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They Don't Bend Much (Femslash Ficathon)  
Title: They Don't Bend Much
Author: [info]amo_amas_amat
Fandom (pairing/characters): AWZ, Lena/Isabelle, Maximilian, Alexander
Rating: Mature? Twisted? Ridiculous?
Word Count: 1,225
Summary: Alexander's Barbies resemble Isabelle and Lena. His mother finds this disturbing.
Author's Note: Um, Barbie!fic. All my apologies. To explain, the combination of a Femslash Ficathon and a certain Scavanger Hunt requiring Monkeys to fall in love with Barbies ended in this. Put it this way, this is actually one of the less weird (and less public) things I've done with Barbies recently.
Beta'd by my lovely flatmate Sam because I have no shame. :D

Fic is here
31 December 2011 @ 11:19 am
Fanfic: It Changes You (Femslash Ficathon 2011)  
Title: It Changes You
Author: [info]geekchick1013
Pairings/Characters: Isabelle/Katja
Rating: PG
Word count: ~350
Summary: You start to realize how short and uncertain life is.
Warnings: Mentions That Thing Wot Never Happened.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
A/N:Writing this both because FICATHON YAY! but also in a desperate attempt to avoid my family during Christmas. Nothing like hiding in the bedroom writing femslash! This is unbetaed in the interest of time, so any mistakes are purely my own.

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07 December 2011 @ 10:00 pm
Icons: I Kissed A Girl  
Have some veeeery random ships for the AWZ femslash ficathon.

Celisa Julisa Threesome?

Follow the link for more femslash.
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07 December 2011 @ 02:40 pm
Spoilers: Episode 1346-1354 (Femslash Ficathon 2011)  
Title: Spoilers: Episode 1346-1354 (The Very Unlikely Romance Of Katja Bergmann and Isabelle Reichenbach)
Author: [info]aldiara
Fandom/Characters: Alles was zählt; Katja/Isabelle; hints of: *Franziska/Melanie; Sarah/Melanie; Bergmann sistercest* [highlight to read]
Spoilers: Through 1355-ish. (If you actually paid attention to official AWZ spoiler pics which I HOPE TO GOD YOU DON'T AND IF YOU DO, GOOD GRIEF, DO YOU NOT HAVE ANYTHING BETTER TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE?!)
Summary: Simone has a brandnew business idea. Katja and Isabelle go along with it, completely ignoring any feelings-you-might-feel.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to RTL, who haven't the first bleeding idea of what to do with them.
A/N: My first *yes I am planning MOAR, just gimme time* contribution to the AWZ femslash ficathon 2011. These are brandnew and totally authentic, not at all made up AWZ spoilers that will happen any moment now *CHIRP*. Don't you dare question my Very Authentic And Not At All Made-Up Official Spoiler Translations. Big thanks to my ever vital beta [info]lilithilien for her essential contributions :D WE OWN SHOW, DON'T YOU KNOW.

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