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a reunion of sorts [April 29 2009 / 10:45pm]

Who: Mady and Ian
Where: Garden View Clinic
When: Wednesday, closing time
What: Mady pays an unexpected visit to an old friend

It had been awhile... )

[April 25 2009 / 01:13pm]

WHO: Hideki Kunikuda and Gendo Hayashi
WHERE: Hideki's Apartment
WHEN: Saturday Afternoon
WHAT: Gendo comes to check in on Hideki after the events of last week.

Plus, they probably had a few things that could bear discussing over lunch; if nothing else, a bit of celebration over the fact that one way or another, they had managed a pretty amazing hit and with, it presently seemed 100% success. )

Ethan is on the prowl [April 25 2009 / 12:46am]

WHO: Ethan Yamazaki and Dan
WHERE: The Black Swan
WHEN: Saturday, about 8 o'clock at night
WHAT: Ethan wants to find out more about the underworld on a possible journalism project and decided a host club is the best place to start.
RATING: PG-13 for host clubness.
STATUS: Incomplete

First pose under the cut )

Text Message to Hideki Kunikuda [April 24 2009 / 11:02am]


To: Hideki Kunikuda
From: Gendo Hayashi

How's the scratch?

[April 19 2009 / 08:41pm]
Who: Keichi and Dan
What:Kei has an itch, and visits a host club.
Where: The Black Swan
When: Sunday, April 19th, evening
Rating: Out on a limb and say close to X
Warnings: C'mon, it's a host club. Think on this kids. X3

That one over there looks good to me. Screw the menu. I'll take him. )

[April 19 2009 / 02:35pm]
Who: Hikaru and Keichi
When: The day after the Festival
Where: The Sushi Bar!
Rating: PG-13 at Most
Status: Incomplete

With a growling stomach and no coffee, this made for a grumpy Keichi. )

just so you know, some secrets were meant to be told; [April 16 2009 / 07:27pm]

Who: Everyone.
What: Festival celebrating the founding of New Alexandria.
When: Saturday, April 18th. From 1 pm to 2 pm, the parade will be showing. Right after that, the festival will begin, but the majority of it will happen at night.
Where: Parade and festival will be held along the central part of the Uptown district.
Warnings: tba.

i found the cure to growing older--and you're the only place that feels like home )

oo3. how to. [April 16 2009 / 03:15pm]

Who; Dan and one of Scarlet’s “honored guests.”
What; An attempt at infiltration goes terribly right, and how to end a life (with some plot points thrown in for good measure). Narration.
When; Wednesday, April 14th. Around 9:30 PM.
Where; The Roof Garden, V.I.P. Jazz Room.
Warnings; Unglorified death, language, allusions to sex/uality.

the best best best plans of both mice and men can go terribly wrong (and probably will). )

Mady is bored. [April 08 2009 / 10:34pm]

Who: Mady and OPEN
Where: Portofino, Uptown
When: April 8
What: Mady is working.

This particular day, business was dragging and Mady had already rearranged to jewelry display three times... )

Open Thread! [April 06 2009 / 08:29am]

[ mood | bored ]

WHO: Hikaru Mifune and OPEN
WHERE: Yamazaki Restaurant in Uptown
WHEN: Monday eveningish
WHAT: Hikaru is working on the sushi bar. Come watch him cut fish and make it look pretty or just come for the silly conversation he will no doubt administer.

Pose under the cut )

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