wasn't even the bad one. As I freed my foot and stood back up I fell again, caught the same foot under another rock, the foot went left and the knee went to the right, and I slid down the mountain. I was very close to the cave, but I hurt myself pretty good. I sat there for a few minutes trying to decide if I could get up or not. Then I got up and climbed back up the mountain to get to my car. If I had gone ahead to the cave and gone to the bottom where the falls pool is located. I would have had to walk all the way around the darn thing and up a road to get back to my car. I really wasn't feeling like doing that. The good thing is that, as I mentioned above, the water is really cold. So, I got in my car, drove down to the creek, and shoved my foot in the water for a while, before I made the several hours drive back home to Texas.

I took a bunch of pictures, and here's a few I thought I should share with you guys.

Pictures! )

pen @ 02:46 pm: SILENCE...IN MUH COMMUNITAH????
Well, to keep with a post an ya go.

1 swedish massage with Hot Stones, & Aromatherapy.

How much does this cost?

How much is this worth?

My answer )

What say you?

(Also.  I need a cookie to make an icon.  BTW, I am now merely awake.  Beats the hell out of AWAKE.)

chickgonebad @ 12:03 pm: Lunchtime!
I'm running to Bertucci's for lunch.

What are you having?

chickgonebad @ 11:05 am: Questions of the morning
If you were a woodchuck, could you chuck wood?

If so, how much would you?

Would you prefer to be called a woodchuck, gopher, or groundhog?

Is there any sense to these questions at all?


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pen @ 09:35 am: Last night I asked new IJers about themselves, now I am asking the OLD IJers to help orientate them to the place.  :-)

What do you think a new user should know about the community here?  The site?  Any comm recommendations?

Since we are a little over halfway through the strike, what have your learned about yourself or LJ or IJ from doing it?  What's worth remembering?

If you are doing the strike, why are you striking?  (And let's be accepting of the fact that each person striked for reasons we may not agree with.)

pen @ 08:23 am: GOOD MORNING, OTC!!!!!!!!
So today is a company holiday. As I said last night, exhausted.


Best answer gets an icon of cookies.

efleck999 @ 01:59 am: I want to see what people have to say to this one...

So anyways... my girlfriend is 17.

I'm 28.

and so I talk about it... )

March 20th, 2008

tribal_tiger @ 10:24 pm: Something else to distract you...
who reads them and what comics?
On my list:
Misfile: A potheaded angel screws up, and puts two people's Heavenly files in the wrong cabinet, and then gets banished to earth for something else! Ash, a boy misfiled as a girl, and Ash, a girl misfiled two years younger, need to help this angel get back into heaven before someone finds the misfile and makes the change permanent!
Punch an' Pie: From the creator of Queen of Wands comes Punch an' Pie! This comic follows Angela of QoW, and her relationship with her (beautiful and awesome) girlfriend.
Something*Positive: Visit Davan and his fucked up friends. If you're not offended by the time you leave, you're fucked up, and welcome to stay! Following the hard life of one transwoman in her journey to just be herself.
Between the Lines: A comic about Shay, a transgirl/gay boy, and her friends growing up.
Questionable Content: Indie fan Marten meets Faye randomly at a bar. A few days later, she somehow loses her apartment, and he lets her move in with him. Giggle as Awkward Marten deals with having an attractive No Nonesense Faye living with him! One of few comics that actually portrays real women, and not stick figures!
Down Stairs Apartment: ... actually, I don't know what this one's really about yet. There's roomates, and an alien dude, and a gamer chick, and random ninjas...
Transe-Generation: Doodles and sketches mostly about the author's life growing up as a transman, with doodles about bigenders and transwomen. Random interjections of japanese. Very funny trans humor.
Wapsi Square: Awesome art, Amazing story. As described on the first comic book: A wrench has been thrown into the comfortable Minneapolis neighborhood of Wapsi Square. Monica Villarreal, a young and skeptical museum anthropologist crosses paths with an Aztec deity and all cards are thrown to the wind. More than questioning her own sanity she slowly begins to question the world around her and the very history books that she holds sacred. Helping keep Monica grounded are her friends; Amanda, a motherly but cynical professional photographer, Shelly, a tough tomboy yet girly-girl mechanic and Daren the sage bartender at the local pub. Through a blend of humor and macabre undertones, enter the world of Wapsi Square and leave the reality you know at the door.
friendlyHOSTILITY: from the creator of Boy meets Boy comes Friendly HOSTILITY, which follows Fox and Collin. Fucked up families, weird friends, and an attempt to conquer Cuba. This one has it all.
Two Lumps: Two housecats doing what housecats do.

anyone else addicted?

March 21st, 2008

greenwitch @ 12:57 am: Poll #1195
Open to: All, results viewable to: All


View Answers

10 (23.3%)

5 (11.6%)

Christopher Walken
28 (65.1%)

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March 20th, 2008

tribal_tiger @ 10:21 pm: Hello There!
So... I just got back from Qdoba. A friend of mine and his boyfriend wanted to go eat out with friends and such, so i went.

we discussed my stupidity about spicy food. see, i'm allergic to it, but i LOVE it. so i eat it, and then i get sick for two days. lol. aah, mm.

so two questions...

Qdoba or Chipotle? I vote Chipotle.

Anything you're allergic to or otherwise shouldn't eat that you do anyway? and how and why is it worth it?

tallblue @ 10:35 pm: Pets
I am busy tonight cleaning my fish tanks I have 30 ranging from a couple of 75's 55s and 20s and a few 10s. All freshwater, anyone have fish? Or what your your top choice for pets. My cats (4) rule the house and my fish rule the waters :) And believe it or not the cats do not attempt to get the fish.

Here is a you tube video of some babies a pair of my fish had.

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