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totally not new to ij but I feel it. lol

my name is amanda and i've been on a intermittent hiatus from the site. i'm 21 years old and enjoy life. i'm in a loving relationship with a guy who loves me more than I can say.

i work at a hospital as an underling to CNAs and am taking a break from school. i'm going through my anxiety stuff so I realized maybe writing would help me again.

i play MMOs like world of warcraft & i also enjoy moba games, my favorite being league of legends. i love reading and will read pretty much anything so suggestions are welcome. i enjoy my tv mostly due to my anxiety and even though i don't have cable or anything. supernatural, charmed, and rosario+vampire are some of my favorites.

umm...if you have any questions ask I'll be glad to answer and let me know if you added me so I can add you back.
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