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    Monday, July 19th, 2010
    9:19 pm
    Newbie alert!
    A young woman stumbles across the corridor. She seems rather groggy, walking unevenly, with a limp. One hand supported herself against the wall, as the other clutched her ribs.
    Disoriented, and not quite aware of what was going on, she stopped walking to lean back against the wall.

    "Wh... What happened? Where am I?"
    Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010
    3:30 pm
    [The Doctor is currently inside his TARDIS, sighing as he idly strokes the console, the machine making a soft humming noise, showing her approval. He's staring straight ahead, but nowhere in particular.]

    Don't worry, girl... I'll find a way out of here...

    [He sighs. Both his hearts ache. He's starting to miss his friends.]

    Whatever this place is, they can't keep us trapped for long. Alright, I'm going out for a bit. I'll be back.

    [He patted the console one more time, before slipping on his brown coat, before taking a stroll out of the door and down the hallway.]

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    12:01 pm
    He had been here a while now and it did not seem like this was just a passing dream or merely some illusion he was seeing at the end of his life. He wasn't so desperate as to cling to life after defeat, so this place was not a part of his own imagination. It was however interesting how a place could pull him from his death and give him back his existence as an Arrancar. It was obviously sentient to some point, which was a concern.

    He had no intentions of being a trapped pet, but according to the information he had gathered, it wasn't like he had much of a choice. He was stuck here, as was the other people he had met. So for now, he could only play along, wandering the halls quietly, not making any sound as he walked, drifting along gracefully in his more human form.

    He stopped though, when he sensed something familiar and turned to walk over to a door that he hadn't noticed earlier. He didn't hesitate, opening the door-- and then he blinked a few times. That familiar dark sky with only the crescent moon illuminating silver sands and dead trees scattered every here and there. No doubt it was just like Hueco Mundo.

    No hollows though. No Las Noches towering in the distance. "A replica, huh..."

    Regardless of if it was just a replica or not, Arrancar were originally Hollows, and Hollows were originally human spirits who simply lost themselves and thus they hungered and craved familiarity, and anything that could make the emptiness go away. It was the kind of creatures they were. So, Ulquiorra took a step inside, gaze fixed on the moon and the sky. It was strange. It was one of this place's tricks, but... It seemed so very real.

    Sunday, June 6th, 2010
    6:26 am
    The Doctor is in!
    (( I was originally going to post this after the conclusion to System Shock, but as that has been cancelled, I'll post it now.
    Feel free to bring in any characters that are sick, injured or just want to nose about in a clinic.))

    *Robert swooped and flitted about his clinic, laying out his instruments in a certain order, tweaking them now and then so that they looked neat and tidy, before covering them over.

    Done with that, he began arranging books on his shelves. Medical journals and anatomy books, some containing details on diseases, illnesses and species that most normal people wouldn't recognise.
    The Doctor, however, smiled to himself as he flipped through the pages of alien figures, some twisted with horrific deformities.

    Finally, as he finished organising his drugs cabinet, he turned to look back upon the room he had created, his face beaming with pride.*

    "A good, professional clinic. Just what this place needs."
    Thursday, June 3rd, 2010
    3:03 am
    Kurosaki Ichigo had never done as he had wanted him to, not even once. He had stubbornly held onto his sword even while being beaten, he had not felt despair, and he had not dealt the finishing blow even when he had told him to to finish the battle. But he supposed that was fine, as he had gotten to say farewell to the woman before turning to dust, and there had been a heart, and he could feel at least a little bit of human emotion and he had been ok with his life ending there and in that way. In a way, it had been ideal.

    However, what came unexpected, was waking back up in one piece, and still in his second resurrection form, in halls that reminded him of Las Noches, but couldn't possibly be so. He had died, and even something like the woman's powers couldn't bring him back to life. She had a remarkable power, but she wasn't that strong. It was just like how she couldn't bring Ichigo back to life. He had been too far gone, and so was he.

    Still, here he was, in an unfamiliar place, still alive. He looked down at his hand, which was still clenched into a fist, before opening it slowly. There was no heart visible to his eyes, he couldn't see it. But perhaps it was there anyway.

    Sighing, he began walking down the hall, making sure his large wings didn't bump against anything by keeping them close to his body. He needed to find out what was going on. He who had passed away as a human and as an arrancar wasn't supposed to exist any more.
    Saturday, May 22nd, 2010
    12:07 pm
    [There's an odd sound traveling across the hallways of the dressing room. If you walk around, you'll eventually see a giant, blue Police Box suddenly materialize out of thin air. It eventually turns completely visible, just standing there.]

