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Flexible Squares Layout Source

Contents: Flexible Squares Source Code
Exclusive: No
Subject: Layout Source
Status: Copy/Paste As Is
Credit: Not needed, though feel free to point people back here!
Comments: This is about my second favorite layout, so I felt the need to bring it over here.

First, you must go to your layers. Under Create Layer, choose create top-level layer > type: Layout, then click on create.

You'll see your new layout layer under where it say 'Child of layer 1: LiveJournal S2 Core, v1'. Click edit and past in the coding I've provided.

Layout Layer

After you've pasted in the code, it the 'save and compile' button at the top, and that should be all. You'll now have Flexible Squares to choose from in your customization wizard.


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So once I do all that, does that mean I can set up layers under Flexible Squares like at lj, or do I need to code each layout specifically using the source code?
Hee! Did it! THANKETH THEE!!
Thank you very much. I'm going to import the flexible squares template I'm using at lj and test it here, if it works I will post it here. :)
Oh wow, I love Flexible Squares and just made a post wishing I could transport this style to IJ. Then I found this community. So many thanks.

It's true when you view comments, the top part of style pushes down and leaves a big block of open space. Meanwhile I have a theme built on FS that I want to transfer from my LJ journal.

Thank you, again.
Thank you again for flexi squares! I also love this layout! :)
Thank you so much! I miss having my FS styles here, and you just solved it for me.
Thank you so much!
Do you by any chance know if this will work over at GJ? I'd love to get FS over there too!
Thank you! Now my IJ looks more like my LJ. Though on the comments page, there's a huge blank space before you can see the comments. But I can live with that [g]

Thanks again!
Sweeeet! Thanks for this :D
You're amazing and perfect and I love you for making this. *chu*


all I get is a blank journal. :(
Thank you so much for this. FS is my favourite layout on LJ and I wanted to recreate it here. Thanks to you, done with no hassle at all, even by this useless technophobe. *g*
Thank you! Thank you!
I am having a hard time getting my header to show up. I am not sure why Help!
Thank you! You've saved my IJ life!
Lovely! Thank you very much.


Wow.. that is so amazing. I love you for doing this. Seriously. Thank you so much. :)
Thank you so much for this code!! You're the best! Are there any graphics in this that are your's that I need to host on my own domain? I don't want to be in violation of the rules, so just checking.
What exactly do I have to copy/paste there?
Thank You!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you! ♥
Yay! It worked! Thank you!! :)
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