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i woke up like every three hours last night, someone come knock me out. [Aug 16th 2017]

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flick of the wrist - he'll eat your heart out
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[Aug 15th 2017]

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Hᴜᴅsᴏɴ Jᴀɪɴ

[info]lineart the og [Aug 13th 2023]

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temp [Aug 4th 2017]

rosemary eloise grey
cv: rachel summers
b. november 11th, 1991 (25) - scorpio, esfj, type 2
born and raised in connecticut
father is a cardiologist, mother is a plastic surgeon
mother is father's second wife, has two older half siblings (35 and 31)

attended a real fancy boarding school (a la rachel attending xavier school)
went to yale for undergrad (finished in 3 years, graduated in 2011), harvard for med school (graduated in 2016, took a year off in 2014 to deal with losing her fiance)
doing her neurosurgery residency under [info]thinking (placed with him abruptly last month)
went to med school because it's what was expected of her, isn't sure medicine is actually what she wants to do with her life

personality: perfectionist, determined, stubborn, well-mannered, absolute tease, serial monogamist
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