February 2013


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Layout: E-fiction Skin [3.0] - Simplicity

Contents: E-Fiction Skin
Subject: object; quill
Layout Style: N/A
Status: As Is
Credit: is included already, please do not remove
Comments: Includes 3 images. Only slight difference between IE and regular version, and that's simply cosmetic.

Screengrab [click to see full size]:

Working Previews:
Simplicity \\ IE Simplicity

Zip Files (unzip into your 'skins' folder, upload, and the skin should be available as an option):
Simplicity zip file \\ IE Simplicity zip file


I haven't looked at the css file but is there some way to incorporate the IE version and non-IE in one css file?
I can take a look at that soon. It's been a while since I actually put this together, so I forget where the difference in the css is. I'm sure there's a way, though.
Actually I think if one just uses the IE version it will look fine in Firefox and Opera. But the non-ie version just looks weird on IE.
Oops both look a little odd on Opera. Would you like to see a screencap on Opera?
I'm sorry to be a bug but I'd LOVE to use this on my writing journal over on LJ, but I have no idea how to install. Are there instructions somewhere?

Sorry again for not knowing ahead of time.
This is for an e-fiction site. I can put together an LJ layout to match it, though, if you'd like.
Ohhhhhhh, and I thought that was the name of the layout. I'm stupid, sorry, lol.

But if you have a layout you wouldn't mind sharing, I'd love it cause I love how this looks. But if not, I understand, sorry to have asked!
I can have a layout by the weekend, no problem.
yes, I'm wondering if you could make a version for IJ/LJ too - this is really pretty (both efiction layouts are :)


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