February 2013


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Journal Layout: Grey Notebook

Contents: Full Journal Layout
Subject: Book; Winnie the Pooh, Character; Eeyore
Layout Style: S2 Bloggish [2 column right, though I can alter the css for other variations]
Status: As Is
Credit: Please credit either in user info, or in sidebars if you have that capability.
Comments: This layout was made for bloggish 2column right. If you want to use it for any of the other versions, let me know and I can work up the alterations for you. Zip includes 9 layout images an icon. The layout is fluid, and should work in most browsers.

Working Preview

Zip File

CSS you need to copy

If you have any issues with the layout, please let me know.


Eeyore! It's so pretty!
I cannot resist Eeyore. I just had to stick him in a layout.
I'm not a fan of pink at all, but Eyore more than makes up for teh little pink bits in this one.

I adore it, it's so cute.


I'm going to go look tough now, maybe put some scars on my face.

Well, it's more of a purple than a pink. Vaguely the color of thistle. Does that make you feel better?
Sadly? Yes, yes it does.
I'm right there with you. It nearly killed me to use so much pink when it came to the Piglet layout.
this layout is adorable
Snagged this for my IJ because I'm a total Eeyore dork. Thank you!
I'm using it right now but it just isn't working. I don't know what I'm doing wrong; I uploaded the images etc but it just won't come out right. Help?
Okay, when you choose bloggish, under the themes section you need to choose (None). When you get to the section where you put in the css coding, make sure that where it says "Use layout's "Base Weblog" stylesheet" you select 'No' from the drop down menu.

After you've checked those, let me know if you're still having problems.
I'd also managed to fumble some of the css, but I fixed that on my own. Thanks so much!
I'm just glad it worked out for you!


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