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[12/21/17 @ 1p]


DECEMBER 21, 2017
Written By: Lucas Washington

Six people are dead following the crash of a private aircraft Wednesday evening.

The plane, a Cessna Denali, crashed into the Atlantic Ocean at approximately 5pm. The aircraft was registered to Richard Mattinson, who was flying from Washington D.C. to Montreal for the holidays. Four adults and two children were aboard, a representative from the Boston Police Department said. There are no survivors.

The aircraft had just passed all state and national safety checks, and was up to date on inspection. Witnesses to the crash state that it did not look like an equipment failure.

"It was just after five when it went down," stated Lynn Morgan, who was working at the Boston Harbor Marina at the time of the crash. "There was no smoke or fire or anything. All of a sudden, it just pitched straight down into the water."

The National Transportation Safety Board and Federal Aviation Administration will investigate, as the U.S. Coast Guard works to recover the bodies and get to the crash site to begin its own investigation. The Coast Guard states that recovery attempts have been delayed because of the record-breaking storm that hit Boston this week.

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backdated to this morning! [10/29/17 @ 7p]


TITLE OF ARTICLE Boston Reeling from Havok
DATE OF ARTICLE October 29th, 2017
Written By: Laura Palmer
BOSTON, MA - The Greater Boston area is currently still reeling from an odd series of events from Saturday, October 28th, 2017.

The Boston Police Department has been flooded with various conflicting reports since 12:30 PM regarding reports of chaos. Many of the reports have described a red haired woman declaring herself to be a "savior" being at the center of this. Other reports were conflicting, placing the same woman in multiple locations. At the moment, her identity and the role she ultimately played in the enusing chaos in downtown Boston have been unconfirmed. What has been confirmed is that starting around 1:15 PM, a series of major disruptions and accidents occurred downtown. Some witnesses stated that they saw vehicles being lifted from the pavement, and arcs of fire in the sky, reminiscent of a similar incident in August. While there were first responders on the scene, by the time the incident cleared up later that evening, many people are still left wondering about what they witnessed.

Most first hand accounts have so far described two red haired women, seemingly fighting in mid air. While still largely unconfirmed, social media currently has been flooded with conflicting footage of the damage done to the greater Boston area. The Boston Police Department is looking for anyone who has verified footage, and has cautioned that what is found so far online, could have been manipulated.

The incident left many people injured and has left commute in certain areas hazardous. Commuters have been cautioned to take alternative routes, and the BPD is currently looking for any verifiable tips. Further updates are forthcoming.

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in the Tuesday morning paper/online [04/18/17 @ 10p]


April 18, 2017
Written By: Lana Langston

Nearly a dozen small to mid-sized jewelers around the Metro Boston area have reported missing loose gemstones over the last 72 hours. All the stones were either replaced with fakes or flat out taken. There does not seem to be any sign of forced entry and no large or unique pieces were taken, but the gemstones taken were all of high quality, many of them considered 'fancy' due to their unique coloring.

Adreena Barmakian, co-owner and purchaser at Barmakian Jewelers of Boston explained, "Most gemstones purchased by our and other larger firms are certified and serialized by all the major certification organizations, especially the Gemological Institute of America, or GIA. This tends to make stolen gems more difficult to sell on the black market, especially with the serial number. Many smaller firms also sell certified gems but they don't always have a serial number, especially if they are dealing with estate pieces or heirloom stones."

The Boston Police Department is running an investigation, looking through the records of all the jewelers to see if there is any connection between the stores that were targeted. Since there were no alarms tripped or signs of forced entry, the focus is on current and past employees of all stores or an employee of a security firm as a start. However, the police are still looking for information.

If anyone has any information that may help local police officials with their investigation, you are asked to please call the Boston Police Department's tip line at 1-800-494-TIPS or to text the word TIP to CRIME (27463) from your mobile device.

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[02/04/17 @ 9p]


February 4th, 2017
Written By: Lana Langston

What started as a missing person report has now turned into a kidnapping and assault investigation.

When Kesia Harrow called the D-4 Precinct Headquarters it was to report Boston Financial hedgefund manager Richard Henderson missing. Henderson, 54, of Back Bay, was supposed to meet Harrow for dinner Wednesday evening but never arrived. He also did not appear for work at Boston Financial the next morning.

Henderson is no stranger to scandal. In 2015, he was embroiled in a bitter divorce battle with former wife Amanda Bradlee fueled by Bradlee's evidence of Henderson's extensive after-hours activities, submitting hours of surveillance footage and pictures of trysts in various clubs and restaurants all over Boston. Boston Financial was also dragged into the fray when it was suspected that Henderson had been using his expense accounts to fund his excessive partying, a charge later discounted after rigorous internal investigation by the firm.

Early Saturday morning, Henderson was found badly injured in the Tufts Medical Center emergency room. The businessman was suffering from several broken ribs, facial contusions and a broken right wrist. Witnesses say that Henderson was brought to the ER by a white male, tall with dark hair. Surveillance footage from the ER security cameras only have a shot of the man from behind.

Police are investigating without the cooperation of Henderson, who insists that he was mugged. He was not missing his wallet or other identification. Police urge anyone who was at the Tufts ER in the early hours of Saturday morning with information to call the Boston Police Department's tip line at 1-800-494-TIPS or to text the word TIP to CRIME (27463) from their mobile device.

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