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    Thursday, May 1st, 2008
    7:52 pm
    Name: Tatsuki/Hiiro/Hachiko/Shan/Hime/Too many to bother with call me one of those and you'll get an answer though.
    Favorite Colors: Blue and silver
    Favorite food: Strawberries and Chocolate.
    Favorite singer: Anna Tsuchiya
    Number of Soulbonds: 4
    Number of fictionkin identities: ...more than I feel like counting.

    Seems this community isn't active at all yet. -frowns- Time to fix that.

    That's not good. Fickin and soulbonders both don't have too many places they can go to.

    Ah well. Since I'm a mod and I have looked at the membership roster yet.. I'd like for every member to post a reply here with an introduction of their own.

    Don't be a stranger. We're all family here after all. <3

    (Yeah I know all you who are members know this stuff but what about when we get new members)
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