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waves [06/24/17 @ 7p]

might as well do one of these because i don’t know whether this assclown is coming or going lately. nathan wilson, the resident grim reaper for hire. deathstroke at your service. who once was a bounty hunter tip toeing in illicit things, is now a yoga instructor still into illicit things. don’t let his hushed steps fool you though. this surly bastard has lived in boston for a little more over half of his life. he lived in new mexico long before that. was a former functioning addict to pain meds, which was brought on by the injuries sustained from two accidents. one motorcycle accident in his mid-twenties, and the other getting his ass beat nearly to death in his rookie year as a bail agent. thanks to his cv experience, it’s riddled him pain free but he still harbors addictive tendencies that branch off into means of coping this wild ass life. more more more.
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[06/24/17 @ 4p]

it's only taken me 84 years but finally, i'm ready to introduce kennedy kane (aka batwoman). a 30-year-old military brat, she's always had a hard time keeping her feet grounded in one spot for long periods of time. she's lived in four different countries and too many states to count, her longest run being her life in north carolina during her high school years with her time enlisted in the marine corps in camp pendleton runner-up. her father, ethan kane is a colonel in the army and her mother and twin sister passed away in 1993. kennedy was always the more reserved of the twins before their deaths, but started opening up more as she got older.and she's less reserved when it comes to letting people in her life than her cv counterpart.

she's a daddy's girl that's currently lost in life after finding out her dad had an affair and that she has a half-sister (~manteio). after discovering the location of her sister, she decided to move to boston in an attempt to start over but also get to know beatrix. but first, she has to find the right way to introduce herself without completely destroying anyone's life. kennedy is fun, a little absentminded at times but bright and mostly reliable. still new to boston (seven months into her time), kennedy is settling in to start a life in one place after finally landing a job as ~arcreactor's personal assistant and getting her own place to call home. i'd love to get her some friends, some hook ups and people she's met during her travels. really, just anything and everything i'll take it!
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[06/24/17 @ 12a]

hello lineart-art-art-art. i bring you meggan, weird goblin xman lady, but in the au she goes by miel andrews. she was born to a small town american woman living her best life in france, hence the name. it's the french word for honey. she's 30 and
grew up in california, specifically la, where she spent most of her life working on becoming a comedienne. she started out in commercials in her early teens, then decided she preferred comedy. joined a bunch of improv groups until she was 18 and moved to chicago. there she decided stand up was more her speed. she was okay, could get a couple laughs but not amazing. she did make a lot of friends though, which is how she got paid gigs a lot. she flew into new york a few times for shows, but mainly stuck to chicago.

she stayed in chicago until about 2011, when she was visiting family in boston and a friend asked if she could fill a set at a club there in boston, so she did it and got basically zero laughs except for one guy who bought her a drink and she sort of fell for him and moved. besides being a failed comic, she was a photographer's assistant while she worked on a lifestyle blog. she got pregnant in 2014 and said blog turned into a mommy blog where she tells people what the latest trends are and goes on about being a mom and she dresses her kid like a hipster, usually for free (for your enjoyment). being a mother isn't her only identity, but it does pay some bills. she's pretty laid back, fun loving and very open about things. she can talk your ear off about pretty much anything and tries to be hilarious at it. if no one laughs she likes to remind people she failed as a comic (although technically she retired when she had her kid). she loves yoga and sometimes hates herself for being so basic, but she has those tendencies.

so far i've got a husband in [info]labwork, and a yoga buddy/soon to be mom friend in [info]aranha. i'd love everything else. i could use friends from chicago especially (if anyone has lived there at all from 2004-2011), people she's worked with via photography (events and weddings mainly, but also some family studio stuff), some nice lady pals to hang out and drink wine with and pretend she's the miranda of the group, and definitely a cousin or two from the area and anything else, we can brainstorm! also other xpeoples.
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[06/23/17 @ 3p]

hi guys! this is ben peterson, your friendly neighborhood spiderish person. he's a 34 year old emergency room doctor at massachusetts general and was born and raised in queens but has been living in boston since 2001 when he moved there to attend mit. i have him mostly figured out so i thought i should throw him out there for some more connections. he's a pretty easy person to get to know. his job is intense and he takes it seriously, so the rest of the time he likes to loosen up and have a good time. he'll probably talk your ear off about any obscure topic that he knows even a little bit about, and he genuinely likes to make people laugh but also uses humor as a crutch sometimes. he was an only child growing up so he's used to being on his own. people that he truly connect with and who have been in his life for a long time are like family to him, but he hasn't been exceptionally good at romantic relationships. as far as lines go, he has known [info]ductility since they were kids, went to college with [info]labwork, and is best friends and former roommates with [info]sensed. he's also got friends in [info]synanthrope, [info]fiery, and [info]epsilon. he could use a couple of exes, neighbors to hang out with, people he worked for or with while he was in college and poor af, and whatever else you can think of. let's make some magic!
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