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May 26th, 2008

thispicture @ 12:31 am: because you're evil and you lie
Who: Brody/open
When: Sunday night/Monday morning
Where: Some random street

He needed a job.

He was adrift, you see. Absolutely no anchor at all. Back home, he had school. With Daniel, he had... well, Daniel. Daniel, who'd get him into clubs he was much too young to be in and let him have fun. To a point, anyway, when he started getting distant and mean. And now he had... what? He had nothing. And it was making him a little nervous to depend on the questionable kindness of strangers; having a job would make him feel at least a little more secure, though he was still waiting for the other shoe to drop any day now and to be told he needed to get his ass out on the streets.

It would be nice to have a steady source of income before that happened.

But so far his job hunt had been unsuccessful at best. He avoided chain stores, knowing they'd want papers--papers he didn't have, since he was pretty much an illegal immigrant. And so far he'd been rejected from every place he'd approached. He wasn't even asking for much. Just some cash under the table to wash dishes or scrub toilets or anything. All of them turned him down, as was the case of this last man, who literally threw him out on the street.

He climbed to his feet and scowled behind him. "Yeah, eff you too!" he said, making a rude gesture in the general direction of the building. He huffed, brushing imaginary dirt off his pants and tried his best to look dignified. He sighed, brushing the hair out of his face. He was not going to be giving handjobs behind Dumpsters again.

There was a clock visible through the next building's window. He glanced at it--12:42 AM--and laughed, bitter, tired and annoyed. "Happy fucking birthday to me," he muttered.

What he needed was a job.

May 23rd, 2008

nothonestnpcs @ 12:25 am: Who: Landon (NPC Hunter) and OPEN
When: Late Friday Night
Where: Hyde Park Area

Go here, bloody Spaniard says. 'Evil' is waiting. Bugger all, I don' see no evil. All I see is a few bums and a goddamned bunch of kids who shouldn't be wanderin' around this late at night. Likes to get their necks bit if they stay out. Landon grumbled inwardly, keeping his focus for the most part to the streets and the damp grass of the park. He'd been hired freelance by a group of crazy hunters, some brethren or other who fancied themselves the next Crusade or Inquisition.

So he got paid to off a few vampires, chase a few demons. No skin off of his hide, right? And hell's bells, better pay if there was skin off his hide. He'd been hunting for his fair share of years, ever since his mum'd come home with a gaping wound in her neck from some crazed lunatic who'd had the gall to snatch her purse too. Hadn't killed her, just driven her round the bend, and the only thing that made her feel better was to hear from Landon himself that he'd killed another sucker just for her. So what if the rest of the family thought it a lie.

Turning the corner, Landon froze, lifting his narrow chin. The noise he'd heard had startled him, but not so much as the figure coming out of the trees. Crouching down, he waited, gaging his prey. If it moves like a vamp and it looks like a vamp...

May 22nd, 2008

mortevivente @ 11:59 pm: Who: Mauri and Open
When: Thursday Evening
Where: Streets of SoHo

Maurizio took a deep, rather unnecessary breath, focusing on the streets ahead of him. Prostitutes lingered on the street corners, their glazed eyes half-watching the crowds for any interested custom. Maurizio glided by them, giving them a charming smile even if the hard glint in his eyes showed his disinterest for the evening. Usually, he'd chat them up, even if he didn't purchase a bit of their time, just to see how busy the streets were.

If the police were out.

His and Percy's little stunt earlier had been fun, no doubt about that, but he couldn't help but feel a bit paranoid since it happened. Sliding past the doors of one of the clubs, barely noticed thanks to his stealth, he made his way inside through the press of people and slipped up to the bar. "Vodka rocks, please."

submissiveangel @ 11:39 pm: A dinner date...
Who: Isabel, Vincent, Sam and Cassie
When: Wednesday Evening
Where: Petrus

Petrus. Isabel never looked at the menus here. She simply let Vincent order what he wanted to and she'd eat pretty much anything that was put in front of her. Tonight, it was a bounty of sumptuous foods and wines until she was filled to nearly stuffing. Still, Vincent insisted on her eating more until she protested that she was about to burst.

