paraka ([info]paraka) wrote in [info]no7_awz on August 3rd, 2010 at 04:34 pm
Well, I hope you enjoy In From the Cold. The group will probably get together again for this year's Podbang.

Even if it was recorded at the same time, it still would take some coordination.
I actually live with the people that did In From the Cold with me and we've talked more than once about doing a podfic where we actually play the part of a character and say all their lines while someone else narrates but it's hard to find fics that could be read that way.

There was talk of doing a podvideo to script fanfic though....

I never realized how large the creative output was for Supernatural & SG:A. I think I expected Harry Potter to dominate. I stand corrected.
Heh, the size of a podfic fandom isn't really related to the size of the fandom at all. SGA practically made podfic. I mean, podfic has existed for a long time but SGA made it popular</a>. Most of the big names in podfic got their start there (that's where I got my start) and a lot of the SGA people crossed over into the SPN fandom. Harry Potter does have podfic, but yeah, it's still considered a "rare" fandom for amplificathon :P
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