February 2013


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Layout: E-fiction Skin [3.0] - Tea Time

Contents: E-Fiction Skin
Subject: object; tea cup
Layout Style: N/A
Status: As Is
Credit: is included already, please do not remove
Comments: Tea Time [side] has only a sidebar (and includes the sidebar on every page except the actually chapter pages) while Tea Time [top] has both sidebar and top menu (and the sidebar is only on the index page). Includes one image. There's a minor annoyance in IE with the footer section, but nothing that will interfere with site navigation or viewing.

Screengrabs [click to see full size]:

Working Previews:
Tea Time [side] \\ Tea Time [top]

Zip Files (unzip into your 'skins' folder, upload, and the skin should be available as an option):
Tea Time [side] zip file \\ Tea Time [top] zip file


That's really nice! I checked out efiction - is that something you have to have your own web site for? It sounds great-

Generally, yes. However, some people who host other people's websites offer up database use, so you can have stuff like e-fiction sites.

I have 4 domains I host with, 2 are general, one's Harry Potter related, and the other is DCU/Smallville/Batman type related.

I have a thing for sites.
Very nice. I plan to try Tea Time (top) version.
Let me know if you have any issues or questions with it.
No, it turned out pretty good. I had to reduce the number of characters for the Story of the Moment. (I had it at 200 characters but it altered the layout so reduced it to 150 characters... by default if no one plays with the efiction settings it's 75 characters so for many that might not be a problem at all). I also had to redo the menu a bit... too many links mucks up the layout also, so I substituted some of the defaults (I stuck them in the footer instead) and all is well.

Otherwise, I like the color; it's a pleasing one. And it just looks very nice.
Yeah, I need to figure out how to alter the menu area so that it displays in columns. I'm glad you like the layout, though!
Neat and appealing. I like. :)
Thank you.


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