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September 6th, 2012

[info]better_than in [info]nevermore_logs

Greed and Zoe
Greed creeps his way on campus to visit the little mortal girl
Thursday afternoon
Columbia University
Notes: Posting this tonight since I just got home and have another 9 day shift to pull in the morning

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[info]glottologist in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Greta and Jacob Grimm
WHAT: Decisions to move back home
WHEN: September 1st, 2012, morning
WHERE: Church with the tower

Yeah, we need to talk about this now )

[info]numinous_ in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Haydn and Beethoven
WHAT: A teacher visiting his student
WHEN: Wednesday afternoon
WHERE: Beethoven's place

Companionship and support )

[info]shamrocked_ in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Patrick, Anthony and Joey
WHAT: Finding Joey
WHEN: Wednesday night
WHERE: An alleyway
WARNINGS: Ickyness!

Having a friend who could locate anything was handy )

[info]admiredmiranda in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Miranda & Kat
WHEN: Wednesday afternoon (?)
WHERE: Their apartment
WHAT: Sisterly love after crappy days

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[info]cup_of_joey in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Patrick and Joey
WHAT: See you never again in my life! (Writing this made my heart hurt)
WHEN: Wednesday, several hours after being found
WHERE: Hospital. Too lazy to look up specifics, tra la la~
WARNINGS: Mentions of torture, potty mouths, and face-slapping

Hey, thanks for rescuing me! Oh wait-! )

[info]reptileblooded in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Lilith [narrative]
WHEN: Wednesday night
WHERE: New York City/Hell
WHAT: Lilith takes a trip below.
WARNINGS: General Hell imagary
NOTES: So I haven't slept for a long time and this is basically stream of consciousness and I haven't even gone back to reread/check it. Enjoy the numerous errors that must be present in it and embrace the sentences that might start but never end...

The words that Lilith had started whispering under her breath were ancient ones )

[info]bornincrossfire in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Natalie & The Red Baron
WHEN: Friday morning
WHERE: Con's apartment
WHAT: You had a heart-attack!?

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[info]bedroom_hymns in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Greed & Gluttony & Lust
WHEN: Evening
WHERE: Greed's place
WHAT: Lust is not very lusty and her boys try to fix it.
WARNING: S.I.N.S. (Sh*t Is Not Safe)

There's a stain on your ceiling.. )

[info]sat_by_the_fire in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Lena and Joey (can be open if anyone else wants to visit but can stand alone)
WHAT: Hospital visits
WHEN: Thursday Morning
WHERE: Joey's hospital room
WARNINGS: Mentions of ickyness

Love )

[info]mind_freak in [info]nevermore_logs

Who: Psyche and Rhode
What: Girl talk
When: Thursday evening
Where: Psyche's place
Warnings: tbd

men were hopeless )
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