February 2013


[info]agentjedi in [info]nameless_layout

[S2] Refried Paper / Vladstudio Violin

Layout Style: S2 Refried Paper
Best view: 1024x768
Credit: [info]agentjedi

Vladstudio Violin Preview
(click for fullsize preview)

The background of this layout is by Vlad Gerasimov at Vladstudio. There are, in fact, several different sizes of backgrounds to suit your screen. For my layout, however, I took the 1024x768 size and slightly darkened the background woodgrain area for easier text reading. Feel free to try a different size from his website, or support the artist and register for higher quality images of his wallpapers.

Special thanks to [info]karanguni for the tip on adding borders to icons for Refried Paper! Note, however, that all images in your entries will also have a border around them because Refried Paper doesn't separate icon images from images in your posts. If you don't want the border around your images in your post, you will have to use the following code each and every time you post an image:
style="border:none; padding:0px;"

Example: <img src="YOUR URL HERE" style="border:none; padding:0px;">
For this layout, you must choose S2 as your style system, under "Look and Feel" choose Refried Paper. There is only one theme for this style.

You won't need to worry about the width of the text area, background image, transparency of tables, or even any of the default colours as the CSS code does that all for you. However, under the "Custom Options" you do need to set the side of the journal that the sidebar appears on to "Right."

There is also a matching icon if you so wish to use it:

Vladstudio violin icon

Please do save these images to your own photosharing server:
In the following CSS code, please search and replace http://yoururlhere.com/ with the path to where you've stored the images.

Here they are, the CSS overrides!

If you have any problems adapting the layout for your browser or tasteā€”I'm afraid you're on your own! This constitutes about the short and long of what I know about CSS. Good luck, and thanks for looking!


That's gorgeous!
Of course the moment I switch to Bloggish someone comes up with this! Wow.
love it! :]

taking and i'm putting credit into my userinfo. :]
seeing as the comment won't delete, i'll just say scratch this.

still wicked awesome though.
The one thing I couldn't work around was when there's an image bigger than the width I've set in the layout. For whatever reason, it pushes the layout bigger in order to accomodate the image (rather than cutting the image off which is what Blogger does), thus pushing the navigation text into the violin. :( If you or someone else comes up with a workaround, please let me know!
i aligned the content thingie to the left. that really helped the issue. however, the layout background didn't cover the entire page.
I really need to learn how to do this. I love this layout!
This layout is AMAZING. I have a question... if I provided you with an acceptible graphic of an electric guitar instead of the violin, is there any way you would make another background for it? I love it so much, but really want a Gibson Les Paul. :)
I'm not going to use this, but it is absolutely gorgeous!


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