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[06/23/17 @ 3p]

hello everyone! i'm terrible at these so please forgive me in advance but this is theodore nashton, better known as edward nygma aka the riddler. he's a thirty five year old boston native and thrice a graduate from MIT. he currently holds a phd in electrical engineering and works at mitsobishi's local electrical laboratory as their head of research and development. he lost his parents at a young age to a car crash and with no other family he ended up lost in the foster care system for fifteen years before eventually aged out. he was shuffled between households, several of which were particularly abusive and he threw himself headfirst into schoolwork as an escape, eager for any excuse to be away from home when it presented itself. it ended up paying off in the end and he was offered a full ride scholarship to mit as soon as he graduated from high school. college was an escape for him, but he struggled socially. he'd been boisterous in elementary and high school, something of a class clown to deflect from what was happening to him at home but he'd never really made any friends out of fear that they'd want to come stay at his home and he'd have to reveal how he lived. it wasn't until he started getting involved in trivia at a local bar, a hangout for students from colleges across the city, that he found a group that he finally found he could be himself with. after graduating from mit with his bachelors degree, he dove directly into obtaining his masters, not wanting to disrupt his own routine by taking a break from classes.

the constant drain of classes that were far more challenging, however, burned him out and by the end of the program he found he was no longer certain about his course of study or even what he wanted to do with his life. with no real ties to the city he packed up and left for the furthest place he could afford, florida, where he spent a year working for minimum wage at several of the local theme parks in positions that ranged from maintenance to working as a game attendant. the pitiful paychecks and lack of intellectual stimulation eventually convinced him to return to boston, where he finally completed his studies, obtaining his phd and taking a position at a local research lab. in his spare time he's currently working on a video game based on puzzles and brain teasers (think myst meets fallout) but he's only revealed that to a few people that he particularly trusts to help him test and debug.

he currently captains a local bar trivia team, which meets on thursday evenings once a week at a rotating schedule of bars. if your character is interested in being part of it the more the merrier! personality wise, he can be a bit obnoxious. he has little regard for social graces, speaks out of turn and has a tendency to speak in riddles (metaphorically) when he's put too much on the spot. he can be a passive aggressive asshole if someone rubs him the wrong way, but his wit and sarcastic sense of humor seem to generally deflect from the rest of his personality flaws. he held a guinness world record for two years and likes to brag about that to anyone who'll listen when he's had enough to drink. connections wise he has a longtime friend in [info]jokers and a childhood friend in [info]evade as well as an ex from his early days at university in [info]candygirl. i'd love to find a few more exes, maybe a girl or two he's pined awkwardly over in the past, people he rubbed the wrong way while he was at school, or who he's offended in the past by being his usual obnoxious self. if there's something he could possibly fill, i'd love to hear it. basically give me everything you've got!
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[06/23/17 @ 1p]

Hello everyone and happy Friday! I've got a preliminary bio written up and I just held this guy, so I present Luke Charles Walsh, aka Black Panther. He's 38, a Boston native and is an extremely successful venture capitalist where he made his fortunate as an early/angel investor in some of the more popular and widely used phone apps out there. Now his main focus is philanthropic prospects for minority and women owned ventures and he's trying to do good since he has a sacrilegious amount of money. His father was born in Dorchester and his mother immigrated from Algeria in the early 60s to escape the persecution of natives who worked with the French colonial government at the time during the independence movement. He's very close to his family, at home and abroad, and after working straight ever since he was 17, he is nearing the point in his life and career where he feels like he wants to do something more than just make money by investing in new apps to deliver gluten-free donuts via cruelty free puppydrone to your PO box.

Personality wise he's a passionate person and doesn't do anything half-assed. He's thrown himself in his work ever since he was left at the altar by [info]rains and considers himself to be cursed when it comes to dating and relationships. He's got a very deep, very fond love of jazz music and is a talented pianist. But his career and his family always pulled him in other directions unfortunately.

For connections, he has a genius-daughter in the form of [info]prodigy and is still very close with her mother [info]maat. He has a very close kinship/former 'one that got away for a damn good reason' with [info]rains. I know I chatted with some of you fine people over at pbads, but I'd love to get anything and everything going with him!
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[06/22/17 @ 10p]

hello hello, i am the worst at these so bear with me friends. this is jenna belmont, aka jesse quick! she's 30, native to queens, ny but moved to boston at age eleven and has called it home since. her father works as a sports television producer and her mother runs a retro themed diner that serves burgers and all the classics (named quick burgers. i know, i know). they divorced when she was young but jenna is still really fond of both. she went to college all the way across the country in california where she discovered a passion for teaching and kids. so she decided to become a physical education teacher and came back to boston to make it official. she's now going on her fourth year teaching as well as coaching for a few teams and really loves it for the most part. in the last two years, the family diner has been growing in business and in turn jenna has also taken change of a food truck for it that she manages for a lot of events and weekly pit stops. while she doesn't do much of the cooking herself, if you charm her you might get extra french fries!

personality wise, she's a big ball of energy, the type who really likes to dig in and get dirty sometimes. she's often goofing around and doesn't take herself seriously most of the time. believes in tough love because expressing her emotions doesn't always come easy, but when you do have her adoration it goes deep. for connections, she's cousins with [info]runs, besties with [info]newsies, brofriends with [info]running, adores [info]stability and i know there are at least a few others i'm leaving out here so let me know.

if we had talked briefly in pbads and never finished feel free to hit me up! that goes for everyone really, i'm game for anything so come brainstorm with me! no dc/marvel-hero/villain barriers here. i'd love to get an ex (the stranger in cv the better tbh), all sorts of friends or maybe not so friends because she can be too much sometimes. i know she also has some other cv connections among you all so i'd love to make something fun with that too!
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[06/21/17 @ 7p]


hello! this is bruna bonilla aka fire, a 36 year old boston native who fled to new york city at the age of 18 to pursue a career as an actress and model. her parents came over from brazil shortly before she was born and were fairly strict and traditional. they both worked hard to provide for their family, which often left the kids to fend for themselves. despite their best efforts to instill hard work and strong values into their children, bruna had other plans. from an early age, she was always attempting to steal the spotlight and show off so it was only a surprise to her parents (who were living in denial) when she announced she was moving to nyc to become an actress. this did not go over well, but she ignored their warnings and took up any and all jobs she could once she made the move. at the age of 19, she got her big break and was cast on a currently unnamed soap opera and was on the show until the age of 25 when she was unceremoniously killed off. during this time, she'd also gotten married to someone wealthy, mismanaged her own money, and then when he left her shortly after she was killed off, she ended up having to return to boston with her tail between her legs. nowadays, she's doing some sort of administrative work (i haven't decided what yet, exactly) so if anyone needs a secretary, executive assistant, etc let me know! personality wise, she's very outgoing and charming, likes attention and being in the spotlight, but has a tendency to get overly passionate about things and occasionally struggles to keep her temper in check and/or not act irrationally.

line wise, [info]tora is her best friend and she's known her forever, [info]gadgetry is her friend turned ex turned friend, and i believe she's going to be friends with [info]skeets as well. she could use anything and everything! drinking buddies and fellow winos, exes and former flings of varying degrees of seriousness, some more lady friends, someone she's rubbed the wrong way and vice versa, neighbors in arrowrest, etc. let's brainstorm!

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