February 2013


[info]dee_groovy in [info]nameless_layout

MixIt Source code

I can't believe I actually got this to work, but - here it is!  MixIt for Insane Journal :) 

I tested it and it works just fine - enjoy!

Layout Layer

Let me know if it works! Thanks!


The link doesn't work I get an error msg.
Hmm...I don't know, I clicked on it and it worked. The only time it didn't work is when I wasn't logged in (which I'm sure you were).

Here's the direct link:

Neither link works for me either, and I am continuously logged in.
Sorry! I'm totally stumped!

I edited the post to ask for help... :(
Nnnnnnnnnope... here's the msg I get.

You are not authorized to view this layer.

Yes, I'm logged in. :)
Dang! I'm so sorry!

It's odd - all I did was link directly to the source code....hmmm...well, you'll see I edited the post - I'm sure someone more web-savvy than me can figure it out...

I got a Ripway.com account and uploaded it there. It should work fine now - let me know, ok?

Got it! Tried to use it here on IJ and got a msg stating it was being used by another user 38421

I'm lost when it comes to doing this type of thing. I'm lucky I got Smooth Sailing to work on layout.
When did the error message come up?

Sometimes when I use a different style (even one of the default styles, like Bloggish) that message will come up. But, all you do is go back to 'customize journal' and try it again. I've had to do that a couple of times when trying to install a CSS.

I'm not an expert, but if that's the case, try again and see..
Ok, check the post - it should work this time (I hope! ;)
Link to the file at ripway please? :)

mea culpa

I found it... sorry! :D
I think I know why people couldn't see it. :)

Did you have layerinfo source_viewable = 1; at the top, it should go below

layerinfo type = "layout";
layerinfo name = "Expressive";
layerinfo redist_uniq = "voxhtml/layout";
layerinfo previews = "voxhtml/layout.jpg";
layerinfo des = "Vox's standard HTML structure for blogs, to be styled with CSS.";

I think.

But either way, the layout works! *hug*
Oh, ok..that makes sense.. I was wondering why it didn't work..thanks!

And I'm glad it works! :)
Thanks a bunch for this!
You're welcome - glad it works :)
Hi! I tried to get the code from your Ripway .txt. file, but the bandwith is exceeded. Is there anyway you could email me the MixIt code? If you could, I'd be eternally grateful.

Thank you,
Oopsie! Sure, no problem. I'll do that after work ;)
Fantastic!! and Thank You! *grin*

my email is seraphina.prime at gmail dot com
I LOVE your icon!! :D

Oh, and I edited the entry so it should link directly to the text file (fingers crossed!) - let me know if it works.

I'll email you the code just in case as well... :)
LOL. Thanks :)

Oh, it worked a charm and I am so happy. Thank you! I got the layout working and will tweak it tomorrow after a good night's sleep.

Now, for the rename token. :D


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