    [After a minute or so, a man pokes his head out. The expression on his face is one of surprise and confusion.]

    What? ...What!?

    [He blinks chocolate brown eyes as he fully steps out. He has a heavy, brown coat on, and underneath it is a brown, pinstriped suit. On his feet are a pair of off white Chuck Taylor's. His hair is brunette and spiked all over the place, as well as having sideburns.]

    Where... Just where have you brought me, girl?

    [He turns around to look at his machine, of which he referred to as "girl."]

    TARDIS... where did you go off course?

    [TARDIS was the actual name of the ship.]

    I... suppose I'll have to look around. Strange.

    [He turns back around to head down the hallway.]

    ((have a Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who. this is screamy, btw. i'm considering just starting over everything and really only using the Doctor here.))

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    Monday, May 17th, 2010
    12:01 am
    I see the community is a bit dead, but I thought I'd say that I'd like to apologize for kind of disappearing. A lot of shit has been happening, and I haven't exactly been in the best of moods.

    Just thought I'd swing by to say hey.

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    Wednesday, April 14th, 2010
    6:35 am
    I was dead, but I got better.
    'Sometimes... It just feels like the whole world is against you...'
    [Nick thought to himself silently as he gazed into the mirror, carefully unwrapping bandages from around his chest.]
    '... Other times, it actually is.'

    [The man sighed softly as he carefully inspected his newly healed wounds. Ragged patches of light, smooth skin woven between patches of coarse hair, now serving only as a reminder of what he had survived. A small part of him wishes he hadn't. But in truth, he was just glad to be alive.

    He reached over to where his clothes were laid out for him. The once finely cut and tailored, obscenely expensive suit was now little more than hastily stitched together rags, and is still carried faint traces of the bloodstains. It had been his favourite, but now it was worthless.
    He wasn't happy about that.

    Again, he gazed back into the mirror.

    'Hmm... A shave, perhaps? ... Nah.'

    He shook his head, before running a hand through his hair and straightening his collar. Giving his appearance a final once over.
    He was unsure how long he's been recovering, or even how long he'd been travelling, but he was surprised to see the hickey mark on his neck still hadn't faded.

    Still, he shrugged, only half caring, as he made his way towards the door. Pausing only briefly as he passed the medicine cabinet.
    Taking a moment to check his surroundings, he quickly pocketed a few bottles of pills before finally leaving the room.
    It was time to explore this strange new place properly.

    He would probably get some food first. He was starving.
    But more importantly... He needed a damn drink.]
    Monday, April 5th, 2010
    1:05 pm
    [Ever since he was a kid, Prussia has been good at playing on his own.

    But here he's finding it very hard to do, spending his days wandering aimlessly and checking out rooms, getting into trouble every now and then but never so much that he can't get out of it. He is the awesome Prussia after all, and he never admits defeat and keeps fighting because that's what he was born to do. He's been fighting ever since he could stand on his own two feet.

    But still. Even fighting gets boring after a while and for the moment he only wants to play around with someone or drink and have a good time.]

    I'm fine with being on my own, damn it. I have a totally awesome time alone!!

    [It's the usual thing he says to convince himself. Honestly he misses being able to go out and drink with his brother. Regardless of the war, West always found time to at least talk to him like a good little brother should. .. He was so cute...]

    Damn it, West... Can't you come here too?

    [Talking to himself might be weird, but if anyone hears, he'll just say that he's talking to Gilbird who's in his hair as usual.

    At this rate, he would even be glad just to see Roderich. At least then he'd have someone to bother. Or Italy. He would be good too, he was so adorable.

    Antonio and Francis would be awesome to have around. The trio reunited and awesome in a setting where the war wasn't separating them. It would've been amazing.]


    [He can't even write chain letters or anything here. That would've been fun back home, just to piss the other nations off. Something like "those who read this will become pathetic"... But here, well, he doesn't really know anyone that well yet and he figures chain letters wouldn't be very popular here since there's weirder stuff going around.

    Sighing, the albino drinks from his beer and then sighs. He's been practically living in the bar lately, not like he drinks enough to get drunk though. Getting drunk alone is pathetic and more England's thing than his.]

