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February 20th, 2019

Animes watched

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Strike The blood #13 - #19:

It was eve of Halloween and kojou with others went to fetch his childhood playmate - yuuma who turned out to be a girl. Sayaka was trying to escort the princess to take her flight back to her country but failed as there was some warp within the country as many people were accidentally teleported to different places as intended each time. Kojou's teacher- natsuki who was witch of void also went missing. That evening, two witches from the library attacked the army at a location. That night, yuuma swapped her physical body with the unsuspected kojou as she used his powerful magic to summon the legendary prison with support from the two rampaging witches. Kojou in yuuma's physical body got help from yukina and others to stop yuuma who was in kojou's physical body. Valter interfered as he wanted challenge from the escape inmates from the prison. The princess and sayaka artived to aid yukina and kojou. Yuuma told kojou that she was a clone of a witch who was imprisoned there. With help from yukina, kojou defeated yuuma who plotted to kill real form of natsuki who was the gate master of the prison. Kojou got his physical self back. Yuuma gave up her mission and the two rouge witches were arrested. When they thought it was over, yuuma's creator - aya stabbed natsuki and yuuma using yuuma's spiritual guardian. Natsuki went missing in the chaos as some prisoners escaped but still chained. Aya lied to them to kill natsuki who lost her memory.

Kojou, yukina and sayaka brought yuuma to be treated by kojou's mum. Asagi after her server sustem work, found natsuki who mistook her for her mum. They were both pursued by the escaped inmates. Astarte and kojou caught up with them to protect them. Valter offered shelter to kojou, asagi and natsuki so he could fight the pursuing inmates. Yukina and sayaka caught up to fight other inmate. Aya caught up with them after the fight and kidnapped yukina and natsuki. The whole city magic was nulled by aya's plan. Sayaka brought the injured kojou back to his mum's place. Yuuma gave kojou her blood so he could break from aya's plan. He, sayaka and yuuma reached aya's place and released yukina and natsuki. Kojou and yukina defeated aya. Natsuki who had regained her power, pulled yuuma's spiritual guardian from aya back to yuuma. Aya was dragged back to prison. Yuuma as well as the city regained normal life. The princess also returned back to her country finally after the chaos.

February 17th, 2019

Animes watched

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fukigen na mononokean tsuzuki #07:

After abeno and ashiya returned from their school trip, the legislator met them to give ashiya a quiz to choose a winning box so ashiya would be allowed to go underworld again. Ashiya won but abeno would not be going underworld anymore.

A youkai was found wondering a temple and she asked ashiya and abeno to make her look human to participate a festival.

grimms notes the animation #06:

Ex was being dragged by 7 dwarves to give snow white a wake up kiss from her curse. As the poison failed to work within time frame, snow white did not hate her step mother who used to be previous snow white and wanted to continue living with her step mother without changing the book of fate too much. Ex and others parted ways with her.

gyakuten saiban no shinjitsu igi ari season 2 #17:

Naruhoto and hanami accompanied mayoi to a temple for her training. There, they met the training nun - bikini, a celebrity picture artist, yahari and a nun - ayume who resembled the girl who framed naruhono during his schooling day 5 years ago. That night, the celebrity artist was found dead and mayoi was trapped in her training hut across the burnt bridge. Naruhodo tried to get to mayoi but fell off the collapsed bridge and landed in hospital. Ayume was arrested for the artist's death. Naruhodo asked reiji to defend for ayume in court. Ayume confessed to reiji that she was the one who framed naruhodo 5 years ago. Reiji agreed to defend her.

one piece #873:

With help from gemma 66, sanji succeeded bringing luffy back to sunny ship.

yakusoku no Neverland #06:

A younger child - phil entered the room and had accidentally frightened don and gilda who were trying to check mom's secret room. Don later stole mom's key and with Gila, they discovered the previous children's toys in the secret room. Knowing this, Emma, ray and Norma came clean and told them everything. Later, while ray tried to stall mom, Emma, norma, don and Gila tried to cross the fence to check the forest but were discovered by mom's assistant.

February 16th, 2019

Animes watched

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gyukuten saiban sono shinjitsu igi ari season 2 #14 - #16:

Mayoi's cousin broke the big seashell that mayoi had given her. Knowing it held a lot of memories, she asked naruhodo to the seaside where mayoi performed annual ritual. Mayoi solved mystery of origin of seashell by taking naruhodo to a ramen shop. They offered the new seashell but mayoi's cousin preferred the old broken one.

