July 1st, 2010

[info]sonofasinner in [info]not_a_ngo

(intro & open) what the heckity heck???


"You idiotic manservant, you --."

Shaking dust off his tunic, Arthur stands up - barely - and finds his balance after some seconds of struggle. He looks around, eager to find Merlin and to push him around a little, at least to cool off his nerves, but finds his horse blocking his sight and his way of action.

"Idiotic horse! MOVE!!!" he bellows. The horse stares placidly back. "You're not listening to me!"

Well, of course. It probably doesn't understand English, be it old or new. More and more annoyed, Arthur looks around for support, for anyone to tell him that it was Merlin's fault and sorcery that opened that odd whirlpool just when he was enjoying his morning ride, but faces naught but deserted landscape and the same placid horse.

"I demand you to get out, wherever you are! This is absolutely NOT a good joke!"