    Damn it...
    Monday, March 15th, 2010
    5:26 pm
    [A boy appears in the Nexus. He only appears to be around 15.]


    [He blinks, his large, deep blue eyes widening in shock. What's going on here? Where is he? Was this another part of this fake place to test him? Axel had never mentioned anything like this before disappearing...]


    [Any wanderer to come by will probably look at the large item in his hand with confusion. It's a giant key. This wasn't exactly something you say everyday. Well, at least to people not of this boy's world... which was most likely everyone here.]

    ((come bother Roxas :3))

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    Sunday, March 14th, 2010
    2:24 pm

    I thought I'd add that my contact information has changed.

    EPIC SCREAMINGGlass of Glitter
    Friday, March 12th, 2010
    4:38 pm
    This is what being dead is like.
    [Lucian slowly opens his eyes. He doesn't feel the liquid silver clogging his veins anymore, and there is no burn in his chest from the silver bullets that Kraven shot him with.

    He is very sure that he can not be alive anymore. He already survived longer than he should have.

    Also, he is in a hallway that he has never seen before, just lying on the ground, and none of his men are around. Slowly, he gets on his feet. He looks down on himself. His shirt has bullet holes and is smeared with blood, and he is dirty as ever, but he feels healthy.]

    Afterlife is an office building? [He says it to himself as he starts walking. He finds himself thinking that all the religions apparently got it pretty wrong in their versions, if this is really heaven or, more appropriate for someone as him, hell. Then again, who could have guessed this?]

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    Friday, January 22nd, 2010
    7:03 am
    Things had not been awesome lately. Actually, things had pretty much started going downhill after World War 1. Needless to say, Prussia hadn't been at his most awesome for quite some time and he'd even refused to join West for dinner, preferring to retreat to his bedroom. Prussia never pulled back in a fight, he was there to win, but some things were just no longer in his awesome hands. West was managing on his own and he was being pushed down by West's leaders, so he was pretty much just there. His Leader... He was more like a puppet.

    The albino was sure Old Fritz was rolling over in his grave.

    So, instead of letting his mood drop further down, he had decided on getting some rest. But when he woke up, he found himself somewhere unfamiliar, and arched an eyebrow as he headed out from the room he had woken up in and into a hallway, looking around. A part of him was glad he hadn't bothered to remove his SS Panzer uniform before taking a nap, because wandering around in his pajamas would not have been awesome. A chirp behind him made him glance back, before he turned and grinned. Should've known that if there was someone who would never leave him, it was Gilbird.

    "Gilbird! Awesome!" He cheered, leaning down to pick the yellow fluffball up, holding the small bird in his hands. "Hey Gilbird, do you know where we are?" He asked, frowning a little when the bird simply chirped at him and tilted his head. "Mm. You have no idea either, huh?" He said, before putting the tiny creature on his head to let him nest in his hair.

    "Well... I guess it's time to explore then."
    Thursday, January 7th, 2010
    8:17 am
    Throwing a Nick in here, make of him what you will.
    [And in runs a man, in a panic, desperate to get... somewhere.
    His obscenely expensive suit is stained with blood and slime. The rifle clutched in his hand and a cut on his forehead showing signs of some kind of fight.
    And he's just running, frantically running. He needs to get away.
    Until he realises... This isn't the bridge.]

    Wait... What the hell? Did we make it? [He reaches a hand out towards the walls. This isn't where he was.] Guys, you there? [He calls back over his shoulder. No sign of anyone. No sign of the bridge.]

    Hey, where are you? ...The fuck is going on? Where's the fuckin'... Dammit!
    [He slams his fist against the wall.]
    We were almost out, we were going to make it. We were gonna survive.
    [He sighed, falling back against the wall, defeated.]
    Everybody's gone now... Everyone.

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    Tuesday, December 15th, 2009
    9:59 pm

    [As Octopus was randomly wandering the hallways, since she hadn't been out for awhile, she came upon a room. The door wasn't all the fancy, and it looked perfectly normal, but... but she felt some sort of odd.. "nostalgia" of this. It wasn't exactly a great feeling though, which was making her reconsider.

    But, of course, she stupidly wandered into the room.

    What a bad idea.]

    No... No!

    [There it was... the suit. The very suit that made her insane; the one that dragged on her killing nature, hidden deep inside under that faux smile. She didn't want to be in her. She wanted so bad just to run back out and nail the damn door down.

