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[08/15/17 @ 10p]

as [info]outsider said, things kinda aligned in a weird way and - tada! - we are bringing these dummies back. some of you might remember liam, who complained about how much he hated everyone while doing his best to also take care of everyone.

for those that don't, he was born in london and moved to boston after his father died. his mom and he moved in with a grumpy, rich aunt. he attended catholic school (considers himself non-practicing now that he has a choice in the matter) and later went to dartmouth and then their medical school. he then took his medical education and enrolled in the army as a combat medic, took his residency at a hospital in detroit and then ran off to various places (most of his time in the military is classified). upon returning to civilian life he took a job in security. his job helped him open up and make a makeshift family in his friends, and eventually led to his messed up relationship with [info]outsider. since then they've adopted some cats, almost eloped, shot him with a crossbow - you know, normal couple stuff.

then lena became pregnant. and then they ran off to liam's home in london until after their daughter was born in may of this year. during their stay abroad they started to work as consultants for the london police and when they moved back to boston opened up their own private detective agency.

i'm probably leaving out a ton of stuff, but if anyone wants old lines back or to come up with new ones let me know! he needs the usual friends, exes, flings, people to annoy him (lbr, that is not hard to do), etc. maybe people that want to use his services to help find their lost cat or birth parents or cheating spouses or anything else people want help detecting.
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[08/14/17 @ 5p]

hello, ~lineart! i thought i'd take a leap and change up nora's CV to one that seems to fit her better these days. goodbye misfit, hello supergirl! i'm in the process of reworking some of her finer details to fit with her new CV life as kara danvers, but for plotting purposes, at least in the AU, she's mostly the same. just a quick rundown since most of you are already familiar with her: nora is a 29 year old california native who's lived all over the place thanks to her parents' penchant for moving around. she's been in boston for about five years and works over at mass gen as trauma surgery fellow. work keeps her super busy, but when she's not catching up on sleep or adulting on her days off, she can be found rounding up some friends for brunch, exploring different parts of the city, or trying to get out of it for a good hike and fresh air. she's a big goofball outside of work and doesn't always take things seriously even when she probably should, which occasionally gets her in some trouble. nora spent most of her formative years as the new kid in town and thus had her own fair share of bullying and such, which means that she has a hard time letting her guard down sometimes. she's been through the wringer lately thanks to a run in with some lackeys and some other personal stuff, which i'm keeping in her background. she's currently off of work for a few weeks while she gets her head shrunk and tries to scrape her life back together. she's not handling free time very well, so shenanigans are welcome.

as far as lines go, [info]fiery is her cousin, [info]stability is her roommate, and [info]elusive is her former roommate of many years, so anyone she might know through any of those ladies would be stellar. [info]kamuro is a childhood bff that she's reconnecting with. she's tight with [info]newsies and has friends in [info]rampage, [info]running, [info]watersheds, and [info]manteio. she's got a brunch buddy in [info]hellsgate, and she also has several coworkers in game, but if there's anyone else at mass gen lurking around who i haven't already plotted with, let me know! if i've left anyone off, i'm so sorry, i'm using her lines list which is also sorely out of date.

i'd love to see some new connections given this change, especially in the CV! superfam, where are you? anyone she might know from her days as a red lantern would be ace. new friends in the AU and CV alike are welcome and it'd be great to refresh and re-establish any current lines. if we don't have something already, let's figure something out!
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[08/14/17 @ 2p]

i know i have the worst timing ever, but the stars aligned in a really weird way with [info]caretaker and made it possible to bring them back. some of you might remember elena benedetti, who was here for just over two years before i dropped her in november for creative reasons. it took some time, but i think i'm finally ready to dive into my favorite comic book character again.

for those of you who don't know, she's a boston-born daughter of italian immigrants. her parents and brother were killed just after she graduated high school. she didn't witness it, but the crime took its toll on her. she closed herself off and ran away to europe for college, where she got in touch with her family heritage over summers. she vowed to never let what had happened to her happen to anyone else, which started her on the path to becoming a security consultant. no kid ever expects to end up in corporate america, but elena did. though she wasn't doing exactly what she wanted, it ended up benefiting her on a personal level. she learned to open up, made friends, and was able to start moving past the tragedy that she felt defined her.

it took time, but she eventually opened herself up on a more romantic level. after a long list of failed relationships, she realized the one for her had been stabbing her in the side like a thorn all along. enter [info]caretaker and their strangely messed up relationship. they've come a long way in the last few years – adopted some cats, almost drunkenly eloped, normal things.

to explain her absence from boston over the last ten months or so, elena found out she was pregnant in september of last year. the election scared her to a point she wanted to have her baby far away from the political instability. in her time away, living in london, she realized that there were other aspects of her life she wasn't happy in. at the time, she was cso of an international multimedia conglomerate, and she knew that wasn't the path she wanted to continue on. she and liam began consulting for the london police. after her daughter, gabriella, was born in may, they decided they wanted to go home, so here we are. they've recently opened up a private detective agency, one elena hopes to use to actually help people.

i know she still has a few friends around these parts, but the time and distance understandably could have taken its toll on them. if you guys will have me, i would love to discuss lines. she has a long list of exes, male and female, like i mentioned. she could use friends and even people to butt heads with. i could be talked into some sort of family line as well, if it's possible to work it out.
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[08/13/17 @ 11p]

i'm doing this a little backwards, writing up a storyline post before i have her completely written. oh well! this is magdelena barone aka huntress for all cv intents and purposes. she's a boston native, born and raised, though her parents hail from italy. they immigrated to the states for varying reasons and now own a moderately successful string of restaurants scattered across the northeast. oh, and let's not forget those mafia ties. we'll save all that for narratives and another time, yeah?

that sort of brings me to the gaps in her story. her current occupation is up in the air. i was leaving that open to see if anyone needed anything filled within the business world. with that being the case, her schooling is also to be determined at this time. totally open to exploring different avenues there. her personality can be a bit inconsistent. she's friendly enough, without being too bubbly. when she is looking to have a good time, she goes all out. she's not afraid to make the first move when talking to someone, so she can be rather outgoing.

for lines, her best friend comes in the form of [info]screaming. the two of them met back when they were neighbors and instantly clicked. of course, lena spends a lot of time at wildecat. a lot. it's probably annoying. she also has an ex in [info]kungfury. oh, look at that, she's open for a lot of things! let's talk and make with the amazingness.
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