25 November 2015 @ 09:13 pm
Shhh - you see nothing here  
Title: All that's in the flesh
Author: [info]spaghettitoes
Fandom/Characters: Alles was zählt/In the Flesh – DeRo, DeRoMarc if you wanna see it
Word Count: 900
Rating: PG
Warnings: Aldi made me do it – consider yourself warned.
Summary: You thought CCS was the real story? Come-on, you know better than that. As if death could stop Roman Wild.
Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with either of these shows and this fic certainly isn’t going to change that.
Author's Notes: I purposefully didn’t look at dates from the shows because they won’t fit but *handwaves* The dates work out perfectly.

Consider yourself warned
16 February 2013 @ 06:25 pm
Fic: Wait  
Title: Wait
Author: [info]winterlover
Fandom/Characters: AWZ, Deniz/Roman/Marc
Word Count: 1.192
Rating: NC-17 (PWP with only a few issues)
Summary: “We didn’t expect you to come home tonight at all or we would have waited.”
Roman turns his face in his direction, showing him a provocative grin. “Well, probably we would have.” He snickers.
Warnings/Spoilers: none
Author's Notes: I don’t own any of those characters. They belong to RTL.
Thanks to [info]amo_amas_amat for being my beta and to [info]geekchick1013 for the cheering.

06 February 2012 @ 10:49 pm
Fic: Polaroids  
Title: Polaroids
Author: [info]winterlover
Fandom/Characters: AWZ, Deniz/Roman
Word Count: 893
Rating: G
Summary: Click! - “Uh, what’s that?” - “Polaroid camera.”
Warnings/Spoilers: none
Author's Notes: I don’t own any of those characters. They belong to RTL.
Thanks to [info]lilithilien for being my beta.
Please blame thank [info]momogermany for another outpouring of an angsty beach-scene. Her comment on my Polaroid-icons-post was my inspiration.

09 January 2012 @ 08:31 pm
Fanfic: Shaken, part 8 (conclusion)  
Title: Shaken, part 8 (CONCLUSION)
Author: [info]geekchick1013
Pairings/Characters: Deniz/Roman
Rating: PG-13
Word count: ~1300
Summary: Roman frets. Deniz wakes up.
Warnings: Angst, cheese, first fic in ages
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
A/N: So I randomly decided in November of 2011 to finish this thing up. In all honesty, it's been finished forever, but I never got around to getting the whole thing properly betaed and posted because I just didn't ok? But I HATE leaving things hanging, and to be honest I sort of still like this story even though it's really cliché and slightly embarrassing. From here on out it's self-betaed.

This was originally written during the time Roman was working in Plauen. That's the time period when it takes place. This part (8) hasn't been posted previously.


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And now for:
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