Flashback of past, mayoi's late elder sister - chihiro took on a first case to help a man on death row. She faced off the then new lawyer - reiji. The real murderer of female cop was found to be her supposed dead sister but the man poisoned himself before she was ro be brought to justice. The girl later framed the then teenage naruhodo in chihiro's next case.

karakuri circus #15 - #17:

Masaru returned to his old mansion and learned truth that his late father wanted to transfer his own memory and soul into masaru. Assassins arrived wanting to kill masaru, mistaking his late father had already possessed masaru. He activated the puppets his father had left for him and went after them after he defeated them and was led to his grandfather whom he thought was dead. Also mistaking masaru's father already possessed masaru, his grandfather forced him to drink his blood containing his memory. Masaru saw his grandfather- shoji's past when he first met bai yin, became his medical student and learned art of making puppets. Shinji met angeline who was Lucille's daughter one day and married her. Back to present time, shoji told masaru that his late father was not his real child and his real child was eleanor or shirogane whom masaru had known. Guy came with intention to kill masaru who was mistaken to be possessed by his late father. Masaru saw shoji's memory and saw guy had visited angeline wanting to use her unborn child as soft stone vessel. In the end, he ended up teaming with franche puppet to help angeline delivery her daughter.

tensei shitara slime datta Ken #18 - #19:

A demon lord's subordinate - phobia was pissed with miliam for humiliating him and teo clowns - tear and footman made use of his anger and made him a vessel to possess a monster. Mistaking it for targeting him, rimuru and his followers faced off the monster. After knowing the source of anger, rimuru let miliam took phobia out and destroyed the monster. Phobia's master offered agreement not to attack rimuru's village.

February 14th, 2019

Animes watched

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boruto naruto next generation #93:

Despite exhaustion, naruto brought himawari all over konoha to find the famous kurama toy. Even though he failed to find it, himawari was happy with the time spent with her father.

dororo #05 - #06:

Hyakkimaru was weakened by the sudden regain of sense of hearing and was lured to a girl - mio due to her singing. Mio who was living with war orphans took hyakkimaru and dororo as well as the accompanying old man in. Dororo discovered mio made a living by prostitution. The old man found a fertile land which was occupied by a demon. Hyakkimaru went to fight the monster and lost a leg. In his home village, for short while, there was rain until hyakkimaru regained his leg by killing the demon. While the old man was away finding other path and dororo away to find hyakkimaru, the soldiers who mistook mio as spy, followed and killed her with the other orphan children. Witnessing her death, hykkimaru went wild with rage and massacred the soldiers. Dororo stopped him from killing the last soldier, fearing he would turn into a monster. Hykkimaru who regained his voice, hugged mio's corpse and called her name. He and dororo left the village after burying the dead children and mio.

fukigen na mononokean tsuzuki #06:

Ashiya who was still traumatised by his earlier meeting with the executive had difficulty detecting youkai. Obeno engaged the fox youkai to train ashiya through game of tag. The fox youkai accidentally forced ashiya used the suppression ability and obeno had to kick ashiya to save the fox youkai. The training resumed until ashiya managed to relax and regained his sense to detect youkai.

grimms notes the animation #05:

Ex and others found and were being tricked by ex pirate silver in finding the boy with treasure map and they were all trapped as silver was found to be the chaos teller. Tao stopped silver and Reina tuned the story back to normal. Other place, Loki told a girl of Reina and Ex.

kakegurui #03 - #05:

Mirai and Mia challenged yumeko and susui to card gambling game but yumeko was poisoned before game started. Susui was ordered to find a player with high points. Mary who won points from vice council president aided susui to save yumeko. With trust from susui, Mary won the game and yumeko received the antidote to recover from poison.

A Hollywood Japanese star went to school to challenge yumeko and the student idol insisted joining force with yumeko against the star in gambling of points via singing competition. The star got more than 90% of the points easily.

one piece #872:

Pekom sacrificed himself in his sulong mode to let sanji take luffy away to safety. Meanwhile, sunny ship was sandwiched between two sides of enemy ships. When the enemy was about to attack sanji and luffy, Gemma 66 arrived to fight the enemies and protecting sanji and luffy.

February 10th, 2019

Animes watched

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One piece #870-#871:

Luffy revealed his new form - snake man and defeated katakuri. Pekom grabbed brulee to aid luffy getting out from mirror world. Sanji and pudding sneaked into cocoa island where an army was preparing to face off luffy's arrival. Nami and others were also on their way to cocoa island while bege and others lured big mom to fluffy island.

Radiant #16 - #19:

Seth found doc who turned into baby and made melie who mistook doc for dead felt relieved. He was shot by nemesis charmer's attack and saw a man who looked like older him in his mind. He returned to real world and went into common understanding with the nemesis charmer who finally stopped her attack. Just then the inquisitor main officers arrived to arrest seth. When the nemesis charmer was stabbed to death as she sacrificed herself for seth and others to escape, seth went into rage and his power out of control. The inquisitor leader who had stabbed the nemesis charmer injured seth who fell from height. Melie and Grimm saved him in time. The majesty sent a train to get them out of rumbling town after Grimm freed people he had saved from his magic coffin.

In the sorcerer town, seth was hailed a hero and invited to castle party but he was still upset over how other sorcerers felt of the nemesis charmer. He went to visit the nemesis they had protected under the charmer's request and met alma who showed him how he had improved other people's life with his acts. Knowing this, seth regained his cheerful self.

Yakusoku no Neverland #04-#05:
While training the other children, norman, Emma and ray revealed part of truth to two other children - gilda and don. Norman laid trap and confronted ray who was discovered to be mom's informant. Knowing ray was still their ally, they kept mom at bay while working out escape plan. Emma told them of the secret room in mom's room. Despite warning, don and gilda went to explore as someone entered mom's room.
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