January 22nd, 2013

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So in the end the Winchesters had chosen family over all else (again). Sometimes it seemed a never-ending cycle - something coming between them, threatening their entire relationship and then them ultimately choosing each other. Maybe it was because they were the only constant in each other's life... Of course, each time it happened it was harder to move past. It was like a wound. Each time it was like digging deeper and deeper, and each time you did it took longer to heal.

Being a hunter was hard. It wasn't a job, it was a lifestyle. And once you were in there was no getting out. God knows Sam had tried enough times. All he'd ever wanted was to be normal. He wanted a house with a mortgage and a fixed address. He wanted to mow the lawn every weekend. He wanted a wife and kids and a dog. But every time he got out something dragged him right back in again. The worst part was you couldn't have both. You couldn't have the perfect apple pie life and still save people. It just didn't work. It was one or the other.

This time Sam had been sure he'd choose the apple pie life. He had a woman that loved him. A woman who was prepared to leave her husband to be with him. And a dog that was as loyal and gentle as anything. He'd been so close. All he had to do was turn up. Yet in the end, he'd stayed with Dean. In the end it all came down to family.