08 August 2011 @ 01:26 am
Fanfic: Don't Go Out in the Sun If You've Got a Pat of Butter On Your Head  
Title: Don't Go Out in the Sun If You've Got a Pat of Butter On Your Head
Author: [info]geekchick1013
Fandom/Characters: Deniz/Roman
Word Count: ~1300
Rating: R
Warning: Dark-Years angst, sexytiems
Summary: What a mess.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
A/N: I was watching the Dark Years recently, which led to thinky-thoughts (and yes, the desire to see what exactly was going on in Marian's bedroom before he burst in) and then along came filler fic. This takes place smack in the middle of 452. I think this storyline might be one of my favorites from Roman's perspective, because who hasn't done stupid or immoral things in a desperate attempt to get or keep a certain someone's attention? Oodles of thanks and love to [info]notoriouslyuniq for her usual wonderful beta job. <3333333

'Party at my place?' 'Party at your place.'
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02 August 2011 @ 10:37 pm
Give Me The Groove Baby  
Title: When You Were Young, Part 1: “Give me the Groove Baby”
Characters: Marian, Veronika
Rating: M
Summary: 18yr old Marian Ozturk, in gold chains and a tracksuit, tries to pick up Veronika in a bar.
Warnings: gold chains, tracksuits, macho Turk, bad pick-up lines.
Author's Notes: I can't even begin to explain what gave me this idea.
Word count: 519 words
Disclaimer: RTL owns AWZ, the characters, and the title.

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02 May 2011 @ 06:38 pm
Title: The Blonde Corpse
Characters: Lars PoV, Stella
Rating: M
Summary: Stella is a dud root, and Lars is at his wits end.
Warnings: Stella (as if to ensure that no-one will read this...); Stella hate; mentions of Stella having “sex”; STELLA! Also, death, morbidity.
Author's Notes: I’ve been watching the older vid’s since the new storylines are so shit, and Stella is pissing me off more than ever. Somehow, this emerged.
Word count: 221 words.
Disclaimer: RTL owns AWZ and everything associated with it.

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26 April 2011 @ 12:48 pm
Title: Go With God, But Not Without A Condom
Characters: Roman, Deniz
Rating: M
Summary: Roman: “We spend more on condoms than we do on food!”
DeRo are budgeting. Crack.
Warnings: Unflaggingly perky nipples. Sexual references.
Author's Notes: Just something I typed up on my phone in between patients.
(I don’t have a deskjob so thank fuck for smartphones: I was able to send this to my beta, who sent it back in record time and voila!)
Word count: 148 words (this is the closest I’ll ever get to a drabble).
Disclaimer: RTL owns AWZ, the characters, and the title too. All I own are my (weird) ideas.

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