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[10/18/17 @ 7p]

so, here i bring you wally west aka the flash (the third of his name).

this is wesley walker, but you can and should call him wes and here is my not-so-brief rundown of him:

primarily raised in Charlotte, NC, he had a pretty strained relationship with both of his parents even though they really did try their best with him (most of the time). His father, Ray, owned and worked at an auto repair shop by day and gambled the family's money away at night, while his mom stayed at home and got help from her parents in raising Wes most of the time. When he wasn't being mildly emotionally abusive towards his son, Ray was showing him how to fix cars and trying to set him up to take over the family business despite the fact that Wes had no real interest in taking up a career as a mechanic. Instead, his passion was photography, which definitely strained his relationship with his dad more than it was already because you can't make a living taking pictures.

Wes eventually bounced from NC and moved to Boston to study photography at BU. There he finally came into his own, dated around a lot before he met Felicia, his first love. They dated through most of his junior and senior year of college and then surprised everyone by getting married and having a kid within the first year after graduation. No one thought they were going to last and after his some, James (Jamie) was born, things started to get really rocky for Wes and Felicia. She had postpartum depression and through that they found out that she had bipolar I mood disorder. After being hospitalized twice within two year during manic episodes, she eventually filed for divorce and left them. One of his biggest regrets was that he wasn't able to do more to help her, but right now he's really focusing his energy on being a good dad to Jamie, who's now 7.

While he's still working hard on making a name for himself as a photojournalist, he supplements his income by doing wedding and engagement shoots and currently has been living with his cousin/pseudo-sister [info]tumbling since she moved to Boston at the beginning of the year. He's a pretty chill dude with a whole lot of energy (much like his son) and seemed to have a lot of trouble sitting still (the struggle has been real since childhood, he seems to have an inexhaustible energy source). So, let's see what kind of lines we can work out! [info]manteio and [info]missmartian are family by extension, [info]novastar is a parent-friend, so if you're looking for how to connect them, we can always start there!
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[10/17/17 @ 9a]

good morning, [info]lineart! as i polish him up, i'd like you to meet carter barnes, former army brat and currently a 36 year old psychologist who works in the same practice as [info]brightilicity and has been a licensed psychologist since 2012. oh, and he's everyone's favorite star spangled patriot captain america in cv.

carter came from a strict military family where every male was expected to enlist once they hit the ripe age of eighteen. carter was the first to buck that trend when he realized he didn't have it in him to make the sacrifice that the males in his family before him had but he still wanted to contribute to the world in a meaningful way. so he went off to college at ASU to find himself and to enjoy living away from his parents from the first time. he accidentally fell into psychology and fell in love with it, declaring he was going to make a career out of it and went onto boston university in '03 after graduating with his bachelors and did the rest of his education there before finally graduating with his doctorate and officially starting his career as a board certified psychologist. he spends some of his time lending his services to the local VA and also likes to recommend alternate therapy methods in conjunction with talk therapy - he likes to recommend art therapy as well. sometimes he can be a stick in the mud outside of work (all work and no play make carter a dull boy, etc) and much to the chagrin of his parents he lives alone with his dog named ollie in a tbd neighborhood and sometimes his dating life can be... tumbleweeds.

he's got a friend in [info]tactician and [info]languages by proxy, a fellow army brat in [info]pulitzer, a future patient in [info]warped, and something tbd with [info]oktober. give me friends, fellow BU students he went to school with, exes, neighbors, patients, fellow altruistic types who are interested in military causes, those darn avengers, etc.
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[10/16/17 @ 9a]

Let’s see if I can get this done before my internet gets shut off for a bit. Forgive me for this being so short and to the point, but I don’t know when it is going to happen exactly, lol. This is Sarah Rillieux, otherwise known as Sarah Rushman, the mutant morlock Marrow. She is 26 years old, born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana before booking it to New York City because things weren’t going so hot there anyway. In New York, she spent her time living in a tin can with a bunch of people (essentially) while waitressing at some diner, basically trying to figure life out until she ended up getting involved with someone none too good for her, getting pregnant, and having it turn into this giant storm of b.s. that mirrored her parents’ situations all too readily. When that came to an end in 2012, she ended up moving to Boston given some friends in the area and started to clean her life up again, taking on some waitressing gigs, getting her G.E.D., and eventually landing a bartending spot at The 802 where she is current.

She has lines with [info]illusionary (awkward, friendly ex sort of situation), [info]zooming (teen angst friend from NOLA) and [info]magnetic (simply put, boss man) so far, but I’d love to get more! NOLA (1991-2008) and NYC connections (2008-2012), anyone she could have met through waitressing (customers, coworkers, etc.), flings/exes including the no good guy from New York, CV connections since I’m sure there are quite a few roaming around between all of her crazy affiliations, cousins if we can swing it (which we probably can)—really down to figure out anything, even random, off the wall encounters.
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second time's a charm, right? [10/11/17 @ 4p]

hi friends! real life kind of failed me and I disappeared, but there was no way I'd be able to stay away for long, so it feels like a good time to re-introduce you all to Charlotte Little aka Charlie aka Cassie Lang. Charlotte is originally from Boston but lived in Washington state roughly between the ages of 6 and 13 after her dad got arrested for insider trading and got thrown in jail. She's a daddy's girl to her core though and once he was out and she was old enough to decide for herself who she wanted to live with, she moved back to Boston. She's currently in her last year at MIT where she studies Electrical and Computer Engineering and hopes to one day take over the world (or go to Space because really, how cool would that be?). So yeah, her dream job is basically working for NASA.

She's 21, incredibly stubborn, loves to let loose and have a good time, is a horror fanatic, and has a puppy name Finn Wolfhard who is essentially the love of her life. No joke because she has terrible taste in men and knows it. She lives with [info]kang who is her self-proclaimed arch-nemesis (jk she loves him) and [info]latina, [info]prodigy is her science bro and [info]missmartian go waaaaay back. I'm up for all kinds of lines, so just throw 'em at me and let's make some magic <3
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