09 November 2011 @ 07:02 am
.never make a sound.
[nina/vanessa. pg. 2429 words + 13 songs]
notes; bc we need more femslash in this fandom. HINT HINT HINT. also, for aldi because it was her birthday the other week and i missed it :c SORRY BB ILU, hope you had a great day <3333333333333333
warnings; none. except my use of 2nd person lololol.
summary; It was awkward, and clumsy, and real. At least until the lights came on again. Then it was a finger held to flushed lips. A secret you don't tell.
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12 October 2010 @ 08:48 am
Jennifer Steinkamp | a fanmix  

So I have free music for you. A little bit of sadness Jenny style!

Come and get it over at my Journal!

12 August 2010 @ 09:36 pm
DeRo 3.0 Fanmix  
Hullo folks

I’ve been messing with this for a while/fecking ages. I tend to fail at Fandom in so much as I don’t have the ability to write fanfic, or make icons or videos worth inflicting on the world. I do, however, appear to have a muse which has decided to manifest itself musically. I shall therefore take other people’s awesomeness and manipulate it to fit Show and the DeRo 3.0 storyline. If I don’t post this now I will continue to screw around with it and drive myself insane.

It’s semi-chronological. Eh, and even if the songs don’t fit the storyline – at least there’s free music, right?

There is (rubbish) cover art ‘cause I’m possibly x-posting to LJ Fanmix. Feel free to mock my PSP-fail.

(Mods, if I've done this wrong please let me know - this is the first time I've posted anything!)

Medium: Television
Fandom: AWZ
Subject: DeRo 3.0
Title: We’ll Fall Just like Stars Being Hung by Only String
Warnings: No Spoilers. Minor conjecture/projection at the end. Mostly quiet woobie music. Bring vodka & tissues.
Notes: Featuring songs by William Fitzsimmons, Elliott Smith, Tom McRae, Camera Obscura, Glen Hansard & more.


Lyrics & Download
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