She'd had absolutely no doubt that Vincent could afford the lavish dinner he'd ordered and had placed in front of them, but she had a doubt that she'd be able to consume even a fourth of what he'd wanted her to eat. She knew that he didn't quite like her as skinny as she was now, but attempting to pack all of it on overnight was just reckless.

Giving Vincent a soft smile, she raised the fine linen napkin to her lips and wiped them before she spoke. "I'll be right back darling, I need to stretch my legs..." she gave a pointed look to the bathroom and slowly stood. Glancing across the restaurant, she caught sight of a dark head of hair and narrowed her eyes just so. There was a familiar feeling to the man sitting at the table with the lovely blond.

Ah yes. That was it. Infernal. Pursing her lips, Isabel left the table and headed to the ladies' room, glancing back once before she disappeared.

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May 13th, 2008

gothichippy @ 11:41 pm: Stocking the new flat
Who: Damien and Raven
Where: Somewhere on the streets
When: Just about dusk

Damien headed back to his apartment--no, not apartment, FLAT!-with several grocery bags in hand. As skinny as he looked it was a wonder he managed to keep them all in his grip. He had a skull cap pulled down over his curly hair, which was currently just short of his shoulders, green eyes glittering brightly beneath the heavy dark liner he wore. His skinny form was wrapped in a long sleeved shirt, a tattered black suit jacket which had lyrics written all over it in white pen and a scarf just for looks.

He hummed a song to himself as he moved through the setting night, glancing to his dark purple jeans wondering if he could somehow manage to free enough of a hand to pull a cigarette from his pocket and get it to his lips without losing all his bags. Squinting one eye, he tried to calculate the distance from where he was to his new apartment--FLAT!--and if his need for nicotine would hold out that long. "You can do it," he murmured brightly to himself. "Get home, put the grub away, have tea and a smoke." His voice was soft, a cheery almost musical tenor.

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May 8th, 2008

nothonest_mods @ 01:30 pm: Local Time and Weather:
Current Time and Weather:

London, United Kingdom.

3 May, 2008 to 18 May, 2008-

Weather: This week expect rain, and cloudy skies. Most of the week, partly cloudy skies with temperatures ranging from 9 degrees C ( 48 F), to 17 degrees C ( 62 F).


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seenfromspace @ 10:36 am: A Date, a date! A very important date!
Who: Pip and Felicity.
Where: Corner Pizza
When: Date night!

He was waiting, staring at the wall as he considered all his options. He could take her to Casablanca, or there was some weird movie showing. Mmm. Dates were hard to plan, particularly when one had to dodge over curious vampires that wanted to know where you were going.

The pizza parlor was winding down, it seemed, but Pip's stomach was growling. As bad as it was, he wanted the girl to show up so he could eat! He was a growing boy, after all, it was only expected that he wanted food.

Waiting, he picked at the table a little, turning his head back and forth as he watched people come and go. And yet his date was still missing.

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May 3rd, 2008

thispicture @ 12:01 am: woke like a tree full of bees
Who: Brody/open... sorta :P
Where: Percy's flat
When: Saturday evening

Brody's sleep schedule was pretty messed up. That was, apparently, what happened when you lived with vampires; they didn't rise until the sun rose, and he didn't have a lot to do during the day. He'd gone about looking for a job, but without an identity, without parents, without proof that he belonged here so he wouldn't get his ass deported... well, it was turning out to be a lot harder than it sounded. And the last thing he wanted was to resort to turning tricks again. Way too dangerous, and disgusting to boot.

Maybe he should turn himself in. Get thrown in foster care. What was the worst that could possibly happen...?

Oh, but he knew the answer to that.

The devil you know.

So he stayed, and allowed his sleeping patterns to get completely effed. It was 7 in the evening and he was just now waking up, stirring from under his blanket on the couch and mumbling feverishly to himself in his sleep. (Something about kittens and paint.) When he woke he did so all at once, his eyes suddenly opening and sitting up abruptly like he'd been awake the whole time, but if THAT were true he probably would have paid more attention to how he tossed his head so his hair wouldn't end up sticking up in clumps in every direction, falling in front of his face.

