February 2013


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Bloggish: Teal & Mauve Pegasus

Contents: Teal and mauve Pegasus
Subject: animal
Layout Style: Bloggish
Status: as is, with your own header
Credit: Please credit me on your user info page
Comments: Works well on all browsers to my knowledge

Thumbnail image:

Currently working journal: http://asylums.insanejournal.com/mylayouts2/

There is a blank header graphic HERE which you can snag and adjust for your own journal.


1. Go to Customize Journal.
2. If you are not currently using Bloggish, click on the "Look and Feel" tab and select Bloggish in the drop down list. Set the Theme to None. Save.
3. Click on the Custom Options tab, make sure it set to "two column left" and copy and paste the code below into the CSS box. Save.


very pretty! saving to memories :)
Oh, I really like this one! I think I may use it, though I'm not positive where yet.
Nice! Thanks for changing the column width, which was always my problem with Bloggish. Will credit.
Beautiful! I've never used a custom layout on a journal before, because I know next to nothing about CSS, and was completely intimidated by the process. Yours was pretty enough to inspire me to try, and you instructions were wonderfully easy to follow. Thanks!!
This is lovely, and thank you for sharing! Credit given here. Your instructions were clear and easy to follow. I also copied the header and placed it in my own album, as instructed at the end of the code.
I'm sorry to bother you with these questions, but I was saving the images to my own albums and one of your images comes up on Photobucket as a 404. It's this one:


What is it supposed to be? Also, where and how do I add text to the header?

Any help would be great, and thank you in advance.


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