02 August 2010 @ 01:53 am

Title: Changes
Author: [info]giorgiakerr
AWZ, Richard/Roman
Word Count: ~1200 (i.e. Waaaay longer than it was supposed to be.)
Rating: Erm... well, it's not porn, and I don't mention genitals by name, so... PG? Oh, everyone here reads porn, anyway, it's not like anyone's going to be scandalised by my writing. :P
Summary: It made him feel slightly dirty, slightly perverted, like a predator stalking innocent pray. Only Roman wasn’t innocent.
Disclaimer: After a story like this? There's a good reason I don't own anything but school books and a faded pair of Converse with holes in the heels and broken laces.
A/N: Uh. Not much to say, actually. Except that two men straddling the same torpedo looks far more amusing and dirty than it should. (No, this doesn't actually have anything to do with the story - there just happens to be an old B&W war film on TV. And where the hell did the word "Leftenant" come from? NOTE TO THE ARMED FORCES OF THE WORLD: THIS IS NOT A WORD). In relation to the story, I think I made Roman seem like a bit of a slut. Oops. *is totally unremorseful* Also, I'm not entirely sure what I've done emotionally in this story, because there was never really supposed to be emotion in the first place. It just kind of ended up there of its own accord. Stupid emotion.

I will never get over how easy Richard/Roman is to imagine...

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