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    Thursday, January 5th, 2012
    8:48 pm
    Members list.
    Meet the inmates of this crazy asylum

    Constantly under construction.


    Captain Falcon


    RED Sniper
    RED Medic
    7:26 pm
    * To join, fill out the application form and reply in the application thread.

    * Character journals only. No 'real person' journals. This is a dressing room for characters, after all.

    * Established characters from published works only. No webcomics, flash animations or fanfictions. Reasonable AU's are permitted. No OC's. No genderswaps either (unless there is a genderswap event in the DRRPG itself).

    * There is no limit to how many characters you can play overall, however, you can play no more than 3 characters per fandom.

    * Mature roleplaying only please. We have no problems with comedy roleplay, but there is a difference between comedy and crack. Interactions that have you constantly being unnecessarily rude, vulgar and sexual (for example, LOLDRUNKTXTIT) roleplaying should be kept at a complete minimum.

    * Got a problem with character X? PM the character. Work problems out with the player.

    * Pretty much everything is permitted here, we are a mature RP after all. However, the only things we will NOT accept are paedophilia and incest. All other kinks, including rape, violence and gore are fine, so long as they are tagged and cut.

    * Stay in character to the best of your ability (although making OOC comments is ok if you make it clear its OOC). If you have any doubts about your IC-ness, ask for advice.

    * If anyone asks for advice, be polite and helpful, do NOT be mean and offensive.

    * If someone wants to do X with your character (rape, for instance), and you don't want it to happen, don't get offended. Simply say you'd rather not (and be direct about it!). Simple!

    * Sex is great. Romantic, exhalted sex is awesome. Terribly written sex between people that should never be having sex is ok too! Just please make sure any objectionable content is marked on the thread, and placed under a cut if necessary.

    * The "Human Lego Theorem": Unless explicitly stated otherwise in the canon, all characters are potentially bisexual. Of course they can be like 99% one way or the other, but "he's too manly to be gay!" will not be accepted!

    * Please tag your threads with the usernames of those involved, and any trigger warnings it might contain (eg. Smut, rape, gore...)

    * AU's are permitted in a sense, but only in ways that slightly divert, or encompass different canons. For example, perhaps there is a character who appears in a videogame, a manga and an anime, and they are slightly different in each canon. You are allowed to pick and choose which elements of the characters apply, so long as you make it clear, and you don't change the character completely.

    * If you want to start a three-way in the middle of a thread, please ask, and be mindful of both players. If you only intend to do a one-on-one, please resond to the first post of the character you wish to play with. By all means, cross threads and talk to players who aren't the OP, just be considerate when you do.
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