November 2020




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Dec. 22nd, 2013


Your Muse: Queen Elsa
Fandom(s): Frozen
Muse wanted: Jackson Overland "Jack" Frost from Rise Of The Guardians
Canon/AU/Crossover/OC: Crossover
Description of what you are looking for: The Snow Queen needs some lovin' too!
Location of where said muse will be played: [info]pitboss
Contact info: here

Aug. 7th, 2013


Your Muse: Boo aka Mary
Fandom(s): Monsters, Inc.
Muse wanted: Mike and Sulley
Canon/AU/Crossover/OC: Kinda AU since the monsters will be turned human when entering Project Chaos.
Description of what you are looking for: Originally, Boo was actually going to return in the second Monsters, Inc. film (which was then supposed to take place ten years after the original rather than before it) as a teenager. In this film, Sulley and Mike, while trying to celebrate her birthday find out that Boo and her family have already moved to a different house when they find an old woman sleeping in what was once her room one day, causing the two monsters to travel into the human world to look for her new house. Unfortunately, the two monsters start to forget how to get back to their world, and to make matters worse, Boo doesn't even remember them anymore since teens and adults do not believe in monsters, nor does think they're funny, and the only way to get back is to try to make her laugh again. The reason why this sequel was scrapped in the first place was because John Lasseter thought that the final shot of the first was just too heartwarming to be continued.[

I want that, just in Chaos and they will be in human form.
Location of where said muse will be played: Project Chaos
Contact info: here is fine