Virtual Tour of North Mason Remedial High School Campus 
09:58am 09/01/2008
  The campus is comprised of 4 buildings surrounded by a fence equipped with medium security features (inward angled razor wire atop 9 foot chain link fence, and electric gates). There is an administrative building, classrooms, dormitories, and gymnasium/auditorium, all buildings are connected indoors by hallways and make a square to enclose an outdoor courtyard.

North Mason RHS Campus )
School Rules 
09:56am 09/01/2008
  Dress Code
- No official uniform except for phys. ed.
- Keep clothing decent and unoffensive (if there is a dispute, I, the principal, will have the decision)
- Please dress appropriately for class and for the weather; many students are not from Washington state, and I advise you to dress warmly in the coming months, it will be rainy, windy, and chilly.

- Cigarettes are a controlled, not contrabanned, substance
- There will be no smoking inside the buildings, except in my office
- There will be weekly room shake downs every Thursday afternoon to look for contraband (alcohol, drugs, any other unapproved substances or items)
- Cigarettes can be purchased at the student store, but will be taxed heavily by the school - tax money will be used for maintenance and damages

Classes and Campus
- Follow your schedules and go to class, make social contact
- This is a closed campus, therefore students are not authorized to leave campus for any reason
- There is nothing in the surrounding town of any interest to students anyway, so there would be no point to sneak off campus. Seattle is over 1.5 hours away by car on the freeway and Belfair transit does not reach the city
- Be respectful of the guards, force will not be used unless necessary. This is not a prison, but they are necessary
- Vandalism will not be tolerated
- Students MUST wear their student ID cards at ALL TIMES, there will be penalties for not wearing a visible card
- Girls ARE NOT allowed to enter the boys' side of the dormitories, and boys ARE NOT allowed to enter the girls' side

- Student cards also act as meal cards, please use your student ID card to swipe for meals every day
- Breakfast is served from 6:30am - 7:45am, Lunch is from 12pm - 1pm, and Dinner is from 6pm - 9pm; the cafeteria will be open to sell snacks and salads between lunch and dinner
- Students are expected to act orderly and politely while in the cafeteria and clean up any mess left behind
09:19am 09/01/2008
  [info]northmason_mod has everything you need to get started and apply for enrollment. Applications are now being accepted, holds will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

North Mason Remedial High School is a last resort for many kids and many parents. In the United States of America, no one can deny that a high school education is vitally important to life. Those with it have a chance at subsisting. Those without are often left in the dredges to struggle just to survive every day.

Teenagers make mistakes. They make bad choices, and end up in even worse situations. That shouldn't be a death sentence. Young principal and Irish immigrant, Connor McMannus, has decided to take it upon himself to open a haven for these young people he thinks he can help. With the right guidance and support, encouragement and environment, he believes his students can graduate satisfactorily and enter the post-secondary world with confidence and enough skills to support themselves.

Located in the town of Belfair, Washington, a small town at the innermost waters of Hood Canal in the Kitsap Penninsula, North Mason RHS is a medium security closed campus situated on 11 acres of land at the edge of the main town. Belfair is approximately 1 hour traveling distance from state capital Seattle, Washington.

North Mason RHS invites and takes transfer applications from students all over the country who have been expelled from every school in their home district and/or spent time in a juvenile corrections facility. It is one of many experimental high schools for troubled teens. The curriculum has been designed to include basic high school education as well as salable vocational skills to provide a solid foundation for all graduates. Graduates are also encouraged to apply for post-secondary education.

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