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OOC: Need to reach Han [July 22, 2008]

Jason could you post you e-mail address, or send me an email at I need to reach you ASAP

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OOC: Private vs. Public Posts! [July 20, 2008]

Hey all! If you want to open up one of your personal posts to the public, could you please label it with the word Public in the title? It would help a great deal for other players!

Thank you all for joining and playing so far. It's awesome!


Longest Days.... [July 19, 2008]

[ mood | tired ]

It is a loathesome time.

The ever penetrating light finding its way into even the darkest holds. There is only one escape, to sleep, and sleep I will. And there in my dreams I will find solace, I will find the blackness that only deepest sleep can find.

When I rise from my sheltered void again one thing will be certain... for at least a year there will be a little less light in this world.


OOC: A quick note... [July 15, 2008]

You may have noticed that IJ seems a bit funky.

You can go here and go to change your view settings and select "New Tweak" to change it back to normal, if you like.



Updates! Questions? Comments? [July 08, 2008]

Hey all, I made some updates to the community, including making a character page and adding a layout and info to the profile page.

We have nine total members now, so there should be plenty of opportunities for scenes!

Any questions? Comments?

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The First OOC Post - A Must Read! [June 24, 2008]

A few notes before you start RP...

Please do not RP any scenes on this message board that would require prior ST approval. If you want to socialize, cut deals, and have parties, great! However, if you want to blow up Incendius' club, stalk a Slayer or attack the Dwarf's cohorts, you really need to speak to the STs about that. I'm not an ST, I'm just a moderator.

If you really want to be sneaky and keep a scene secret and you wish to lock a post, feel free! Please make it so that the STs can read your scene if necessary by including them on your friends-lock.

When you start a conversation or scene, please include the following info at the top of your post:

Open to:

That way you can make open scenes - such as hosting a gathering at your club or having a party at your house!

If you have any questions, post them here. Even if you just need help accessing anything InsaneJournal has to offer. All comments are screened!


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