He made a noise and lay back down.

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April 18th, 2008

italiano_angel @ 10:31 pm: Who: Alex and Open
Where: Bexley
When: Friday Night

Vampire hunters amused Alex in all the wrong ways. The boy that Percy had brought home was still sleeping on the couch, which was amazing in general, but Alex was particularly impressed with the guts Brody had in staying with two vampires. Not that Percy was really there that much. He lingered close to Dawn, but usually behind closed doors, and in his own world.

But Alex spent his time investigating Brody, because he had the time...and he could.

Except tonight the vampire had decided to explore, to see if he could find these so called 'Bexley Hunters' that he'd over heard a pair of demons discussing at the Black Drum. If nothing else, Alex was aware that the hunters could certainly provide him with the needed entertainment to make his days somehow less boring. Much less boring.

"How much is that doggy in the widow," he sang to himself as he walked along the empty road, looking about. "The one with the waggily tail, how much is that doggy in the window...." He never could remember anything beyond that. It was a stupid song, but then again a group of hunters claiming to be a fictional movie character that killed vampires with ridiculous flair was equally lacking in intelligence. "Oh where, oh where has my little dog gone, oh where, oh where can he be...."

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lastgirlonearth @ 08:47 pm: Who: Felicity, open
Where: Scrawls
When: Friday, early afternoon.

"Are you aware of the evil that lurks in our city, hiding behind the guise of humanity?"

"Am I... what?" Felicity looked up and blinked at the guy at the counter, waiting to place his order. She was so startled, she almost burned herself with hot water, glaring at him as she messed up the drink she was currently working on. "What is that, some neo-goth version of asking if I've accepted Christ as my personal savior?"

"Have you?" The guy looked at her rather ernestly, and she just lifted a brow as she looked at him. He was a prep, but other than that he was kind of cute... before he opened his mouth, it seemed. She'd peg him at about 21, 22... and not the crazy sort. Just proved it took all kinds. She lifted her finger to hussh any further questions for now, and finished the drink she was making, handing it over to the waiting customer before turning back to crazy!guy.

"I don't generally consider that a worthy topic of discussion... What can I get you?"

"you don't believe. I could show you things. Secrets best left kept... horrors that should never be seen by the innocent. What would you say if presented with proof that the stuff of stories is real? Demons, Vampires..."

"Well, I'd probably ask a demon what he wanted to order... and I'd apologize to a vampire for not serving his drink of choice. So... what is your drink of choice?"

"Ahh... mocking what we do not know."

"Seriously? I'm a barrista. I serve coffee. I serve coffee when people order it. What do you want?"

"What would you say if I told you I wanted to save you?"

"... Seriously."

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endlsobsession @ 07:10 pm: Who: Irie and OPEN
Where: Brent, near Neasden Temple.
When: Tuesday, afternoon.

Irie was drawn to the temple in a way few others would have been. The simple connection the building presented to her home left her longing, weary of her life among the mortal. In truth she felt worse for wear, her weapons left home and her heart no longer truly feeling up to the 'good fight' anymore.

This was the results of a champion long from home. The comforts of her life dragged at her, and the mundane existence that humans led was...taxing. Still, she had comrades here. It was a small comfort to be near her kind, but yet she still felt empty. A deep void that drove a wedge between the loyal and the wavering.

If you hear me, she wondered softly, starting up the steps to the magnificent building, give me the strength...

She needed to focus on her duties, not on the one creature she loathed...and yet was almost afraid to kill. That was what it was, wasn't it? Why her blade never could fall on him? Fear? An intangible, unmistakable taint on her heart that made so little sense it frightened her more.

And to top it off, an angel was found just the other night, badly injured and dying. She'd taken the scroll, if only for safe keeping, but there was little she could do with it. The script was ancient, a text she had never learned, and scholars of the mortal realm posed a pressing problem. How did one address the questions they might, assuming they could read it, come up with?

