February 2013


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Bloggish layout "There Be Dragons Here"

Journal layout: Bloggish
Credit: Not essential but a mention would be nice
Comments: This is my very first layout, which was a lot of fun to make. It's an S2, so you need to set your style to S2, Bloggish, with "none" selected under "Themes". Then go to "Custom Options" to "LayoutType" and select "Two column, Sidebar on left".

Cut and past the code in the CSS box.

Please host the images on your own site as they will eventually come off mine and the journal would look all blooey, just go into the CSS code and change the URL for your image source.

Preview HERE

Zip file HERE

It is best viewed on 1024 x 768, and may look odd under other settings. It should work with most browsers.

As it is my first layout, I may not have done everything right either for this post or for the layout, so please let me know.


I approved this, but you'll need to fix your html. Also, you'll want to see about either finding a more permanent working preview option, or just putting up a screenshot.
Fixed the html, don't know why Semagic screwed it up that way. And I agree re the screenshot option; problem is, the layout style is best previewed in its working state because of the sliding viewing style. However, if/when I put another layout onto 'my spare', I'll come back and put in a screen shot. Hope that's ok.
That's more than okay. I was just thinking about if/when you put a new layout up there.

What you could do, if you feel like it, is put that layout up on your journal, since you have a perm account, and link to the style.

If you feel like doing that and don't know how, I'm more than willing to show you.

Either way is good.
Hi! I've used your layout with a bit of tweaking, and I adore it!
Credit is in my user info.
Looks great, well done. It looks just as nice without the header, which is good.
PS, I think you're still linking to my versions of the images, you might want to save them to a site of your own as I will delete them from my photobucket site in time.
I will do that as soon as I figure out how to do it :) Does InsaneJournal come with storage space if you have a paid or permanent account?
Didn't use it, but just wanted to say that's a gorgeous background!
thanks - its one of my PSP filters which I've always liked, called Fur.
very pretty layout, and it looks like it would look great for my writing journal! will use and credit in my userinfo there.
(same person as above)
I am apparently doing something wrong, however, since there's a giant white space above my entries and next to the sidebar. Do you think you could tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Rephrase: My sidebar appears to be stretching out to the size of the entryspace.
weird - i tried the exact same code in livejournal and it works perfectly. I wonder what happened here?
Not sure, sorry. If you put it up somewhere, let me know and I'll have a look at it.
well, I'm using it at worldofenantia.livejournal.com, and at enantia.insanejournal.com. I don't think I tweaked anything in the code except to change the photo urls to here I had the pictures stored in photobucket (although if I can get this working, I would like to know how to change the font to Viner Hand ITC). I'm an extreme newbie at this stuff, so I really can't tell what's wrong.

Is it alright if I email the code to you? Apparently I can't fit the cod into a comment.
Yep, copy and paste the code in a .txt format and send it to me.

Just in passing you do know that you can make a web page font anything you like but if the viewer doesn't have that particular font they won't see it? It still looks good for you if you hae it but it may alter the view for someone else.
send it to obifan at yahoo dot com
sent email. and yeah, I know that. It's really more for myself than anyone else. I just really like Viner Hand ITC. I tried changing it wherever it said Times New Roman, but then the background disappeared completely, so I changed it back.
I've had a look and I can't see the error, but I'm at work and can't concentrate well. I suggest you remove it and go back to your basic layout and maybe I can figure it out later.
::shrugs:: i'll leave it as is for now. even with the sidebar becoming topbox, I still like this layout better a lot - it fits the journal better than what I had up previously.
Hi, just want you to test something for me.

Go to you customize and take out everything in the first section of the customize screen in Journal Title and subtitle, just leave both areas blank. then save it and see if that makes any difference (as its what I did on myspare). That may change the spacing of the module.
hmmmm....... nope, fraid that didn't change anything. it's funny - when I first tried this layout, it worked fine on livejournal (though I was having other issues, which I think was just my internet being temperamental), but I had the sidebar problem from the very beginning on insanejournal. then, the next morning, when my internet stopped being temperamental, the sidebar problem was on my livejournal as well.
I'm snagging this as well! Your layouts are so pretty and elegant. <3
Hello, just found this page & like this layout but when I try to unzip I get a 'CRC error, data damaged' message. Is the layout no longer available? Thanx.


Hi - Im at work and can't download it now to check, will do so when I get home. Mac
Just worked fine for me - note that it is an .rar file, not a .zip.
OK - can you recommend a program that would work? Thanx.

I've snagged this to use in my IJ and have credited you in my profile. Thanks for creating and sharing this with us :)



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