Heya Newbie Dudiez n' Newbie Dudetteez! Ol' NC Pharts too!

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Heya Newbie Dudiez n' Newbie Dudetteez! Ol' NC Pharts too!

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Greetings & salutations, fellow maniacs of IJ & this community. I joined up a couple-few weeks ago but haven't made a peep until now. Might be shyness, might just be caution, might be laziness - who knows? Could be all of the above & prob'ly is! >:D

But i figgered its time to make my presence known here too after seeing you last 2 newbies using YOUR spines of iron to introduce yourselves, & Im no shrinking violet by ANY eans, so - what da hell?

im an odd yet delightful blend of sweet, brash, kind & crass. I vow to irritate, inflame, arouse, intrigue & baffle you consistently & without fail. I will do all in my power to keep you alert, confused, mentally-tweaked & subconsciously fine-tuned.


I have spent over half a century in my chosen area of expertise excreting untold gallons of blood, sweat, piss, shee-ite & tears undergoing my craft's brutal educational processes to become the keen & fear-free, blatant advisor that the decades have forged me into.

I shoot from the hip & I make no apologies for my gut-wrenching honesty.

My points of view & personal philosophies have stemmed directly from my hard-won & cruelly-gleaned experiences down through the long, arduous years.

I'm real, true, shameless, but I am also caring, compassionate, understanding, insightful & willing to help guide a meandering, tentatively-afflicted fellow soul along his or her own difficult journey toward eventual spiritual maturity & fulfillment.

Now - All *I* need is help, advice & guidance at figuring out all this bewildering technical crap I need to know in order to get my stuff working & right in IJ here.

Like - how do I get my journal into the search engines? Where IS everybody in IJ so I can get people on board? How do I GET people on board & subscribing?

Is IJ really active with bloggers & members or am I pretty much alone out here?

HEP me! HEP me!
  • Welcome to IJ!
    If you're looking for friends, try the [info]addme asylum! :)
  • This post is amazing, just wanted to say that. I'm new too, so I'm of zero practical help.
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