And what was so important about the scroll that Knights of Order would lash out at one of their God's heavenly messengers? It all left such a better taste on her lips.

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nothonest_mods @ 05:41 pm: Local Time and Weather:
Current Time and Weather: London, United Kingdom.

18 April, 2008 to 2 May, 2008-

Weather: This week expect rain, and cloudy skies. Most of the week, partly cloudy skies with temperatures ranging from 9 degrees C ( 48 F), to 17 degrees C ( 62 F).


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April 11th, 2008

gotherthanthou @ 06:14 pm: Who: Jacoby and Raven
When: Friday Night
Where: Avant Flux

Jacoby smiled and signed the cover of a blonde girl's cd, prentending to listen as she prattled on about just how big a fan she was. As important as their fans were in supporting them and helping them get signed, they were truly awful to talk to. Thank god this one had nice tits.

There were other fans though, prettier ones, whose company he didn't mind. Mostly because they did other things with their time than talk. This one, it seemed, wasn't one of them.

After posing for a photo, the girl went away, leaving J in better company as willing lackeys packed up their equipment. Still, he wasn't satisfied. Looking around, he caught view of his bandmates - Nic supervising the pack up, Shane making moon eyes at his sickening dog of a girlfriend, Gwen and Drake trying to escape a cornering from Katie - but not the person he wanted to see.

Had the mystery girl from the cafe gone home? Hell, had she even shown up? Jacoby hoped she hadn't missed his performance; she was definitely worth taking home.

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April 10th, 2008

ex_fizzy664 @ 08:56 pm: Who: OPEN!
When: Wednesday Afternoon
Where: Moon Park Boutique, Camden

A little boutique in Camden is finally open for business!

Moon Park (the shop) is staffed by Moon Park (the person). Today's been slow, so it's given her lots of time to arrange the window with her newest fashions. Clothing, jewelry, accessories and shoes are her game, and only the newest, most fashionable, and most fabulous are acceptable. An eclectic selection is included here-- if it's cool, it's here. There's a little bit of something for everyone here.

For Moon, there's a hot cup of tea and a delicious batch of home-baked cookies sitting on a table near the counter! Well, okay, technically it's for the customers, but there haven't been any customers all morning, so who's to tell her not to eat them? She baked them herself-- she'd feel upset if nobody ate her cooking. With an oatmeal raisin cookie dangling out of her mouth, she hangs up her newest designs in a rack labeled "FRESH".

"C'mon, people," she mutters to nobody in particular. "You know you wanna..." Because it's damned cold outside. Gotta go in somewhere before they all freeze. She hopes.

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April 8th, 2008

silenziosa_odio @ 11:52 am: Who: Percy and Mauri
When: Tuesday night
Where: Hyde Park

The Rain was cold as Percy walked along, frowning. His clothing soaked, and his hair hard as ice... Why he was lurking in the park might have been. He had avoid three cops thus far, and slipped into a ditch once in hopes of finding a wayward homeless.

Was he really this pathetic?

Possibly, as he shook his head, licking his lips before stomped water logged boots on the pavement. He needed to find better places to hunt...and someplace to dry his clothing before he wandered home and faced Alex, and the human boy. Turning his head, he watched as a patrol car drove past him slowly, turning on its spot, light glaring at him.

"Would make a good meal," Percy muttered, "if they had the balls to get out of the bloody car."

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April 5th, 2008

nothonest_mods @ 06:59 pm: Local Time and Weather:
Current Time and Weather: London, United Kingdom.

5 April, 2008 to 12 April, 2008-

Weather: This week expect rain, and cloudy skies, with chances of snow on Tuesday. Most of the week, partly cloudy skies with temperatures ranging from 0 degrees C ( 32 F), to 13 degrees C ( 56 F).


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April 3rd, 2008

seenfromspace @ 08:43 pm: Who: Pip and OPEN
Where: Corner market near Damion's club
When: Friday Morning.

Pip was walking down the street, head in the clouds as he hummed along with his Ipod. It wasn’t his normal deal, to be out when the sun was up, or to be without his skateboard or otherwise childish hoodlum entertainment. He was, however, running errands.

