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    Thursday, May 1st, 2008
    8:56 pm
    Chase joins the game
    Who: Chase and anyone who happens to be near
    What: This is Chase’s introduction to the game. Pretty simple.
    Where: Inside Forks High after dismissal
    When: After school, no particular day in mind

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    Thursday, April 17th, 2008
    9:59 pm
    a friendly competition
    Who: Alice and Tyler
    What: After tooting his horn, so to speak, these two want to know who of the two of them is better with a stick and balls. Pool, you perverts!
    Where: The Louis Pool Hall
    When: Wednesday Evening

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    Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008
    10:29 pm
    After School On Wednesday - Extracurricular Activities ;D
    Who: Starts out with the Cullens, but anybody else can post their goings-on :D
    What: See title.
    Where: Ed's segment is in the Cullen household.
    When: Title again.

    Edward's car pulled into the driveway after driving Bella home. It had been raining, and it would be rather rude of him to leave her to herself with all that slippery water everywhere. Not that she couldn't handle the driving, but rather the walk to her house afterwards... and Edward took every chance he could to spend time with her. He stashed his keys in the foyer, and then crashed on the couch in the family room. Despite being immortal and unable to sleep, there were times when he just felt mentally exhausted. And with the events of these last few days... well, he had plenty of reasons. He pulled a pillow over his face, enjoying the fuzzy comfort of the chenille.
    Saturday, March 22nd, 2008
    11:19 pm
    Mod Post!
    This is our OOC community.
    I made it because we can't have our friendly little chats every night. Not everyone is online every night. So post your questions and ideas there! :)
    6:56 pm
    Who: Angela and all others if they choose (please do?)
    What: Lunch on Wednesday, the day after Edward came back.
    Where: Beginning of Lunch
    When: Wednesday

    Angela was the first one of the group to the Lunch table. She hadn't really talked to Bella in days but she knew something was up. Not just with Bella, the whole town felt weird. The air almost tingled when she passed certain people, it was an odd feeling.

    Angela, lost in thought, jumped when someone sat down at the table next to her.
    Thursday, March 20th, 2008
    3:51 pm
    Biology Class, after the bomb
    Who: Edward, Bella, anyone else that wants to pop in ;D
    What: Edward is sitting in Biology waiting for Bella. And Mr. Banner has the video setup in the front of the classroom.
    Where: Biology Class, beginning of class
    When: Tuesday.

    Edward sat at the lab table, extremely aware of the empty seat next to him. He idly played an imaginary piano with his fingers, improving on his latest composition. It would be for Bella, and he had meant to sing it for her on Saturday, but it appeared that some things would just not work out for him. The persistent voice in his head said it was because he would never be anything but harmful to Bella, but he tried to ignore that part of him these days. He and Bella were something special, and... well, certain people would not be interfering with him anymore.

    A part of him couldn't help but feel sorry for Jacob Black.

    He turned his head ever so slightly at the door when her angelic smell filled his nose. He only hoped she would understand why he'd had to leave.
    Tuesday, March 18th, 2008
    9:44 pm
    Who: Pretty much open, but poking at Pogue, Caleb and quite possibly Leah. =]
    What: Jacob's just hanging out at First Beach brooding. (God Caleb is a bad influence)
    Where: ^First beach
    When: Lets say... Wednesday just for excitement purposed. If that doesn't work though I can always change it.

    Jacob sat down on the large driftwood log that he had first told Bella about the vampires at. Since Monday his moments as a human were rare. Over the past two days he had lost more articles of clothing the he had since he first started turning. At least the salvation army is gonna get a lot of business. He stared down at the sweatpants he was wearing. They were pretty cheap there, and they were never in short supply. So it was the only thing he risked wearing for now. His favorite pair of shoes were probably still being blown about Forks.

    Jacob hadn't tried to get a hold of anyone, and for the most part the rest of the pack was keeping their distance. He was relieved that they were giving him some room to work things out. They all knew what was going on of course. With the amount of time he was spending as a wolf it was impossible for them not to. Embry was the only one who made the mistake of joking about his imprinting. He felt pretty bad about reacting so...badly. But he wasn't in the mood for being the butt of the joke, not at the moment at least.
    Sunday, March 16th, 2008
    1:55 am
    Kate in the gymnasium | girls will be girls
    Who: Kate Tunney and anyone up for some good catty fun complete with junk food
    What: Kate’s hanging out, watching an open volleyball team practice
    Where: In the bleachers of Forks High
    When: Monday after school
    Note: Nobody is playing Lauren Mallory, so I'm using her as a NPC. Feel free to do the same!

