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[01/06/18 @ 3p]

now that i'm finally ready to do this, hello friends! this is sean seabrook, aka scott summers minus all the baggage (at least as far as he knows). to keep it short and sweet, he's a 37 year old math teacher who grew up in vermont but has been living in boston since 1998. he comes from a politically connected family and was groomed for the ivy league life, and he worked in finance until he decided it was a soul-sucking career and became disillusioned with his family and everything they stand for. now he hangs out with teenagers five days a week at a job that's soul-sucking in a different way and is still undecided about whether or not it's better.

personality-wise, he's very strong-willed and stubborn when he thinks he's right, which some would argue is all the time. but he's pretty easy to get to know as he will talk to anyone about anything. his heart is literally too big (what up hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) and he cares a lot about the people in his life. he has probably only had a handful of serious, long-term relationships since he's in it to win it and they take a lot out of him. for lines, he knows [info]glowing from way back when their families summered together, [info]fiery is another close friend that he's known since he graduated from college, he dated [info]magnetron ages ago and is now good friends with her, and i believe he worked for [info]icebergs early in his career and might have been roommates with [info]tsume? he also pals around with [info]mimicked and [info]bang and drinks with [info]soviets when they're not responsible for molding young minds. other than that i'm open to pretty much anything you've got, so lay it on me!
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[01/05/18 @ 7a]

after lots of struggling with him as rocket and not having a lot of guardians around to associate with, i decided to change him up and turn him into ant-man (scott lang) with edgar ramirez as his pb. he's pretty much still a grouch, but he's no longer a chef. he has his own private security firm that protects some pretty big name businessmen and politicians, as well as a handful of celebrities (think ryan reynolds in the hitman's bodyguard). he still served in the army, but he wasn't experimented on. he is also still married to sasha ([info]unseeable) with two kids, but a boy and a girl this time.

i'm eager to get some new lines for him since i think pretty much all of them are gone or are through his wife. he has been in the area since childhood and after his return from the army. he dated sasha on and off for over a decade before they tied the knot, but they have a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old so they've been committed since a little before they planned on cassie's conception. so there's room for a fling or two between the years of 2012 and 2007, and then from high school. he's in desperate need of friends and i know i drop the ball on that a lot, but i promise to be better. he's a good friend to have and a good listener, i promise. if anyone needs family, he's still adopted so there's room for adoptive/foster siblings or cousins. he did still work as a chef at one time, so he's still a good cook it's just not his livelihood anymore.

ummm so clients, friends, exes, family... all the things so please bring them on!
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[01/05/18 @ 2a]

After a year and some change in and out of the game I've done gone and switched things up with a new face and cv. The character formerly known as Gia Russo / Gamora is now Sasha / Sue Storm. Personality wise, essentially the same but her back story has a changed a bit so here's the low down. She's still 37 and from an affluent Bostonian family after tragic origins that she was wasn't old enough to remember though the circumstances are different as well as there being an actual blood tie in her surrogate parents being her actual aunt and uncle. She's been in the area since then with the exception of six years when she went to university in California (UCLA) where she studied drama and spent time chasing ambitious actress dreams that amounted at best with a toothpaste and yogurt commercial along with an independent film that never saw the light of day before returning back home with her tail between her legs. Eventually finding her place teaching performance art at Boston University Academy. Still married to [info]smaller ( on the same date as before ) with two monsters ( except this time with a girl and a boy). She still also teaches a woman’s self defense class, geeks out over Game of Thrones and horror films and hosts dinner parties like nobody’s business cause it’s cold outside and why go anywhere else ever?

She’s got great friends in great women like [info]rains, [info]hellenic and [info]kiki but it’s not just the gals cause there’s [info]tsume and [info]verdoyer too. I feel like I’m forgetting people and it’s entirely likely since it’s after 1am currently and my brain is kind of mush. Let’s rework lines if we had them from before and if we didn’t then we should. Co-workers, childhood friends who she can hit up for fundraising purposes for her 2 week long drama day camp for youths, other parents of 4 and 3 (almost) year olds, fun cv connections for fun cv times, anything! Please excuse all the typos cause I’m too lazy to do anything but acknowledge their likely existence.
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[01/03/18 @ 8p]

having spent a few days fighting with her bio, neocities is a jerk, i wanted to toss this up while i finish things off. anywho this is sofia facinelli aka sofia falcone. she's a 32 year old native, who hadn't lived in boston from age 14 to 30. she was sent away to boarding school because her dad was into some really shady stuff. then stayed away for college once she understood the shady stuff. she doesn't understand the idea of wanting for anything, having been raised with more money than anyone should ever be allowed near. as an adult she works, because she was raised to do so. as of two years ago she is the ceo of her father's legitimate, read legal, empire; falcone industries. she spent nearly a decade in new york working for fortune 500 companies and getting the experience her father wanted her to have away from home. she knows how to act in public, she's been raised to be the face of a company and was taught how to be respectful. she's been to more funerals than anyone should have been to and is a pro at them at this point.

personality wise, she is responsible, professional, polite, but if you cross her she rarely forgives and never forgets. she's got a deep seeded cold streak to her, something that she'd cultivated over time due to her father's line of work and the amount of loss she's seen; both her parents and her long time boyfriend died, most likely killed if she was ever to be honest with herself. she doesn't let most people in, often clearly hiding something from the majority of the population. she needs everything. people who might know what her father did for a living, people who don't. friends, people she's known from outside of boston, etc. let's plot things!
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