    But she found that she couldn't move. It was almost as if she was glued to that very spot.

    That is, until she found herself slowly stepping forward towards the pile of metal. She wanted to cry, she really did. She felt her eyes brimming up with the familiar water, but they refused to fall. Soon enough, she stood upon the spot, right next to it.

    She suddenly wanted to put it on.

    As she stared at for a few moments, she reached for it and soon enough... Octopus was back inside the tentacled suit of armor.]


    [She started to laugh, a menacing laugh unlike the real one she emitted usually. It was more sinister, more... beast-like. Her voice was melted with an angry, growling voice. One that would be thought to sound like a demon.]


    [She glided out of the room, grinning under the shapeless, faceless mask upon her face, like a maniac, although it went unseen.]

    ((Octopus has found her Beast Suit. Watch out, she'll try to kill you. Try not to get whacked by her tentacles. She'll be like this for awhile.))

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    Sunday, December 6th, 2009
    7:26 am
    ♫ Come on over... To Falcon's place! ♪
    ((ooc: I was originally planning this for later, but as the future of system shock is a little unclear, let's just pretend like that's all over, and Falcon will get on with whatever he does. Falcon would like to invite any of his buddies, Sander, Snake and Doc specifically, but everyone is welcome to come say hi.))

    [Falcon hasn't left his garage in days, not even to eat. His days are spent inside his cubicle room, working on or modifying his car, while the nights he spent asleep in the car itself.
    He didn't trust the world outside so much anymore, and has decded to stay somewhere he knows he's safe. As far as he's concerned, nothing can hurt him when he's inside Blue Falcon. That's his home, his space.

    Not that he wouldn't welcome someone he trusted into his garage space... He'd just not prefer to go outside looking for someone right now.]
    Thursday, December 3rd, 2009
    9:37 pm
    [Wolf has found a firing range.

    A very useful firing range.

    She didn't bother to put any protective gear on her ears as she aims for the various targets, and with a simple finger movement, shoots them all down in a graceful, fluid moment.]

    I've lost some of my touch. I must keep training.

    [She's mumbling to herself as she occasionally pops a diazepam into her mouth.]

    ((bother if you please.))

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    Sunday, November 29th, 2009
    11:08 am
    Kurt walked down the strange darkened hallway, moving cautiously looking around with suspicion and confusion. 'How did I end up here? I could have sworn that I teleported to the backyard for my birthday party' The young mutant had tried teleporting but to no avail, his watch wouldn't work either.

    "This place is majorly freaky man" he muttered softly his soft footsteps the only sound in the eerie hallway. Kurt had been looking forward to his eighteenth birthday now he was just looking for a way out of this hall.

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    Friday, November 27th, 2009
    8:26 am
    *Running through the corridor, a masked man darts out into the open, a sniper rifle held close to his chest. He is a shadow of a man. Slim, lithe and very fast.
    His sprint soon comes to a stop as he pauses to take in his surroundings.
    He was indoors, and the architecture was like nothing else he'd seen on Pandora. For one thing, the place looked well built.*

    "Hey! ... One of you guys hit the 'porter without checking on me?"

    *There was no reply. He looked over his shoulder, hoping to find his companions somewhere close behind, but he was greeted only with the blank walls of the endless hall. No companions, no persuers. Not even his faithful friend, Bloodwing.*



    "Ok, who the fuck took MAH BURD my bird!?"

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    Monday, November 2nd, 2009
    10:22 am
    *His eyes flickered open slowly. He felt so groggy. He didn't remember drinking so much last night. Maybe he had more than he expected.
    Rubbing his head, he slowly sat up... Or, maybe Ted kept loading his drinks.
    Either way, he had no idea where he was.*

    "Goddamn it..." *He groaned, his surroundings slowly coming into focus, presenting him with a blank, featureless hall. He slowly realised he had been asleep on the floor, the cold surface chilling his bare legs.*
    "The hell... What the hell kind of locker room is this?"

    *He grumbled, slowly getting to his feet. Had he been left behind? Or just dumped somewhere?
    Maybe it was some kind of prank. It seemed like something Ted and Randy would do.
    Standing up, he straightened his plain, black T-shirt and adjusted his trunks, glancing around the corridor.*

    "I'm gonna kill those two..."

    (ooc: It's Cody Rhodes! Be nice, wont you? =3)
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