♥ Wonderful NEWS ♥

The finest model in luxury boy bands

.::NEWS of Johnny's Entertainment::.

Assembled in September of 2003 and officially debuting in May of 2004, NEWS currently consists of six of its original nine members.

In spite of members leaving and being suspended, numerous side projects including dramas and new bands, and Yamapi's apparent desire to never ever sleep, NEWS continues to put out great music and put on amazing shows today.

But, while we wait for the next single, photo spread or dorama to come out, we can at least amuse ourselves by obsessing over everything NEWS. ♥


March 27th, 2008

Yes, we're OPEN!

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Hello and welcome to news_obsessed, the NEWS asylum @ IJ! If you’re a fan of the Japanese boy band NEWS, you're in the right place.

I guess I'm the mod around here. Akira SHOCK. O.o I'd like for this to be a place for fans to share their love of NEWS and its members, so if you have news, clips, information, pictures, fanfics, icons, discussion ideas, WHATEVER, please share them here!

I do ask that you read the rules in the userinfo; there aren't many and they're all pretty much common sense anyway, but please give them a once-over.

There's still a lot of setup to get done and suddenly I have so much less time to do it all, but I'll plug away at it. Please be patient with me. >.>

Mm, other than that... douzo. ;D
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