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March 24th, 2012

[info]felinefatale_ in [info]newalliance

Who: Selina Kyle
Where: Gotham City
When: Aged five (1985) and fifteen (1995) - Backdated
What: Songs hold memories, some good, some bad.
Rating: PG - Some reference to prostitution and abuse.


[info]son_of_krypton_ in [info]newalliance

Who: Kara and Clark
NPCs: None
When: Saturday, March 24, 2012
Where: Kara's
What: Special delivery!
Rating: G

He was trying. Just not very well. )

[info]knowsherstuff in [info]newalliance

To: Luke Cage
From: Barbara Gordon
Subject: Business Meeting
Date: 3/24/12

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[info]rhymeswithnice in [info]newalliance

Who: Tora and OT SHIELD agents
Where: SHIELD Training Facility
When: 3/24
What: SHIELD holds a recruiting session for applicants to their spy school
Rating: PG-13

She had even spent the night prior turbo baking... )

[info]ibreakyou in [info]newalliance

Possible Villain Team Up

Who: Bane, Riddler, Harley Quinn, and OT villains
Where: An abandoned church in Gotham
When: 3/24
What: a rendezvous
Rating: pg

Bane had sent several communiques over the past few days )

[info]dstheterminator in [info]newalliance

Who: Deathstroke
Where: New York City. High rise building.
When: March 24th, 2012. Late night.
What: Deathstroke takes out a New York mob boss as only he can-by going through the front door and killing everyone who stands in his way first.
Rating: R for blood and mention of gore.

Taunting one of the worlds most premier killers is usually not a good idea. )

[info]nanpc in [info]newalliance

Who: Oliver Queen, Mia Dearden, Connor Hawke, Luke Cage, Dinah Lance, Roy Harper and OPEN to anyone (particularly if you're a friend of Cage or the Arrow family)
NPCs: Betty Freakin' White, Lian Harper, neighborhood kids + parents
Where: Y.E.S. Stars Recreational Center, New York City
When: Saturday, March 24 2012
What: Ollie and Luke teamed up to bring Betty White to pay a visit to the neighboorhood kids, and your characters get to benefit from that! It's a chance to meet Betty White. And hang out with dogs and cats from the Humane Society, since she's a big animal rights activist.
Rating: PG(13?)

Well, I owe you a favour, for making me the most expensive girl of the night. I haven't felt that young in years. )

[info]vicsage in [info]newalliance

From: The Question
To: The Oracle
When: During this thread.

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