Which meant finding food that was not meant for undead, or the like. He still had to survive in their world.

Stepping into the corner market he eyed the rows of food with a disinterested face. Pip didn’t cook. It was why he remained so thin, and unfed looking. The boy lived off cereal, milk, and cheesy mac. Or anything else that was fairly tasty and easy to cook in a microwave.

The question today was…what did he want to buy?

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April 2nd, 2008

outlawangel @ 10:55 pm: It’s motherfucking booze time.
WHO: Phineas and OPEN
WHERE: The Black Drum
WHEN: Early evening

He actually really shouldn’t be here. It’s beneath him. It’s not fitting for his kind. And it’s not like anyone won’t ever know because, c’mon, he knows more than anyone that someone is always watching.

But that dumb song is right. Sometimes you just want to go where everyone knows your name.


‘Yep,’ he says, settling down warily on a stool.

He comes here too much. The bartender doesn’t even ask what he wants anymore. They have this little skit they play out every time, with the man getting him a whiskey and Phineas promising aloud to drink only one and drink it slowly. And the barkeep just dries a glass and shakes his head.

He shouldn’t be here. He should be out looking for something constructive to do, someone to help. God knows there are plenty of them out there.

But he doesn’t understand people anymore. They have changed so much over the past century, withdrawing into themselves, going through the day without so much as a smile or spoken courtesy to another, not their families, not their friends, not a stranger and espically not a stranger in a derby hat. And they’ve all got these stupid little things on their ears that they talk into and you can’t tell if their insane or not!

But there is one person who’s always consistent.

Jack Daniels.

Despite keeping his resolution to sip his whiskey slowly, he doesn’t take long for him to start feeling jovial.

His eyes sweep the room in search of someone to bother with his good mood.

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April 1st, 2008

submissiveangel @ 04:09 pm: Who: Isabel and Vincent
When: Monday Morning
Where: Vincent's flat

The bright sun of midday stole through the dark curtains of Vincent's bedroom, the light stirring Isabel into wakefulness as she slowly cracked open her eyes. Giving a soft sigh as she awoke, she unwound herself from Vincent's warm body and stretched from her fingertips to her toes. It'd been a late night, like always, but she felt marginally rested, which was better than most mornings. Reaching up a hand to card through her tangled hair, she looked down at Vincent, still sleeping peacefully, and she smirked. For a demon, he looked rather peaceful when he was asleep.

Slipping her legs over the side of the bed, she made to slide out from under the warm blankets, hoping she didn't stir Vincent too terribly much. She wouldn't mind having a few hours to herself.

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March 31st, 2008

je_marais @ 10:13 pm: Who: Julian Marais, Arsène Paquet
Where: the riverfront
When: Monday, just before midnight

Julian limps away from the park, moving quickly lest the dark one change his mind and come after him again. His back is raw and bleeding from the rough bark of the tree he was flung against, and there's a lump on the back of his head. He touches his fingers to it, making a soft mew of pain. He shouldn't have challenged the older one, he knows that, but he's still taken aback by the ferocity of the other vampire's reaction. He didn't have to hurt me, Julian thinks, sulking a little. I only wanted to...

To what?

He frowns as he passes through a thicket of trees, leaves crunching under his boots. What did he want? To talk, he supposes, to pass the time with one of his own kind. Perhaps even to hunt together. He feels stupid now, like a silly boy hanging about the schoolyard hoping to make friends. He scowls as he ducks under a low-hanging branch, emerging on the other side of the woods. He's tired of being lonely. Loneliness means weakness. He must learn to be strong like Leo.

He clears the top of a hill. The river lies below, black and shimmering in the moonlight. His heart immediately aches for his Sire. The riverfront was always their hunting ground, ever since that first night. Tears sting his eyes and he chides himself for thinking he could ever be like him. Leo can be alone, needs to be alone, but Julian...Julian will forever need him, yearn for him, wait to be with him. He sighs a little, making his way to the water's edge. He stands there, staring out at the water, feeling very alone indeed.

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