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Jun. 23rd, 2020


Who: Aderyn Ceredig and Saint David, maybe Iestyn later. Also momentary Mairead!
What: Baby boooooks!
When: Tuesday evening
Where: Patrick and George's house
Warnings/Notes: TBA

More bonding )

Jun. 18th, 2020


Who: Jess Van der Berg, Aderyn and Iestyn Ceredig, Saint David, Saint Patrick, Nicholas Rowland
What: Taking about YET MORE TORTURE
When: Thursday afternoon
Where: Patrick's
Warnings/Notes: Descriptions of past torture

I am not okay )

Jun. 14th, 2020


Who: Joey and St David (Possible others later?)
What: Juuuust chatting about trauma!
When: Sunday, late afternoon
Where: Patrick and George's house
Warnings/Notes: Talk of torture and the aftermath

So your daughter's smoking weed... )

Jun. 13th, 2020


Who: Open to all at the drag show, tag yourselves!
What: Drag shoooowwwww
When: Saturday evening/night
Where: Tuck's church
Warnings/Notes: TBA - Party style, you can create your own comment threads!

For charity darling! )

Jun. 11th, 2020


WHO Sloth, Wrath, the twins
WHEN Thursday
WHERE George's place
WHAT Sloth is boooooored
WARNINGS drug use

hey kids, want some drugs )

Jun. 10th, 2020


WHO Iestyn and Aderyn Ceredig, St David later
WHEN Wednesday
WHERE Aderyn's room at St Patrick's apartment
WHAT recovering from Lucifer's shock
WARNINGS talk of torture

be careful what you wish for... )

Apr. 28th, 2020


Who: Saint David and Aderyn Ceredig
What: Bonding over plants
When: Monday afternoon
Where: David's apartment
Warnings/Notes: TBA

Plant babies! )

Apr. 22nd, 2020


Who: Michael, Saint David, Aderyn and Iestyn Ceredig, open to residents of Patrick and George's house
What: Greetings and tactical discussions
When: Tuesday evening
Where: George and Patrick's house
Warnings/Notes: TBD Possible talk of Bridget's captivity and general Lucifer douchiness

City of Angels )

Apr. 15th, 2020


Who: Aderyn and Iestyn Ceredig, Saint David, Saint Patrick, Mairead, open to Saints George and Andrew who are welcome to bring in Wrath and Saint Francis if they so desire!
What: Getting to know youuuuuuuu, getting to know all aboutttt youuuuuuu
When: The day after the twins met their father!
Where: Patrick and George's hugeass house
Warnings/Notes: TBD, likely none!

Hiiiiii! )

Apr. 5th, 2020


Who: Aderyn, Iestyn and Saint David, Patrick after a fashion!
What: Reunions!
When: Thursday afternoon
Where: David's apartment
Warnings/Notes: TBA likely nothing


Mar. 23rd, 2020


Who: Saint David, Saint Patrick
What: Sad news
When: Afternoon, Monday
Where: David's apartment
Warnings/Notes: Sadness and grief

Sad news from abroad )

Nov. 2nd, 2012


WHO: Bridget and open to Dewi <3<3<3
WHAT: Halloween magic messing with Bridget's head
WHEN: ...Halloween
WHERE: Her apartment in Dumbo
WARNINGS: Visions of Lucifer torture

This is Halloween )

Jul. 10th, 2012


WHO: David and Patrick
WHAT: post-birth chattings (originally posted by David)
WHEN: Monday evening
WHERE: at the hospital

Well... )

Apr. 9th, 2012


Who: David and Patrick and George and Mary, then Wrath and Bridget and Lucifer. And then Michael.
What: Rescue mission! (Originally started by David)
When: during and following this
Where: David's home, leading to Wrath's Place of Hiding Pregnant Ladies
Warnings: Lucifer, Wrath, panicking saint

Rescue gone wrong )

Sep. 14th, 2011


Who: Dewi and Patrick
What: Afternoon Tea (originally posted by David)
When: Wednesday afternoon
Where: Dewi's house

Chats )

Jul. 7th, 2011


Who: Patrick, David and Bridget
What: Have my apartment!
When: Monday afternoon
Where: David's place!!
Notes: Backdated because I sleep all the time!

So I'm moving out! )

Jun. 16th, 2011


Who: Patrick and David
What: Let's talk about your girlfriend
When: Tuesday evening
Where: Their apartment

Two saints discussing relationships )

Jun. 5th, 2011


Who: David, Patrick, George and Bridget
What: Getting David back!
When: Saturday afternoon
Where: Bridget's place in NJ

OMG David has a ladyfriend!? )

May. 3rd, 2011


Who: Patrick and Welsh!Dewi Sant
What: Awkward attempts at conversation
When: Tuesday morning
Where: UK!George's house
Warnings: none

Welsh!Dewiiii )

Feb. 7th, 2011


ho: Saints David and Patrick, open to John
What: David coming home
When: Sunday morning
Where: Home sweet home
Warning: none


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