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Aug. 25th, 2012


Your Muse: Jared Howe (&Ian O'Shea)
Fandom(s): The Host
Muse wanted: Melanie Stryder, Wanda (Pet), Kyle O'Shea, Sunny, Jamie Stryder, Jeb
Canon/AU/Crossover/OC: Canon
Description of what you are looking for: Canonmates! I just really wanna play my Host muses and it's more fun when there's others.
Location of where said muse will be played: [info]projectchaos
Contact info: Poke me here on in a post on Jared's journal!
Anything else: Cookies and love for takers. And I have plenty of pb ideas for the characters should ya get stuck.

Aug. 10th, 2011


Your Muse: Melanie Stryder [info]_misfit_ 

Fandom(s): The Host

Muse(s) wanted: Wanderer/Wanda, Jamie Stryder, Jared Howe, Any rebels or Souls.

Canon/AU/Crossover/OC: All.

Description of what you are looking for: Anything really, just some action, if Jared joins on, working out relationship issues from when Wanda was in her body. She did see him kiss Wanda, lying to her about wanting her to stay in Mel’s body. There can be a lot of conflict, drama, and action from evading being caught by the souls to be played out.

Location of where said muse will be played: [info]sceneandsay, [info]6wordstories, and [info]mymuses_sandbox

Contact info: Reply to this post or go here.

Anything else: I’m not an elitist and if you are, pass me by since my grammar is far from perfect. I'm very easy to play with; timing issues are not a problem with me, being slow is not a problem. But I don't like to be dicked around. If you decided to pick up someone and then decide not to play anymore, tell me. I don't like staying around where I'm not wanted and the only drama I like is IC, not OC. I’m in RP to play and have fun, so please don’t waste my time.