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[06/28/17 @ 3p]


i am *this* close to applying, i just need a smidge more confidence in this pb and then it's go time. but for now i am here to introduce willow parker aka hellcat (see what i did there). originally born in boston, she moved to LA when she was 16 to pursue a career in acting (or something) and only just returned about 6 months ago. she was involved in a very public, very messy divorce followed by a long stint in rehab and now she's just trying to get her shit together and perhaps attempt living life on her own terms for once. she briefly owned and operated a temp agency in la and while she loved it she's looking for a fresh start and to distance herself from the whole "entertainment" industry entirely. personality wise she's actually quite sweet, flighty (which she likes to confuse with free spirited), a bit delusional - but in a fun good way (wink) and a total ham. she's not afraid to make a fool of herself and will try anything once - or already has. she slips easily into what she calls "fake it to make it" mode which she is trying to break the habit of and just be her genuine self. inspiration wise - she's kind of half tinsley mortimer/half landon from southern charm for all my reality junkies out there and line wise she needs everything! i think she may already have an old acquaintance in [info]elusive but otherwise i haven't nailed down anything with anyone and that needs to change stat!


psa this is going to be awful, forgive me [06/26/17 @ 10p]

So, this is Effie Knight and she's not your typical heiress. for one, she's pretty much flat broke at the moment. secondly, she's definitely not afraid of breaking a nail. born and raised (pretty much) in New York, Effie's been in the Massachusetts area since she was 18. Her family made their money initially as real estate moguls before branching out a little. Her parents met in Greece while her dad was engaged to another woman and had the kind of whirlwind romance that ended in an elopement and pregnancy before crashing and burning only a couple of years later. For the most part, Effie and her older sister were left to their own devices, though Effie longed for both of her parents attention and affection. She was a star athlete in high school (track and field) and for the short time she got to attended college and was an Olympic hopeful, then a wrench got thrown in her plans when her dad got arrested for embezzlement and there was basically no money left to pay for her tuition. Since then, she's kind of been lost working shit jobs to keep a roof over her head and slightly embittered by the whole thing. She's smart, tough, and can definitely kick your ass since she's been studying martial arts since an incident when she was seventeen. I could really use a current job for her, so consider this an application if anyone has any ideas.

In CV, she's your resident sassy archer-slash-human mess Kate Bishop. She was pretty much an avenger, you know. So all you archers, avengers, young avengers, come at me for some connections too!

She's also got some established connections with [info]prodigy (and [info]maat by extension), [info]sorcerers her roommate extraordinaire, [info]quick, [info]epsilon and [info]rehab, so feel free to use those connections to bounce off of too.
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waves [06/24/17 @ 7p]

might as well do one of these because i don’t know whether this assclown is coming or going lately. nathan wilson, the resident grim reaper for hire. deathstroke at your service. who once was a bounty hunter tip toeing in illicit things, is now a yoga instructor still into illicit things. don’t let his hushed steps fool you though. this surly bastard has lived in boston for a little more over half of his life. he lived in new mexico long before that. was a former functioning addict to pain meds, which was brought on by the injuries sustained from two accidents. one motorcycle accident in his mid-twenties, and the other getting his ass beat nearly to death in his rookie year as a bail agent. thanks to his cv experience, it’s riddled him pain free but he still harbors addictive tendencies that branch off into means of coping this wild ass life. more more more.
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[06/24/17 @ 4p]

it's only taken me 84 years but finally, i'm ready to introduce kennedy kane (aka batwoman). a 30-year-old military brat, she's always had a hard time keeping her feet grounded in one spot for long periods of time. she's lived in four different countries and too many states to count, her longest run being her life in north carolina during her high school years with her time enlisted in the marine corps in camp pendleton runner-up. her father, ethan kane is a colonel in the army and her mother and twin sister passed away in 1993. kennedy was always the more reserved of the twins before their deaths, but started opening up more as she got older.and she's less reserved when it comes to letting people in her life than her cv counterpart.

she's a daddy's girl that's currently lost in life after finding out her dad had an affair and that she has a half-sister (~manteio). after discovering the location of her sister, she decided to move to boston in an attempt to start over but also get to know beatrix. but first, she has to find the right way to introduce herself without completely destroying anyone's life. kennedy is fun, a little absentminded at times but bright and mostly reliable. still new to boston (seven months into her time), kennedy is settling in to start a life in one place after finally landing a job as ~arcreactor's personal assistant and getting her own place to call home. i'd love to get her some friends, some hook ups and people she's met during her travels. really, just anything and everything i'll take it!
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