February 2013


[info]ausmac in [info]nameless_layout

Bloggish: A Unicorn in Green

Layout Style: S2 Bloggish
Best view: 1024 x 768
Browser(s) Compatible: IE, Firefox, that I know of
Credit: Would be nice

Images: I ask that you copy the images and save them to your own archive, then change the urls in the code to yours. I will remove my copies from Photobucket shortly.


1 Go to "Customize Journal"
2 Set your style to S2, Bloggish , set the "Themes" to "None", and Save.
3 Under "Custom Options" make sure that you have the following item chosen:
Layout Type - Two Column (Sidebar on Right)
Leave everything else as it is, although you can change the descriptions for your comment area. Save when finished.
4 Select and copy the code in the code box below.
5 Go into 'Custom Options" and to "Custom CSS" and paste the CSS code in the box called "Custom style sheet".

Note: The layout is set up not to show your own journal's icon. If you wish it to display, go into the CSS and delete the following (being careful not to delete anything else):


Would love to see it working on your journal, so please comment.

Working preview:


Sample Image:


Oooh, that is VERY pretty. *actually ponders changing layout!*
Thank you possum (-:


Saving for near-future use - I love your designs!
Thank you, glad you liked it.
loll, another gorgeous layout to try out on my community!

but not tonight.

I'll post and let you know when I try it, though!
I am using the unicorn layout and have given you credit on my profile.
thank you for sharing your skills.
Hi! I'm using your unicorn layout and given credit. It's gorgeous!
Hi! I have no idea if you'd still be able to help but I thought I would ask anyway :) While I have this layout working fine on this journal I thought that since it was bloggish I might also install it on my Livejournal and as you can see it doesn't work... Mainly the entry appears to be far to thin. I had a look through the code to see if I could find the code and modify it but I couldn't so any help would be greatly appreciated. Also the links seem not to be black on the LJ but green too for that matter?

Thank you so much!


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