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[07/12/18 @ 10a]

hi! i've slowly been working on this girl and i hope to bring in elle greer, also known as jean grey. she's a 42 year old boston native who is the head of the winsor school after being an english & creative writing teacher for the commonwealth school for thirteen years. her and her twin sister, sarah, were born to a history professor and a socialite (who is part of the forbes family) and they had a normal childhood. their family put on airs of being pretty perfect. sarah was the outgoing twin and elle was always the shy twin and preferred books to people. in high school both sarah and elle were in a car accident that killed sarah and left elle comatose for two months. after that happened the family started to crumble and elle's parents divorced. she still has a big problem with her dad, mostly because her new 'stepmother' is 27 years old. she loves reading, tea, yoga, healthy living, wine, writing, watching netflix and hulu. she's not a fan of clowns, the word no, large parties, the phrase 'i can't' or any other excuses. she's really shy person when you first meet her and then she blossoms into this person who is extremely compassionate and a really good and honest friend. she has some self-esteem issues and some residual ptsd from her accident too. i'm basically the worst at this so if you want you can read up on her here.

i did manage to talk to some people about lines and i'd love more, especially with the in game x-men. [info]betrayal is her cousin through her dad's side, [info]catling is someone she met through tragic circumstances and is like a little sister to her, [info]magnets is her ex-husband that ended on good terms and they're still friends, [info]absorb, [info]thinks, and [info]rains are all friends to varying degrees, and she gets her hair done by [info]modifying. [info]evolve and [info]tsume also contacted me in [info]pbads and we need to work something out still.
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[07/11/18 @ 7p]

Hey all, this is Damian Castillo (cv: Dream). A late-30 something history teacher at East Boston High School, Damian has been in the Boston area for about twelve years. While I'm working on fine tuning his bio, I'm looking for any/everything. If you have lines that need filling, hit me up, otherwise I'm sure we can come up with something!

EDIT: you can check out his bio here
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[07/11/18 @ 1p]

hello, ~lineart! i bring you carolina aguirre, your friendly neighborhood spider-girl. caro is a 27 y/o brooklyn native who grew up in boston and returned to the city a few years ago after moving out to LA with her mom for the later part of her childhood. she attended UCLA on a soccer scholarship (during which she also lost her mother to cancer) and moved to boston in 2013 to start graduate school at northeastern where she started working towards her physical therapy degree, but she left halfway through to help take care of her elderly father. she plans to go back to school one day to finish what she started, but for now, that's on pause. in lieu of school, she picked up her personal training certification and got a job at galaxy club, where she's been for the past few years. she's currently the club's fitness manager. between work and her various filial responsibilities, she doesn't have much spare time or time to herself, and she could use some friends who remind her to get out more. in terms of personality, she can come off as guarded or closed off because she doesn't want to bother anyone with her problems. she's a big softie once you get to know her, doesn't shy away from physical affection, and loves to laugh. the outdoors are her happy place and she recently adopted a dog to force her to get out more.

as far as lines go, she knows [info]radiate through work and grew up with [info]feisty. she lives over in roslindale and i know she has a few neighbors milling around. other than that, she could use pretty much anything and everything else: friends, gym rats, people she's trained, exes, people she'd know from LA, whatever we can come up with. let's do this!
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[07/10/18 @ 11a]

I'm in the middle of changing things up in this journal, but this is Elliot Nichols, aka The Riddler. He's 30 years old. He suffers from OCD, and regularly sees a therapist for other issues. He's the only child. He's a Boston native. He's close to his mother, but his father always resented him and thought he was a bit of a weirdo. He looked down on him for being smart and not into sports. He made his life at home hell, and as soon as he was old enough he left home. When he was younger he spent most of his summers working in a carnival where he was cheating people out of their money.

Personality wise he's pretty quiet. He's loyal to a fault, and he never tells a lie. He loves to work on crossword puzzles and word teasers. He has his degree in computer programming and works for a computer repair shop. In his spare time, he's developing a game based off of the Saw and Purge movies. He loves bar trivia and video games. He recently just got out of a long term relationship with ~wolfshift. A month ago he admitted himself to work on his his issues, and now that he's out he's looking to pick up on his life where he left it.

Is there anything anyone need to be filled? Perhaps some exes, a new place to work. I'm up for anything. There's a bio in my journal I'm still reworking, but I'd love to brainstorm and catch up with more bat rogues.
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