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[08/13/17 @ 11p]

i'm doing this a little backwards, writing up a storyline post before i have her completely written. oh well! this is magdelena barone aka huntress for all cv intents and purposes. she's a boston native, born and raised, though her parents hail from italy. they immigrated to the states for varying reasons and now own a moderately successful string of restaurants scattered across the northeast. oh, and let's not forget those mafia ties. we'll save all that for narratives and another time, yeah?

that sort of brings me to the gaps in her story. her current occupation is up in the air. i was leaving that open to see if anyone needed anything filled within the business world. with that being the case, her schooling is also to be determined at this time. totally open to exploring different avenues there. her personality can be a bit inconsistent. she's friendly enough, without being too bubbly. when she is looking to have a good time, she goes all out. she's not afraid to make the first move when talking to someone, so she can be rather outgoing.

for lines, her best friend comes in the form of [info]screaming. the two of them met back when they were neighbors and instantly clicked. of course, lena spends a lot of time at wildecat. a lot. it's probably annoying. she also has an ex in [info]kungfury. oh, look at that, she's open for a lot of things! let's talk and make with the amazingness.
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[08/13/17 @ 1a]

hey, all. it took me entirely too long to get him together, but i humbly submit derek randall a.k.a danny rand/iron fist to you all for plotting and tomfoolery of any sort. i have a directory page up for him in the journal, but essentially much like his cv alter ego, derek's the only child in an affluent family. the son of a corporate big wig & a former u.s ambassador to china. rather than grow up to run the family business and drive expensive sports cars though, derek decided to shun his trust fund and piss his dad off by running off to become a hong kong stuntman when he dropped out of college. ever since he's been slummin' it and lovin' it because he managed to get quite detached from the life of wealth he was lucky enough to enjoy as a kid. he's been a lifelong martial arts practitioner, but it gave him the opportunity to combine his two big loves, martial arts + cinema, and he went for it. he spent a lot of time overseas throughout his life, but he returned permanently to the states a few years ago where he continues to do stuntwork when he can, but now instructs part time at a dojo/stunt school for aspiring stunt men & women. personality wise he can be a complete goof, he loves watching genre films from the 80s and 90's on top of the usual kung fu fare, he does an absurd podcast dedicated to b-movies and martial arts culture, and he can be a bit of a new age hippie dippie type, swearing by some herbal remedy or another or spouting spiritual stuff like the dimestore taoist he is. he can be a little full of himself despite sometimes acting so "enlightened", bringing up one of the few direct to video hong kong action flicks he starred in is a great way to inflate his ego, but he mostly tries to remind himself to stay grounded, but always appreciates a friend who can knock his ass down a few pegs and keep him humble. he could really use anything right now! he's very into yoga (naturally), viewing parties, trivia, karaoke, anime, video games, and since he's currently out of acting/stunt gigs, he's also got a very off/on gig as an on call masseuse because he's that weirdo with a dozen odd skills he's picked up over the years that you're never quite sure he's actually licensed in. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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[08/06/17 @ 5p]

hey everyone! lets do the wave, i'll start! so this is barney jones buchanan, beau for short, a twenty something stripper from a small town just trying to make it big in las vegas....oops, nope! not that either. i'm so funny! so beau is currently working at the mentor partnership in boston, second to the director of communications but by night he's actually an undercover cop, working to bust a human trafficking network operating in boston's seedy underground, gasp. if some of this sounds a little familiar it's because he's actually a retooling of a character some of you might know, five points to who can guess who (not you [info]runs). personality wise, he's the picture of sassy, very sarcastic but generally good natured, kind, caring, always going to stick up for the little guy, sticks to a strict moral code that's not necessarily white and black but more like green and blue. because of the nature of his job, a lot of what he presents to the world is untrue but he tries to keep the important stuff real, i'm babbling now.

he needs everything, honestly. a roommate who sometimes wonders about his odd hours (is he selling drugs or sex or both), neighbors who think the same but are more likely to gossip about it, co-workers at either the partner mentorship or the herald where he used to work. on the cv side, hooking up with any of those pesky avengers, hydra villains if we have them (i don't think so? and then why not?) and anything else you can think of!
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[08/05/17 @ 11p]

i have the worst timing, but let me introduce you to ronan petrova, 29, otherwise known as colossus. he's the big brother to [info]illusionary, an immigrant from russia who primarily grew up in boston. he went to boston university and studied fine arts and shortly after graduation he ventured into nyc to work for the met as an art restorer. he's lived there ever since. until now.

he had a live-in girlfriend he's been serious about for a couple of years and he finally popped the question. her answer was to move out. with an entire city reminding him of her, ronan has decided to return to boston where he will still work for the met, but as a liaison through the boston museum of fine arts.

so far he knows [info]illusionary duh, [info]kamuro as someone he's run into with his dog in tow, [info]touches through his sister, [info]xcloned as an ex from his college days, [info]magnetic as a buddy, [info]tsume as someone he's done work for, and [info]steelgrip as someone he knows from nyc.

he could use friends of all shapes and sizes but the majority, unless he knew them way back when he was in high school or college, will be new friends. he has to maintain his size somehow, so he's a regular gym goer. other than that he enjoys the outdoors, reading, cooking, art of all kinds, walking his dog and taking him to dog parks. if any of that appeals to your character, let's plot!
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