February 2013


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S2 Bloggish: Autumn Leaves

Contents: Autumn Leaves
Subject: plant
Layout Style: Bloggish
Status: full layout
Credit: Please credit me on your user info page
Comments: Works well on all browsers to my knowledge

Note #1: this layout works best on 1024/768 resolution. High resolutions may make it look strange.
Note #2: Use only one journal title, not a subtitle.

Thumbnail image:

Currently working journal: http://asylums.insanejournal.com/mylayouts3/


1. Go to Customize Journal and if not already set up to be S2, choose S2 and save.
2. If you are not currently using Bloggish, click on the "Look and Feel" tab and select Bloggish in the drop down list. Set the Theme to None. Save.
3. Click on the Custom Options tab, make sure it set to "two column sidebar on left" and copy and paste the code below into the CSS box. Save.


Uh, the code looks like that of your personal journal instead of the autumn layout... are you sure you've got the codes in the textbox correct?
You are quite correct, thanks - thats what happens when you are working on two things at once. Fixed now.
It's alright and thanks a million, I'm using your code and will credit you. ^_^
Awesome! Took it! Will credit. By the way, you have <\textarea> instead of <*/textarea> so your suggestion for saving the pictures on your own thing isn't showing outside the text box for the layout code.
Hello I like this layout a lot and am using it for a character journal though I've noticed the leaves don't cover right to the user box on the left...is there a reason for this? (got no idea about codes n all that) Thanks
Snagged, ty :]


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