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[04/25/18 @ 3p]

hi everyone! this is florina "fifi" harding, or as she's better known in the cv world, black cat. long story short: she moved to boston after her brother committed suicide and her home life began to crumble. when her parents divorced, she fell into a life of petty crimes and started stealing to not only provide for herself but to make herself feel better about everything that had transpired. she was always extremely spoiled, wild and untamed growing up but she did eventually mellow out and enrolled in boston u as an art major. she was surprisingly adamant on finishing her studies and making a life of her own without having to depend on anyone over it, so she's currently working as a curator and recently pulled in enough resources to startup her own company, "catastrophic games," that is centered around computer programming and video games.

she puts on a vivacious facade but can still come off a bit cold since she refuses to let anyone close to her in fear that they'll discover her weaknesses and try to break her down. she's determined to a fault and stubborn because of it, so when she sets her mind on something, she has to see to it that it gets finished and she won't let anyone or anything stand in her way of that. she's gutsy and not afraid of taking risks, though it has landed her into a bit of trouble in years past. she's not ashamed of using her good looks and sex appeal to get what she wants either. she's not afraid of kicking ass and will do it to anyone that rubs her the wrong way, whether it's physically or verbally. additionally, she can be vengeful and spiteful to those who have wronged her but her intentions are pure for the most part. i feel like i've droned on and on and i'm still forgetting something, so i'm gonna stop before this becomes a tldr scenario (as if it's not already!)

as far as lines go, she has an ex in [info]slinger and [info]diamante has been assigned to her court cases plenty of times now. she needs practically everything and anything. more messy exes, a few fwb types, classmates from her college days, those she's met through the art gallery, employees of her startup company (especially gamers, programmers, streamers), roommates, neighbors, family in the form of cousins, etc. i'm all about brainstorming and am open to filling any lines. let's make some magic!
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[04/18/18 @ 6p]

hey uhhh hey everyone! so i'm unreasonably nervous making this post but hi! it's me, the nerd who brought you [info]zooming, here to do a cv change! so i'll be swapping out bart allen for groot, who actually fits bast surprisingly well.

and this is bastien, the same friendly loser you know and love(?), i promise, just with some tweaks. namely, he was born in france and moved to boston when he was 8, which was a little difficult for the kid who didn't speak english. he lived in boston until he was 15—because his father being a criminal is still a thing—and then moved to louisiana with his mom and brother. got his degree there, after, y'know, the usual teenage problems like low level delinquency and a toxic relationship. in his heart, he wanted to study botany or ecology, but followed a forensics track for reasons that amounted to "see! i'm nothing like you, mom and dad!!!" so he ended up back here with a job at the state crime lab and has been here for almost 3 years.

so! there's loads of potential for everything here. he still loves to feed everyone, always wants to help, is not exactly sunshine but always a friendly face regardless, and will absolutely wrangle you into spending time with him.

i haven't reached out to everyone re: this change, but i adore all of you and would like to request both new and old lines pls! (especially since i have a mind like a sieve, so if there's anything i've let slip through the cracks, just come yell at me! (gently please)) cv connections, friends, coworkers, people who knew him in louisiana, people he knew before louisiana, people he likes to cook for, people who kinda can't stand him and let him know it, just everyone, basically.
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[04/17/18 @ 7p]

hi friends! it is almost dinnertime but i wanted to get this guy some connections before i apply! this is chris pryor, known to the cv world as nathan summers / cable. he is a native of boston, but was shipped out overseas in the marines straight out of high school and didn't come back until this year. he's overall a nice guy, way more zen than he used to be not too long ago thanks to the discovery of meditation and yoga. he's the strong, quiet type, which some people tend to misconstrue as calmness -- he's mostly a calm guy but occasionally slips up with a fiery temper if you get him really riled up about something. still has a lot of demons to work out, but while volunteering with the wounded warrior project and meditating every day, he keeps himself in check and has overall found a pretty good balance in his life.

oh and also he's the ex-fiance of [info]bang; super bffl/broseph with [info]pool; served in the marines with a whole gaggle of people including [info]xiphos, [info]komori, [info]brutal, [info]tactitian, and probably others i'm forgetting / unaware of; teaches yoga and meditation at [info]terminate's yoga studio; is friendly with [info]squirrely; and teaches yoga/meditation to [info]modifying and [info]tantutotem. (gasps for air) hopefully i'm not missing anyone. hit me up! this guy might be a little surly at times, but i don't bite. i promise :)
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[04/17/18 @ 4p]

hey there party people! i wanted to get this up real quick before i probably disappear for the evening and was hoping for lines before i officially apply him. this is matt cole aka none other than booster gold. he is a boston native who was the kicker for the new england patriots for a long time until he retired in 2015. now he's a twitch streamer and he works with a lot of cancer charities around the boston area. he has a twin sister named meghan who he's really close to. his mother is a retired elementary school teacher and his father is a lowlife deadbeat who he hasn't seen since he was five although he has tried to contact matt since he started his nfl career. he went to notre dame for college and played football before going pro. he's kind of an asshole tbh and he definitely thinks he's more famous than he is (the blue verified check mark on twitter and instagram will do that to you.) he does have a heart of gold somewhere deep down through all that ego and he works with a lot of cancer charities since his mom is a breast cancer survivor. basically he likes being the center of attention any time it's possible. you can read the longer version of this here

lines are what i need now. [info]bugs is his childhood best friend, [info]tantutotem is a friend through thom pending what they come up with, [info]modifying is an ex fling turned friend, and he saved [info]strategy's life once. i could use family (cousins, half siblings he didn't know existed), friends, exes, flings, a lady for a specific line we could brainstorm, people who watch his streams, people who think he's too full of himself (spoiler: he is). if you need something filled let me know and i'll try and work it out with you.
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