    Lauren Mallory Must Die )
    Saturday, March 15th, 2008
    9:16 pm
    Come one Come All
    Who: Kids of Forks High... and Certain La Push kid.
    What: Monday, the entire day
    Where: Forks High Parking lot, and than anywhere in the school grounds.
    When:After whatever happened over the weekend to everyone.

    Its just another manic Monday )
    Monday, March 10th, 2008
    10:10 pm
    Its not what you think...
    Who: Caleb, whom ever is nearby...

    What: Brooding when is he not?
    Where: The Cliffs in La Push
    When: Saturday night. After having an unusual conversation with his mother, its why he's not with the other's at the moment.

    Status: Finished

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    Current Mood: depressed
    Saturday, March 8th, 2008
    7:28 pm
    Baby Boy chilling in a Forks cafe
    Who: So far it’s just Tyler, but I’m open for any sort of company. Possibly a Twilight character to mingle the universes? It’s up to you because I’m up for anything. This could easily be a ‘Tyler on his own’ contemplative sort of post, too, if no one answers. No pressure.
    What: Tyler’s feeling lonely, but instead of seeking out wild company with the other sons he’s just sort of isolating himself even more.
    Where: I figured that Forks is too small to have an equivalent to Ipswich’s Nicky’s, so I invented a locale where people can hang out. Very homey, very comfy…
    When: Saturday night’s alright alright… It’s the same Saturday night as all of the current threads in this game are set in. After Confessions. You get my drift, right folks?

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    Tuesday, March 4th, 2008
    10:35 pm
    Bella at home
    Who: Bella and a visitor (or two) if anyone is willing. Maybe Edward? Maybe Jacob? Maybe even Alice when she gets her profile in? I’m talkin’ to you, Janis! :D
    What: Finishing up dinner with Charlie
    Where: Swan residence in Forks
    When: Directly after the blissful day in the meadow in Confessions
    Note: Since we don’t have a Charlie, I’ll be using him as a sort of NPC. If you join in on this thread you can feel free to write him, as well.

    uneventful dinner )
    12:43 am
    Chilling on a Saturday evening
    Who: Kate and Pogue - Other friends welcome to join in
    What: The duo just chilling, relaxing… Chillaxing. Sans parents. You get it.
    Where: The Tunney household - a larger house on the outskirts of Forks
    When: Saturday evening - Right after the Twilight chapter Confessions
    Little Note: My Kate name just isn't working, so I had to make this Kate post on Baby Boy's account. Note the Kate user icon!

    when the cat's away... )
    Sunday, March 2nd, 2008
    8:24 pm
    Mod Post
    I think it's safe to say that, with a cast of ten characters, we can start. I'm still waiting on Chase, our villain, who will be an integral part of the plot, but I think we can start.

    One issue I think I've spoken with some of you about but never put it down in the asylum information is the fact that in this game there is no Spenser Academy. The Sons are wealthy and privileged, but they attend Forks High like any average Joe. Living arrangements are up to you. The more wealthy characters can live in a house nearly as grand as the Cullen residence or whatever you like within reason.

    We could use a few more vampires. So far we have Rosalie and Edward. I'm surprised we haven't picked up an Alice, but I'm biased as I love that character to pieces. I suppose we could use more Quileutes, too. We've got Leah and Jacob thus far.

    Anyway, I'll be making a post in a bit IC, but you can start whenever you'd like.

    For reference, this is set after the chapter Confessions in Twilight. Edward and Bella have been to the meadow. She's been briefly introduced to Alice Cullen, but she hasm't really spoken to any of the other Cullens save for Carlisle who took care of her in the hospital when Tyler nearly crashed into her.

    As for The Covenant, I would like it if everyone was acquainted with one another. Though they don't share a dorm in this game, I'd like it if Kate could have taken Sarah under her wing. For Chase, I would like it if he knew the entire bunch (the Sons, Sarah, and Kate) and perhaps some of the people from Twilight, as well.

    Edited to Mention...
    We do actually have a Chase, but the player hasn't given me her application yet. Sorry for any confusion.
    Friday, February 8th, 2008
    11:13 pm
    Moderator Note
    Please post your applications in this thread for review or e-mail your application to the address I gave in the user information for this community!
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