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i hope this post makes you laugh at least once. [10/10/17 @ 6p]


so let me take the time to finally introduce you all to charlie clermont, aka fantomex (or french deadpool as some of you describe him). he is a 32 year old, turning 33 this month, dude who works as a counterfeit expert for the fbi. he's only been in boston since 2011, though! prior to that, he was serving out a 15 year sentence in a federal court in canada. yes, you read that right! this bad boy is an ex-con. he lived a life of forgery, thievery, and deceit. his main specialties are were art forgery and document forgery. well, he did do a good job of pretending to be a teacher, a financial advisor, and more, too. when you think of him, i want you to think of the real life frank abagnale (played by leo decaprio in catch me if you can) and neal caffrey from white collar (played by matt bomer). he forged, he thieved, he moved to different countries, he avoided escape, and then he got caught. the only reason he is out is because the fbi looked at him and said to themselves, "gee wiz, this lad sure is talented. wouldn't it make more sense for him to be on our team and combat counterfeit and fraud instead of wasting away in jail?" so here he is, boston!

charlie is a sociable person who is pretty much enjoying his second chance on freedom. he loves going out with people, loves drinking, loves art, and is going to take advantage of finally getting his ankle monitor off and gaining the ability to go abroad again! he was born in french dominated canada, but he claims he is from france and speaks with a french accent. you know weebos? what's the term for a french one? that's charlie. france > everything, basically. other than that, he loves sci-fi and horror. the matrix is his favorite series, and he's totally the type to go to comic cons.

his current connects are: [info]aikido - who he had an almost year long relationship with back in 2011/2012; [info]rains, [info]tsume, & [info]personas - all of them are his neighbors and friends; [info]totality - they've been friends since 2014; [info]wolfshift - the woman he's been seeing on/off for the past year; [info]fiery - they met in 2013, went on a couple of dates, and have been friends since; [info]magnetic - met in 2013 because of lainey and have been friends since; [info]deuce - charlie totally doesn't still forge art, and he definitely doesn't use tom as a fence; [info]novastar - rian dated charlie when etta was pregnant with their kid, so they've known each other since; [info]runs and [info]manteio - met them both when he was dating rian and have been friends ever since; [info]pulitzer - became friends and even buddies in 2012; [info]pool and [info]bang - his fellow canadian friends that he's done canadian things with.

for lines, i don't care who it is with, if you want to try to figure something out, lets try to figure something out. he could always use more friends, drinking buddies, etc. if we end up agreeing to go organic, then lets end up agreeing to go organic. lets talk.

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[10/09/17 @ 9p]

rubs hands together. this is brett williams, a 40 year old boston native. he is also known as bruce wayne/batman. to keep it simple and short, he is a businessman with his hands in a little bit of everything, but mostly he has his own medical research company called bwt(brett williams tech), so he's combining the medical world and the technology world to bring people awesome things. cliche, he lost his parents (tom a brain doctor, and martha a tv news anchor at a local station) at a young age and was raised by his uncle al. through school he was a bit of a troubled youth, getting himself in trouble with the school, his neighbors, and the law. eventually he settled down and got his shit somewhat together. he went to college for computer science.

he lives a very aloof lifestyle, he doesn't let anyone get too close because he doesn't like a lot of ties to anything or anywhere in particular. he loves to travel and feels trapped, but he's very personable and will talk anyone to death until they annoy him and then he might get snarky and wonder off. he's a fitness buff and is always at the gym or out trying to do physical things.

i want to list everyone i'm working out connections with, but i'm still working them out so everyone i'm talking to or talked to know that i'm game for everything and i will do my best to keep things awesome. IF WE HAVEN'T TALKED, then bring me your lines. gimme your robins, your batrogues, your batfam and allies, also your noncv connections because i'm a huge fan of everything and everyone and i wanna give you all the love in the world
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[10/08/17 @ 4p]

I’m hoping this will be easier than commenting journals and hunting posts in pbads!

I am hopefully bringing in Donna Troy as Danielle “Dani” Thompson, 27, born and raised in NY until she was 16. Her parents passed away and she moved to Boston to live with her aunt. She has been doing ballet since was little and had been doing since it she was four. She stopped performing when she started college. Her parents and her fathers side are all in dentistry. Dani followed in her parents path just to feel close to them. She went to Boston University then to Columbia University for Dental school. She is right now finishing up her “residency” as an assistant at her uncle’s office. She doesn’t fully trust herself to do things on her own. She loves food, running, Netflix and chilling, and traveling when the opportunity shows up. Plus she has an interest in astronomy has a hobby. Right now I have [info]caped and [info]hellsgate for her girlfriends till the end. I can work around some of her past, family, exes, a roommate would be a plus too.
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[10/06/17 @ 11p]

hi! this is the artist also known as [info]ladyshiva and i am coming to you with this (not so) important announcement. i've decided to change things up a bit with her and change her cv to the one and only black widow (natalia romanova/natasha romanoff/countless aliases). aside from her name, face, and some very minor changes in her bio, she's completely the same character. i actually never thought i'd get the chance to use nat and figured i should go with a cv that i know more about. it definitely switches up the connections on that end, but i really hope we can keep our lines in tact!

her original line post is here though where i'm at with her now is that she's thirty-six and somewhat retired from the PI life after her office was torched when she obviously stuck her nose in a situation with the wrong kind of people. it's not that widely known, though her family has some russian mob ties. even natassia doesn't know. once i get fleshing her out more in narratives, i'm sure some of that will come to light. so, now she just teaches judo and maybe some other classes at [info]screaming's gym, isla being one of her closest friends as well. aside from those in her line post she also has other friend connections in [info]rains, [info]pulitzer (anger management, ftw), [info]destruction, and [info]kirki. a few professional connections include [info]deuce and [info]tactician. she also has a former client in [info]coersive as she helped her track down [info]terminate if that still stands! i'm willing to try to cook up anything though. if i forgot to list you here i'm so sorry, my brain is mush right now from getting this all switched over.

just a random note, i didn't rename ~ladyshiva. if anyone would like it at some point for use here, don't hesitate to ask.
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