Pathetic, desperate plea for attention

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Pathetic, desperate plea for attention

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Since passive aggressive suicide threats probably wont work on you guys, I guess I have no choice but to appeal to you with my sparkling wit and scintillating personality. yeah, I'm doomed. So anyways. Salutations fellow Insane-Journalists! Life long forum lurker and blogger of questionable taste and skill speaking, and I hope to find some new victims kindred spirits, and some fellow dabblers in the art of writing to join in my ill-advised fiction challenges, memes, and half-baked prose perpetuation schemes. Warning: I am, in fact, the blogging equivalent of  Edward Cullen, the 111 year old virgin. I have never before embarked on any kind of communal writing projects or challenges, and as often as I have read them, I have no idea how to run, participate, or properly format them. So, basically, please, please, pretty please with maple glaze, help? Where my own words fail me, let David Tennant be my voice.

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Affectionately, Manakel.
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