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[03/16/18 @ 3p]


happy friday y'all! i hope you all are gearing up for a very green weekend. i am going to try to keep this brief (and may still swap up pbs before i app) but i wanted to introduce you to miss niko rodin aka marvel's magik. niko is 25 and enrolled in her second year in the historic art and architecture graduate program at BU. she also tends bar at mathis tavern and is generally a mega creep on the dl. growing up in salem she full on embraces the witchy ways of the world and took her obsession with all things mystical to new levels when she attended UNO for undergrad. the youngest of 3 full biological siblings, her parents divorced early in her life and have gone on to remarry and remarry and remarry again. she loves her big huge confusing family and is quite proud of the fact that her mom swears they are descendants of russian royalty. personality wise she can initially come off as a bit of a mean girl, mostly because she speaks her mind and can be a total drama queen... but if you get past alllll that you'll find a very loyal friend who rarely takes herself too seriously and will always stick up up for you in a fight (even if you're wrong). there is more here, please excuse the typos as i'm not totally done yet.

line wise she needs everything! she's got a boss in [info]iceburgs but still needs anything else. roommates, best friends, co-workers, frenemies, exes (of either gender), a weird fwb thing, people who love when she comes over and rearranges all of their furniture, fellow history/art nerds, someone to take a mixology course with this summer, a pseudo coven, neighbors, people she animal sits for, slytherins, cousins, step-siblings, half-siblings, seriously the possibilities are endless.

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[03/15/18 @ 11p]

hey all! i hope to bring you all remus sherwood, jr. who's more popularly known as arsenal. i want to keep this fairly short and concise, so i'll cut right to the chase! remus here usually goes by remy. call him remus and he'll probably think he's in trouble with your character. he's 29 and originally from phoenix, az. similarly to roy, he has ties with the navajo nation. after high school, he served in the usaf from 2006 to 2014. remy did two tour of duties in iraq and was stationed in japan and korea in between. the last place he was stationed at was located in fairbanks, alaska. he moved to boston to attend mit from 2014 to 2016. despite eventually dropping out from school, remy managed to convince the military that he had transitioned into civilian life "successfully" by taking on a surveillance specialist position with the fbi a few months later. however, around the same time remy began spiraling from his once blocked off tour of duties' experiences and memories. in result, he's recently begun to turn to copious amounts of alcohol and has yet to realize how this can be a problem -- similarly mirroring roy's struggle against addiction.

as for lines, [info]destructible and [info]novastar are his best friends. ~novastar is his forever #wcw and [info]kyujutsu, his archery and martial arts instructior is basically his best friend too. he dated [info]prodigy on and off between '14 and '16. he's also friends with [info]ravaged. lastly, he has military connections and friendships with [info]zelen, [info]grafts, and [info]bang (who he has been swooning over since day one). if i missed anyone, i'm sorry!!

i'd love lines with everyone regardless of which universe if we don't already have something. give me everything, thanks!
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[03/15/18 @ 6p]

so, it's that time, right? i'll promise to keep this short-ish and sweet! i have here marina kaiser and her cv counterpart is the scarlet witch. she's a senior attending harvard university as an engineer major with plans to graduate in the summer. while raised for most of her life in philadelphia, marina did spend summers with her father ([info]magnets), so attending college in boston just made sense for her. when she isn't torturing herself over concepts like fluid mechanics and dynamics, she actually can be quite fun. marina loves, loves to travel and go on hiking excursions, especially. she is an outspoken playstation snob, is always ready to give tarot card readings and super ready for music festival season.

while i wait on baited breath for the new infinity war trailer, let's figure out some lines, yeah? i'm always down for some brainstorming and small connections we could build from. currently, marina could use some friends, people she knows from the college scene around boston, roommate(s) and maybe an ex-something deal that still needs to be resolved. marina has also interned for kaiser motors so if there are any employees or former interns, there's another possible connection. i cannot wait to write with you all!
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[03/15/18 @ 7a]

I'm still working on the bulk of his biography since I'm about as slow as ever, but I wanted to throw what I have out so far and see if anything sticks. This here is Bartholomew Alden (and obviously The Flash (Barry Allen) in CV), 28 years old, born and raised in New Albany, Indiana, and moved to Boston when he was 10 after his mother died and his father was imprisoned for felony vehicular manslaughter charges. He is a graduate of Boston University's Biomedical Forensic Science Masters Program after spending most of his formative years and collegiate years stuck in his studies (and comics and movies, etc, etc) and scientist with the Boston Police Department. So, he's been around for quite a bit, gracing everyone with his nerdy, happy self and being late to everything under the sun (yet somehow maintains a job and you know, adults like pays bills and things). I'm slowly but surely getting more information in his biography (found here), which will give everyone some juicier details that I've laid out.

I've talked briefly with a couple people, so I know he would have taken some of [info]hellenic's Philosophy classes for electives during his college years and works with [info]almawt, but I'd love to build up more if possible, whether he can fill something for you or we just brainstorm something up! Friends, foes, exes, BPD coworkers of all varieties, college peers, people to get nerdy with and maybe eat up a McDonald's menu with when the speed force kicks in-whatever!
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