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[05/06/18 @ 11p]

hello lovelies! i'm bringing you Batwoman in the form of this lady, Kinley Keane. the quick run-down before i entirely pass out here: she's an army brat so wasn't ever really "from" anywhere, just grew up wherever her parents were stationed at any given time. they did manage to settle a bit in new york when she was around 10, and she lived there for the majority of her growing up past that. her mother and sister were killed in a car accident when she was 12, which certainly changed a lot of how she saw the world. she did decide to follow in her parents' footsteps, heading into the marine corps after graduating west point university (and petitioning like crazy to swap branches, not easy, but doable, phew.) she spent just under 10 years in the marines before deciding to leave, and subsequently found a new passion in photography -- which took her on a path to photojournalism. she's got a deep wanderlust that probably dates all the way back to when she was a kid, so her career really fits into that. she's also built up a lot of love for philanthropy, mostly financed by the money left to her by her mother. she has decided to come (back) to boston to really root down and start a studio for herself, giving her a home base for the first time in a long time. personality wise she can be a little prickly and doesn't trust very easily at first glance, though she's never an outright bitch -- she can more just come off aloof and closed off, oops. but once she trusts a person, she's pretty open and fun to be around.

lines wise, i've got a couple working, but solidly she's got exes of varying times in both [info]xiphos and [info]amazonium. i'd love any and all other lines for her, and if you want the tl;dr version of her history, it's right here!
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[05/06/18 @ 3p]

Hello all! I'm here to advertise to you all Marvel's Mockingbird in the form of Miss Dinah Byrd -- southern peach, Boston newbie, #1 corgi mom, collector of microscopes, and Gemini. She recently moved to Boston to attend Harvard in the upcoming fall for a PhD in Biology. Previously, she attended University of Georgia and GIT. She was a forensic biologist for the Atlanta PD and was granted a transfer to BPD. Dinah's been feeling uneasy about her career lately though and is prone to one too many existential crises. Personality-wise, she definitely a handful -- legit always doing the most. She's a risk-taker and loves challenges similarly to Bobbi. I'm also going to awkwardly add in that she's 31 because I forgot to earlier.

As for lines, she's [info]squirrely's cousin, neighbor to [info]soviets, and friends with [info]bang and [info]vibrational. Some ideas I can throw out there are online turned IRL friends, friends in general, men she's recently hooked up with at a bar 🤷‍♀️, and roller derby teammates. If there are any ways to get Dinah more involved (i.e. -- community service, women's groups, etc.), please let me know! Also, folks who can fly (one way or another), come to me! Dinah may or may not drunkenly challenge your character to a race or enviously fawn over them in the future.

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[05/02/18 @ 8p]

Hello again, all. This is Oliver Lubina, CV Green Arrow (Oliver Queen). You can check out his bio here, and if you're interested, we can make some beautiful plot bunnies. Also, if any of his current lines want to do any plotting or threading in the near future, let me know ♥

P.S., if your character is current/former military, private contractor, aid worker, etc in the AU, feel free to join [info]superforces. I'll make a directory soon.
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[04/28/18 @ 4p]

i just saw infinity war and am mad at everyone, so let’s talk about some lines instead! this is jackson stone, a 33 year old boston native and pyromaniac (read: marvel's human torch) in the making. he comes from a fairly well to do family and grew up with his cousin [info]unseeable after her mom passed. he went to high school with [info]xiphos and [info]cryo, after which he left boston for a while to go to college, then came back, then left again for business school, and finally made his way back for good about 7 years ago. i’m still undecided on a job for him, so if anyone has any use for a finance guy, let me know and i can throw him your way.

personality wise, he comes off as a pretty self-assured and sociable guy, but he’s a tough one to crack because there aren't a lot of people that he feels comfortable enough to really open up to. like his cv counterpart, he tends to be hot-headed, stubborn, and brash, which can rub people the wrong way, but he’s very driven and hardworking when it comes to things that matter to him, and he'll do anything for the people he loves. as far as lines go, he's good friends with [info]steelcuffs and probably annoys [info]rains. i’d love to find him some friends who enjoy adrenaline rushes and extreme sports, women he's dated casually and maybe one or two serious exes, neighbors, people he might have worked with, and any and all other connections we can brainstorm, no matter how random!
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